Stanislaw Stanislav Lem Solaris Tarkovski

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here is the Prompt software free translation of Stanislaw Lem Solaris book in two parts. I will post more , if you have Artemiev on Tarkovski cd , please pass a copy to me. I will be glad.

Solaris Book 2 Stanislaw Lem Tarkovski

- As though for something you search.- Do not invent.- No as though you think, that with me something happens or I have not told to you something.- Whence you have taken it?- Time you so open, for certain. All right, as you want.Behind burning windows dead blue heat was born. Having covered with a hand of an eye, I have looked for glasses. They laid on a table. I have sat down on beds, their plot and have seen its reflection in a mirror. Hari waited for something. When I again óñåëñÿ near to it, it have grinned:- And me?I have suddenly thought:- Glasses?I have risen and have started to rummage in boxes, on a table, under a window. Has found two pairs, the truth, both too greater, and has submitted to it. It has measured one and others. They have fallen down at it up to half of nose.At this moment have begun to grind çàñëîíêè. An instant, and inside of Station which as the turtle, has hidden in the shell, has come night. To the touch I have removed from it glasses and together with the have put under a bed.- What we shall do? - it has asked.- That do at night, - to sleep …- Chris?- What?- Can, make to you a new compress?- No, it is not necessary. It is not necessary … dear.Having told it, itself I do not understand why, I have suddenly embraced its thin shoulders in darkness and, feeling their shiver, have believed in it. Though I do not know. Suddenly it seemed to me, that it I deceive it, instead of it me, that it present.I fell asleep then some more time, and all time me pulled out from a sleepiness of a spasm, áåøåíî a beating heart slowly calmed down, I pressed it to myself, fatally tired, it carefully touched my person, a forehead, very cautiously checking, whether there is no at me a heat. It was Hari. The real. Another could not be.From this think of something in me has changed. I have ceased to struggle and almost at once have fallen asleep.Has woken me an easy touch. The forehead has been captured by a pleasant cold. On the person something laid damp and soft. Then it has slowly risen, and I have seen ñêëîíèâøóşñÿ over me Hari. Both hands it squeezed out a gauze above porcelain ìèñî÷êîé. Sideways there was a bottle with a liquid from burns. It has smiled to me.- Well you also sleep, - it has told, again having put a gauze to me on a forehead. - hurts?- No.I ïîøåâåëèë a leather of a forehead. Really, burns now were not felt at all.Hari sat on edge of bed, having muffled in a man's bathing dressing gown, white, with orange strips, its black hair were scattered on a collar. It has twisted sleeves up to elbows that they did not stir.I was devilly hungry, have passed hours twenty as at me nothing was in a mouth. When Hari has finished procedures, I have risen. Suddenly my sight has fallen to two identical dresses laying by a number with the red buttons, first, which I has helped it to remove, having cut a decollete, and the second in which has come yesterday. This time it has unstitched a seam scissors. Has told, that, probably, the lock çàåëî.These two identical dresses were most terrible of everything, that I till now have gone through. Hari pottered at øêàôèêà with medicines, introducing order in it. I have furtively turned away from it and up to blood have bitten to myself a hand. Still looking at these two dresses, more truly, on the same, repeated two times, I have begun ïÿòèòüñÿ to doors. Water still with noise flew from the crane. I have opened a door, have silently slipped out in a corridor and cautiously it have closed.From a room weak noise of water, çâÿêàíüå bottles reached. Suddenly these sounds have stopped. In a corridor burned long ïîòîëî÷íûå lamps, not clear spot of reflected light laid on a surface of a door. I have squeezed a teeth and waited, having seized the handle though did not hope that I shall manage it to keep. Sharp jerk nearly has not pulled out it at me from a hand, but the door was not opened, only çàäğîæàëà and the beginnings awfully to crack. Stunned, I have let out the handle and have receded. To a door there was something improbable: its smooth plastic surface was bent, as though pressed for my part inside, in a room. The covering has started to break away fine slices, naking steel of a jamb which strained all more strongly. Suddenly I have understood: instead of pushing a door which opened in a corridor it endeavoured to open it on itself. Îòáëåñê light it was bent on a white surface as in the concave mirror, the loud crunch, and monolithic was distributed, up to a limit the curved plate has bursted. Simultaneously the handle which has been pulled out from a jack, has flown in a room. At once in an aperture the stained with blood hands have seemed and, leaving red traces on a varnish, continued to pull, the door plate has broken half-and-half, êîñî has hung on loops, and the îğàíæåâî-white essence with the turned blue dead person has rushed to me on a breast, being come from tears.If this show has not paralysed me, I would try to escape. Hari convulsively sufficed air and fought a head about my shoulder, and then began to settle slowly on a floor. I have picked up it, have carried in a room, having squeezeed by the split door shutter, and have put on a bed. From under its broken nails blood exuded. When it has turned a hand, I have seen the palm torn off up to meat. I have looked to it to face, the open eyes looked through me without any expression.- Hari!It has answered with muffled mutter.I have approached a finger to its eye. Âåêî has lowered. I have approached to a case with medicines. The bed has squeaked, I have turned back. It sat having straightened, looking with fear on the stained with blood hands.- Chris, - it has moaned, - I … I … that with me?- It was wounded, breaking out a door, - I have told chilly.At me something happens with lips, especially with bottom as though after it ran ìóğàøêè. It was necessary to bite it.Hari for about a minute examined the jagged pieces of plastic hanging down from a jamb, then has looked at me. A chin at it çàäğîæàë, I saw effort with which it tried to overcome fear.I cut off a piece of a gauze, have taken out from a case powder on a wound and have come back to a bed. Everything, that I bore, have fallen out of my suddenly weakened hands, the glass jar with gelatinous ïåíêîé was broke, but I have not bent at all. Medicines were not so necessary.I have lifted its hand. Çàñîõøàÿ blood still surrounded nails with a thin border, but all wounds have already disappeared, and palms were tightened with a young pink leather. Scars turned pale simply on eyes.I have sat down, have stroked it on the person and have tried to smile to it. I can not tell, that it was possible to me.- What for you have made it, Hari?- No. It … I?It has shown eyes on a door.- Yes. You do not remember?- No. I have seen, that you are not present, have terribly got a fright and …- Also what?- For the beginnings you to search, has thought, that you, maybe, in bathing …Only now I have seen, that a case will shift aside and opens an input in a bathroom.- And then?- Has run to a door.- Well and? …- I do not remember. Something should happen?- What?- I do not know.- And what you remember? What was then?- Sat here, on a bed.- And how I have brought you, do not remember?It changed. Corners of lips have lowered downwards, the person has strained.- It seems to me … Can be … Itself I do not know.It has lowered legs on a floor and has risen. Has approached to the broken doors.- Chris!I have taken it behind for shoulders. It shivered. Suddenly it has quickly turned back and has glanced in my eyes.- Chris, - it whispered. - Chris.- Calm down.- Chris, and if … Chris, maybe, at me ıïèëåïñèÿ?İïèëåïñèÿ, my God mercy! I would like to laugh.- Well you dear. Simply doors, you know, here such, well, such doors …We have left a room when with a lingering gnash have opened external çàñëîíêè, having shown a solar disk failing in ocean, and have directed in small êóõîíüêó in the opposite end of a corridor. We managed together with Hari, shaking up contents of lockers and refrigerators. I have quickly noticed, that it not too troubled herself ñòğÿïíåé and able it is little bit more, than to open cans, that is as much, how many I. I have swallowed contents of two such áàíîê and have drunk uncountable quantity of cups of coffee. Hari too ate, but how children sometimes eat, not wishing to do unpleasant to adults, even without compulsion, but mechanically and is indifferent.Then we have gone in small operational, near to radio station. I had one plan. I have told, that I wish just in case it to examine, óñåëñÿ on a folding armchair and have got from a sterilizer a syringe and a needle. I knew, where that is, almost for memory so us have drilled on the Earth. I have taken a drop of blood from its finger, have made ìàçîê, have dried up in the evaporator and in high vacuum have sprayed on it ions of silver.Materiality of this work operated óñïîêàèâàşùå. Hari, having a rest on pillows of the spread out armchair, inspected forced by devices operational.To Tishin has broken a faltering buzzer of internal phone. I have lifted a tube.- Calvin, - has told I, not lowering eyes from Hari which since any moment was absolutely apathetic as though exhausted by experiences of last hours.- You in operational? At last! - I have heard a sigh of simplification.Spoke Ñíàóò. I waited, having pressed a tube to an ear.- At you "visitor", and?- Yes.- And you are borrowed?- Yes.- Small research, h'm?- And what? You Wish to play a party a chess?- Cease, Calvin. Ñàğòîğèóñ wishes to meet you. I mean - with us.- Here it is news! - I have been amazed. - and that with … - I have stopped and have terminated: - You one?- No. I am inexact was expressed. It wishes to talk to us. We shall incorporate three together on âèçèîôîíàì, only cover the screen.- Ah so! Why it simply has not called to me? Hesitates?- Something in this sort, - has muffledly muttered Ñíàóò. - Well as?- It is a question of talking? We shall tell, through an hour. Well?- Well.I saw on the screen only its person, it is no more palm. Some time it closely looked me in the face. At last has told with some fluctuation:- Well, how you?- Tolerably. And you as?- I think, little bit worse, than you. You could not …- You wish to come to me? - I have guessed. Has looked through a shoulder at Hari. It ñêëîíèëà a head on a pillow also laid, having thrown a leg on a leg, throwing gesture of involuntary boredom a silvery ball in which the chain at the handle of an armchair terminated.- Leave it, you hear? Leave, you! - loud voice Ñíàóòà has reached me.I have seen its structure on the screen. I did not hear the rest: it has closed a hand a microphone, - but saw its moving lips.- No, I can not come. Can, then. So, in an hour, - it has quickly spoken, and the screen ïîãàñ.I have hanged up.- Who was it? - has indifferently asked Hari.- Yes here one … Ñíàóò. Êèáåğíåòèê. You do not know it.- Long still?- And what, you it is boring? - I have asked.I have enclosed first of a series of preparations in the cartridge íåéòğèííîãî a microscope and have by turns pressed color handles of switches. Have deafly hooted power fields.- Here it is not enough entertainments, and if my modest society it will appear to you insufficiently, it will be bad, - I absent-mindedly, doing greater pauses between words, simultaneously having squeezed both hands spoke a greater black head in which the eyepiece of a microscope shone, and having pressed eyes in a soft rubber bowl. Hari has told something, that me is not has reached. I saw as though from the big height the huge desert which has been filled in by silver shine. On it laid covered easy äûìêîé as though cracked and disappeared flat rocky õîëìèêè. It were red òåëüöà. I have made the image sharp and, not tearing off eyes from eyepieces, all plunged into flaring silver more deeply. Simultaneously left hand I rotated the adjusting handle of a little table and when laying alone as a boulder, the ball has appeared in ïåğåêğåñòüå black strings, has added increase. The objective as though ran on deformed with the failed middle ığèòğîöèò which seem already êğóæî÷êîì a rocky crater with black sharp shadows in failures of a ring edge. Then the edge, îùèòèíèâøàÿñÿ crystal for a short while ions of silver, has left abroad fields of a microscope. Have appeared muddy, as if contours of fiber appearing through through poured water. Having caught in black ïåğåêğåñòüå one of condensation of albuminous fragments, I have slightly pushed the lever of increase, then still; the end of this road deep into just about should seem, the flat shadow of one molecule has filled all eyepiece, the image has cleared up, - now!But nothing has occured. I should see the shivering specks of atoms similar on waving ñòóäåíü, but they were not. The screen flared virgin silver. I have finished the lever. Buzz has amplified, became angry, but I saw nothing. A repeating sonorous signal let to me the know, that the equipment is overloaded. I have once again looked in silver emptiness and have switched off a current.I have looked at Hari. It just opened a mouth in çåâêå with which has dexterously replaced with a smile.- Well, how there with me? - it has asked.- Very well, - I have answered. - I think, that … cannot be better.I all looked at it, again feeling these ïğîêëÿòûå ìóğàøêè in a lower lip. What has occured? What did it mean? This body, with a kind such weak and fragile - and in effect ineradicable, - in the basis has appeared consisting of … anything? I have struck a fist the cylindrical case of a microscope. Perhaps, any malfunction? Perhaps, fields are not focused? … is not present, I knew, that the equipment by way of. I have gone down on all ñòóïåíüêàì: cells, an albuminous conglomerate, molecules - all looked in the same way, as in thousand preparations which I saw. But last step downwards conducted in anywhere.I have taken from it blood from a vein, have poured in the measured cylinder, have divided into portions and have started the analysis. It has borrowed from me more time, than I assumed, I have a little lost skill. Reactions were in norm. All. Though, perhaps …I have let out a drop of the concentrated acid on red áóñèíêó. The drop has smoked, has become gray, has become covered for a short while dirty foam. Decomposition. Äåíàòóğàöèÿ. Further, further! I was pulled behind a test tube. When I have again looked at a drop, thin glass has not dropped out nearly at me of hands.Under a layer of a dirty scum, on the day of a test tube, the dark red weight again accrued. The blood burnt by an acid, was restored! It was nonsense! It was impossible!- Chris! - I have heard whence very much from apart. - Phone. Chris!- What? Ah yes, thanks.Phone called already for a long time, but I only now have heard it. I have lifted a tube.- Calvin.- Ñíàóò. I have included a line so, that we can speak all three simultaneously.- I welcome you, doctor Calvin, - was distributed high, íîñîâîé voice Ñàğòîğèóñà.It sounded as if its owner entered on dangerously caving in stage, suspicious, vigilant and íàğóæíî quiet.- My respect, the doctor, - I have answered.I would like to laugh, but I have not been assured, that the reasons of this cheerfulness are clear enough for me that I could allow myself it. Eventually at what I could laugh? I held something in a hand: a test tube with blood. I have stirred up it. Blood was already curtailed. Perhaps, everything, what was before it, only hallucination? Perhaps, only it seemed to me?- I would like to inform colleagues some reasons connected with … ı … by phantoms, - I simultaneously heard and did not hear Ñàğòîğèóñà. The voice as though made the way to my consciousness. I was protected from this voice, still having stared in a test tube with the thickened blood.- We shall name their essences F, - has quickly prompted Ñíàóò.- And, excellently.In the middle of the screen the vertical line showing darkened, that I simultaneously accept two channels, on both parties from it should be persons of my interlocutors. Glass was dark, and only narrow îáîäîê light along a framework spoke, that the equipment operates, but screens are covered by something.- Each of us carried out various researches … - Again the same care in íîñîâîì a voice speaking. Minute of silence. - Perhaps, all over again we shall exchange our data, and then I could inform that has established personally … Perhaps, you will begin, doctor Calvin …- I?Suddenly I have felt a sight of Hari. I have put a test tube on a table, so it çàêàòèëàñü under a support with glass, and óñåëñÿ on a high tripod, having moved it to myself a leg. During the first moment I wished to refuse, but is unexpected for myself have told:- Well. Small interview? Well! I have made very little, but I can tell. One histologic preparation and a couple of reactions. Microreactions. I had an impression, that …Till this moment I had no concept what to speak. Suddenly me has broken through:- All in norm, but is a camouflage. A mask. It somewhat a supercopy: reproduction more precise, than the original. It means, that there where at the person we find the end of granularity, the end of structural divisibility, here road conducts further owing to application of subnuclear structure.- Now. Now. How you understand it? - has asked Ñàğòîğèóñ.Ñíàóò did not submit voices. And can be, its this speeded up breath was distributed in a tube? Hari has looked in my party. I have understood, that in the excitation last words have almost cried out. Having come in myself, I have stooped on the inconvenient stool and have closed eyes. How it to express?- Last element of a design of our bodies are atoms. I assume, that essences F are constructed of particles smaller, than usual atoms. Much smaller.- From ìåçîíîâ? - has prompted Ñàğòîğèóñ. It has not been surprised at all.- No, not from ìåçîíîâ … Ìåçîíû it would be possible to find out. Resolution of this equipment here at me, below, reaches ten in a minus of the twentieth àíãñòğåì. Truly? But nothing is visible even at the maximal strengthening. Hence, it not ìåçîíû. Perhaps, more likely íåéòğèíî.- How you represent it to yourselves? In fact íåéòğèííûå systems are astable …- I do not know. I not the physicist. Probably, they are stabilized with any power field. I do not understand it. Anyway if how I speak all, structure particles approximately in ten thousand times smaller make, than atoms. But it not all! If molecules of fiber and a cell have been constructed directly of these "microatoms" they should be accordingly less. And red blood òåëüöà too, and enzymes, everything, but anything similar is not present. From this follows, that all fibers, cells, kernels of cells only a mask! The Valid structure responsible for functioning of "visitor", is hidden much more deeply.- Calvin! - has almost shouted Ñíàóò.I in horror have stopped. Has told "visitor"? Yes, but Hari did not hear it. However, it all the same would not understand. It looked out of the window, ïîäïåğåâ a head a hand, its thin pure structure appeared on a background of a purple dawn. The tube was silent. I heard only far breath.- Something in it is, - the Scout has muttered.- Yes, probably, - has added Ñàğòîğèóñ. - only here there is that obstacle, that the ocean does not consist of Calvin's these hypothetical particles. It consists from usual.- Perhaps, it in a condition to synthesize and such, - I have noticed.I have felt unexpected apathy. This conversation even was not ridiculous. It was not necessary.- But it would explain unusual resistibility, - has muttered Ñíàóò. - And rate of regeneration. Perhaps, even the energy source is there, in depth, to it in fact is it is not necessary …- I ask for the floor, - has responded Ñàğòîğèóñ.I did not bear it. If it at least did not leave the invented role!- I wish to mention questions of motivation. Motivations of occurrence of essences F. I would be asked by a question: than essences F are? It not the person and not the copy of the certain person, and only materialized projection of that concerning the given person contains our brain.Clearness of this definition has amazed me. This Ñàğòîğèóñ, despite of all àíòèïàòè÷íîñòü, however, was not silly.Is truly, - I have inserted. Is explains even why have appeared ëş … essences such, instead of others. The most vicious traces of memory most isolated from all others though, actually, any such trace cannot be completely isolated have been chosen and during its "copying" were or the rests of other traces, casually being could be grasped by a number owing to what the newcomer shows greater knowledge, than the person which recurrence should be … could possess- Calvin! - has again exclaimed Ñíàóò.Me has amazed, that only it reacted to my careless words. Ñàğòîğèóñ, appear, was not afraid of them. Whether it meant, what its "visitor" is by nature less acute, than "visitor" Ñíàóòà? For a second what image that of the dwarfish cretin who lives near to scientific doctor Sartoriusom was born.- Yes, yes. We too have noticed, - it has started talking during this moment. - Now as to motivation of occurrence of essences F. Up to the certain border they behave how, really would conduct itself … would act …It could not get out.- Originals, - has quickly prompted Ñíàóò.- Yes, originals. But when the situation exceeds opportunities of average … ı … the original, there comes as though " deenergizing of consciousness " essences F and other actions, inhuman … are directly shownIs truly, - I have told, - but in such a way we only make the catalogue of behaviour of these … these essences and more than anything. It is absolutely fruitless.- I am not assured of it, - have protested Ñàğòîğèóñ.Suddenly I have understood, than it so irritated me: it did not talk, and acted, is perfect the same as at sessions in Institute. It is visible, differently it was not able.- Here the question of individuality enters into game. The ocean is completely deprived such concept. So should be. It seems to me, I am sorry, colleagues, that this for us … ı … the most shocking party of experiment entirely escapes it, as being abroad its understanding.- You consider, what it not purposely? … - I have asked.This statement has a little stunned me, but, having thought, I have recognized what to exclude it it is impossible.- Yes. I do not trust in any perfidy, gloating, desire to wound in the most sensitive image … as it is done by colleague Snaut.- I at all do not attribute to it human sensations, feelings, - first time has taken a word Ñíàóò. - But, can, you will tell how to explain these constant returnings?- Probably, any installation which operates on a ring as ãğàììîôîííàÿ a plate, - I have told not without the latent desire to vex Ñàğòîğèóñó is included.- I ask you, colleagues to not be scattered, - the doctor has declared íîñîâûì a voice. Is yet everything, that I wished to inform. In normal conditions I would consider what to do even the preliminary message on a condition of my works prematurely, but, considering a specific situation, I shall make exception. I had an impression, that in the assumption of doctor Calvin the true is covered. I mean its hypothesis about íåéòğèííîé designs … Such systems we know only theoretically and did not represent, that they can be stabilized. Here there is a certain chance, for destruction of that power field which gives to system stability …Little bit earlier I have noticed, that that dark subject which has covered the screen on party Sartoriusa, is removed: at the top the crack in which something moved pink was formed. Now the dark plate has suddenly fallen.- Away! Away! - heart-breaking shout Ñàğòîğèóñà was distributed in a tube. In the screen which has shined unexpectedly between hands of the doctor struggling with something the big golden subject similar to a disk, and all ïîãàñëî before I have had time to understand, that this gold disk not that other as a straw hat … has begun to shine- Ñíàóò? - I have called, deeply having sighed.- Yes, Calvin, - has answered me a tired voice cybernetics.At this moment I have understood, that I love it. I really preferred to not know, who at it.- While will suffice from us, and?- I think, yes, - I have answered, - Listen, if you can, go down downwards or in my cabin, all right? - I have added hasty that it has not had time to hang up.- Have agreed, - has told Ñíàóò. - But I do not know when.And on it our problem discussion has terminated.MonstersIn the middle of night I was woken with light. I have risen on an elbow, having covered with other hand of an eye. Hari, having turned in a bedsheet, sat in legs of a bed, having shivered, with the person closed by hair. Its shoulders shivered. It silently cried.- Hari!It has shivered even more strongly.- What with you? … Hari …I have sat down on bed, yet absolutely having woken up, being gradually released from a nightmare which just pressed on me. The girl shivered. I have embraced it. It has pushed away me an elbow.- Favourite.- Do not speak so.- Well, Hari what happens?I have seen its wet, swelled person. Greater children's tears slid on cheeks, shone in ÿìî÷êå on a chin, dripped on a bedsheet.- You do not love me.- What to you has occurred?- I heard.I have felt, that my person stiffens.- What heard? You have not understood, it was only …- No, no. You spoke, that it not I. That left, left. Has left, but I can not. I do not know, that it. Wanted and cannot. I such … such … vile!- Äåòêà!!!I have seized it, have pressed to myself very much, kissed hands, wet salty fingers, repeated any oathes, spells, sorry, spoke, that it was only a silly, disgusting dream. Gradually it has calmed down, has ceased to cry, has turned to me a head:- No, do not speak it, it is not necessary. You for me not such …- I not such!It was pulled out at me, as groan.- Yes. You do not love me. I all time feel it. Pretended, that I do not notice. Thought, can, it seems to me … Is not present. You behave … in another way. You do not take me seriously. It, was a dream, the truth, but I dreamed you. You named me by name. I am opposite to you. Why? Why?!I have fallen before it to knees, have embraced its legs.- Äåòêà …- I do not want, that you so spoke. I do not want, you hear. Any I not äåòêà. I …It has burst in sobbings and has fallen the person in bed. I have risen. From ventilating apertures with silent rustle pulled cold air. Me the beginning çíîáèòü. I have thrown with a bathing dressing gown, villages on a bed and have touched its shoulder.- Hari, listen. I something to you shall tell. I shall tell to you the truth …It has slowly risen on hands and villages. I saw, how at it on a neck under a thin leather the vein fights. My person has again stiffened, and to me became so coldly as though I stood on a frost. In a head it was absolutely empty.- The truth? - it has asked again. - a sacred word?I not at once have answered, a spasm have compressed a throat. It was our old oath. When it was said, anybody from us is not dared not only ëãàòü, but also to hold back something. There was time when we ìó÷èëèñü excessive honesty, it is naive including, that it will rescue us.- A sacred word, - I have told seriously, - Hari …It waited.- You too have changed. All of us it is varied. But I not it wished to tell. Really, similar … that owing to which both of us precisely we know … you you can leave me. But it is very good, because I too cannot you …- Chris!I have lifted the Hari which have been wrapped up in a bedsheet, and have started to pace the room, rocking to sleep it. It has stroked me on the person.- No. You have not changed. It I, - have whispered it. - that with me? Perhaps, that? …It looked in a black empty rectangular of the broken door, fragments I has born in the evening on a warehouse. " It will be necessary to hang up new ", - I have thought and have planted it on a bed.- You sometime sleep? - I have asked, being above it with the lowered hands.- I do not know.- How you do not know? Think, dear.Is, perhaps, not the present dream. Can, I am sick. I lay and think, and you know …It again çàäğîæàëà.- What? - I have asked whisper, at me the voice was broken.Are very strange ideas. I do not know, whence they undertake.- For example?" It is necessary to be quiet, what I have heard ", - I have thought and have prepared for its words, as to strong impact.It has helplessly shaken a head.Is somehow so … suddenly …- I do not understand?- As if not only in me, but much further, somehow … I cannot tell. For this purpose there are no words …Is, probably, dreams, - I have thrown as though unwillingly and have sighed with simplification. - and now ïîãàñè light, and till the morning at us will not be any afflictions, and in the morning if to us we will want, shall take care about new. Well?It has stretched a hand to the switch, in a room became dark, I have laid down in cooled down bed and have felt heat of its coming nearer breath. Has embraced it.- More strongly, - it has whispered. And after long silence: - Chris!- What?- I love you.I would like to shout.Morning was red. The huge solar disk stood low above horizon. At a threshold of a room the letter laid. I have broken off an envelope. Hari was in bathing, I heard, how it sang. From time to time it looked out therefrom, stuck round by wet hair. I have approached to a window and have read through:" Calvin, we çàâÿçëè. Ñàğòîğèóñ for vigorous actions. It trusts, that it will manage to destabilize íåéòğèííûå systems. It needs for experiences a quantity of plasma as initial material. Offers, that you have gone on investigation and have taken a few plasmas in the container. Act, as you consider it necessary, but let me know the decision. I do not have any opinion. It seems to me, that at me in general anything is not present. I would like, that you have made it only because all the same it will be advance, even and imaginary. Otherwise it is necessary to envy onlyÕîğåê.P.S. Do not enter into radio station. You can make it for me. Call " is better.At me heart when I read this letter was compressed. I have closely seen it once again, have broken off and îáğûâêè have thrown in a bowl. Has then started to search for an overalls for Hari. It was awful. Just as last time. But it knew nothing, differently could not so to be delighted, when I have told to it, that should go to small investigation outside and I ask it me to accompany. We had breakfast in small kitchen (and Hari again has hardly swallowed some slices) and have gone to library.I wished to see the literature, concerning problems of a field and íåéòğèííûõ systems before I shall make that wants Ñàğòîğèóñ. I yet did not know, how it to undertake, but have firmly decided to supervise its work. To me has occurred, that this not existing yet íåéòğèííûé àííèãèëÿòîğ could release Ñíàóòà and Ñàğòîğèóñà, and I would wait "operation" together with Hari somewhere outside, for example in the plane. Some time I worked for the big electronic catalogue, asking to it questions which it or answered, throwing out cards with a laconic inscription " is absent in the bibliography ", or suggested me to go deep into such jungle of special physical works, that I did not know, that with it to do. I somehow would not like to leave this big round premise with the smooth walls, filled by cases with set of microfilms and electronic records. Located in the center of Station, the library had no windows and was the most isolated place inside of a steel shell. Who knows, whether not therefore to me was here so well, despite of sheer failure of searches. I wandered on the big hall, have not come to be yet before the huge rack reaching a ceiling full of books. Value of this assembly was rather doubtful. More likely it held here as a tribute of memory and respect for pioneers ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ researches. On shelfs stood about six hundred volumes - all classics of a subject, beginning from monumental, though appreciably already out-of-date nine-languid monography Ãåçå. I removed these volumes from which weight the hand drooped, and unwillingly looked through, having sat down on the handle of an armchair, Hari too have found to myself any book, through its shoulder I have read through some lines. It was one of few books belonged to the first expedition, maybe, even once the property most Ãåçå - " the Interplanetary cook ". I have told nothing, seeing, with what attention of Hari studies the culinary recipes adapted for severe constraints of astronautics, and have returned to the book which laid at me in a lap. Work Ãåçå " Ten years of studying of the Solaris " has left in a series "Ñîëÿğèàíà", releases from the fourth up to the twelfth while now they have four-unit numbers.Ãåçå did not possess too big imagination, however, this feature can damage only to the researcher of the Solaris. Anywhere, perhaps, the imagination and skill to create quickly hypotheses does not begin so dangerously. Eventually on this planet all is possible. Improbably sounding descriptions of forms which are created with plasma, all the same are absolutely exact, though do not give in to check as the ocean very seldom repeats the evolutions. The one who observes them for the first time, they amaze mainly with mysteriousness and hugeness. If they were shown in fineer scales, in any pool, them, probably, would recognize for one more " a trick of the nature ", display of accident and blind game of forces. That mediocrity and genius are equally helpless before an inexhaustible variety ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ forms, also does not facilitate dialogue with phenomena of alive ocean. Ãåçå was not neither that, nor another. It was simply the qualifier-pedant, from at whom behind external calmness the inexhaustible passion absorbing all life to work disappears. Until then while could, it used cleanly descriptive language and when it did not have not enough words, helped itself, creating new, often unsuccessful, mismatching the phenomena which described. However, no terms reproduce that is done on the Solaris. It " treelike mountains ", it "äëèííóøè", "ãğèáèùà", "ìèìîèäû", "ñèììåòğèàäû" and "àñèììåòğèàäû", "backbones" and "áûñòğåííèêè" sound is terribly artificial, but give some representation about the Solaris even to those who, except for not clear photos and extremely imperfect films, nothing saw. Certainly, and this diligent qualifier sinned with many absurds. The person creates hypotheses always even if it is very cautious even if absolutely it does not guess. Ãåçå considered, that "äëèííóøè" are the basic form, and compared with them with repeatedly increased and íàãğîìîæäåííûìè tidal waves of the terrestrial seas. However, those who rummaged in the first edition of its product, know, that originally it and named their "inflow", inspired by geocentrism which would be ridiculous if was not so is helpless.In fact it - if to search for analogies on the Earth - formations, the sizes surpassing Big Êîëîğàäñêèé a canyon, simulated in weight which above has a ñòóäåíèñòî-foamy consistence (however, this foam stiffens in huge, easily breaking scallops, in laces, with huge cells, they even are represented some researchers " ñêåëåòèñòûìè by outgrowths "), in depth passes in a substance more and more elastic, as the intense muscle, but a muscle, soon, on depth of one and a half tens the meters, getting hardness of a rock, though and keeping elasticity. Between tense as on a ridge of a monster, membranes to which cling "ñêåëåòèêè", lasts on distance of many kilometers actually "äëèííóø" - an essence with a kind absolutely independent, similar to any enormous python who îáîæğàëñÿ the whole mountains and now silently digests them, from time to time resulting the body compressed in a fish way in slow oscillatory movements. But so "äëèííóø" looks only from above, from a board of the flying device. If to come nearer to it so, that both " walls of gorge " will rise on hundreds meters above plane, " the trunk of a python " will appear a space reaching up to horizon filled by dizzy movement. Gradually becomes clear, that here, under you, there is a center of action of forces which support slopes of slowly crystallizing syrup rising to the sky. But that is obvious to an eye, it is not enough for a science. How many years last desperate discussions what occurs in bowels "äëèííóøåé" which millions plough boundless open spaces of ocean. Was considered, that it is any bodies of a monster, that in them there is a metabolism, respiratory processes, transport of nutrients, and only dusty libraries know, that else. Each hypothesis eventually managed to be subverted in thousand laborious, and sometimes and dangerous researches. And all this concerns only "äëèííóøåé", forms as a matter of fact idle time, the steadiest (their existence proceeds weeks - the phenomenon here absolutely exclusive).Not clearest form - freakish and causing in the observer, perhaps, the sharpest protest (certainly, instinctive), - were "ìèìîèäû". It is possible to tell without exaggeration, that Ãåçå with them has fallen in love also to their studying, to finding-out of their essence has devoted itself entirely. In the name it tried to reflect that in them was most remarkable for the person: aspiration to recurrence of surrounding forms, all the same - close or far.In one fine day deeply under a surface of ocean the flat broad audience with fragmentary edges, with the surface which as though has been filled in by pitch starts to darken. In some hours it starts to share on a part, is more and more dismembered and simultaneously makes the way to a surface. The observer could swear, that under it there is a terrible struggle because from different directions rush similar to the bent lips, tightened craters, infinite numbers of ring waves are piled up above spread in depth black êîëåáëşùèìñÿ a phantom and, rearing, falls downwards. To each such throw of hundreds thousand tons accompanies stretched for seconds, sticky, it would be desirable to tell, a champing thunder. Here all occurs to huge scope. The dark monster appears tired out in depth, each following impact as if flattens out it and splits, from separate õëîïüåâ which hang down, as the become wet wings, depart oblong ãğîçäüÿ, narrowed in long necklaces, are alloyed with each other, both float upwards, and drag behind itself as though ïğèğîñøèé to them the shattered parent disk. And at this time from above new rings of waves are indefatigably overthrown in more and more going deep hollow. Such game proceeds sometimes day, sometimes it is less. At times on it all also comes to an end. Diligent Ãåçå has named such variant " íåäîíîøåííûì ìèìîèäîì " as though had exact data, that a ultimate goal of each such cataclysm is " mature ìèìîèä ", that is the colony ïîëèïîîáğàçíûõ light outgrowths (usually exceeding the sizes of terrestrial city) which purpose - to imitate surrounding forms. Certainly, at once there was another ñîëÿğèñò - Èâåíñ which has recognized this, last phase a degeneration, a distortion, fading, and all variety of the created forms - obvious display of clearing of the gemmated parts from under "parent" authority.However Ãåçå which in descriptions of others ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ formations is cautious, as the ant creeping on the frozen falls, in this case so was self-assured, what even systematized on a degree of increasing perfection separate phases of formation ìèìîèäà.Observable from height, ìèìîèä it seems similar to city, but it is simple the error caused by searches of analogy among already known phenomena. When the sky is pure, all multi-storey shoots and their tops are surrounded by layers íàãğåòîãî air that creates imaginary fluctuations and changes of forms which and without that are difficult for defining. The first cloud causes immediate reaction. Prompt stratification begins. Upwards the viscous environment almost absolutely separated from the basis similar to a cauliflower which at once turns pale is thrown out and in some minutes in accuracy simulates a curling cloud. This huge formation rejects a reddish shadow, instead of one tops ìèìîèäà there are others, and movement always is directed aside, opposite to movement of the present cloud. I think, that Ãåçå would give îòñå÷ü to myself a hand to learn even why so occurs. But such " single products " anything in comparison with spontaneous activity ìèìîèäà, "teased" by presence of subjects and designs which appear above it at will of terrestrial newcomers. Reproduces everything, that is on the distance which is not exceeding eight - ten miles. More often ìèìîèä creates the increased images, sometimes deforming them and transforming in caricatures or grotesque simplifications, in particular it concerns to machines. Certainly, a material always is the same quickly brightening weight, èçâåğæåííàÿ ocean. Instead of falling, it hangs in air, connected by easily torn umbilical cords with the basis on which it slowly moves and, simultaneously êîğ÷àñü, being reduced or increasing in volume, is plastically formed in complex designs. The plane, a farm or a mast generating with identical speed. Ìèìîèä does not react only to people, more precisely speaking, on any alive essences, and also plants which were delivered too on the Solaris in the experimental purposes by tireless researchers. However the dummy, a doll, the image of a dog or a tree, executed of any material, are copied immediately.Here, alas, it is necessary to notice by the way, that this "obedience" ìèìîèäà to desires of experimenters, such rare on the Solaris, from time to time vanishes. Mature ìèìîèä has the if it is possible so to be expressed, "days off" during which it only very slowly pulses. This pulsation, however, is absolutely imperceptible for an eye. Its rhythm, one phase of "pulse", proceeds more than two hours, and special filmings that it to establish were required.During such periods ìèìîèä, especially old, gives in to detailed research as and the supporting disk shipped in ocean and forms rising above it represent quite reliable support for legs.It is possible to visit, certainly, in bowels ìèìîèäà and in its "working" days, but at this time visibility it is close to zero because from special shoots of the copying weight it is continuously allocated slowly settling fluffy, similar for a snow êîëëîèäíàÿ a suspension. It is necessary to tell, that these forms should not be considered from small distance as their size is close to size of terrestrial mountains. Besides the basis "working" ìèìîèäà becomes viscous from êîëëîèäíîãî a snow which only in some hours turns in firm êîğêó, much easier, than pumice.At last, without special equipment that is easy to lose the way in a labyrinth of the huge designs reminding not those bent column, not ïîëóæèäêèå geysers, and it even at a bright sunlight which cannot punch a cloud of "pseudo-explosions" continuously thrown out in an atmosphere.Supervision ìèìîèäà in its happy days (more precisely speaking, it it is happy days for the researcher who above it is) can become a source of unforgettable impressions. Ìèìîèä experiences the " creative rises " when any unnatural hyperproduction begins. Then it creates or own variants of surrounding forms, or their complicated images or even " formal continuation " and so can be amused hours on pleasure to the artist-abstract artist and to despair of the scientist which vainly tries to understand something in occuring processes. From time to time in activity ìèìîèäà features of frankly children's simplification are shown, sometimes it runs into " baroque deviations " then everything, that it builds, happens is noted swelled ñëîíîâîñòüş. Old ìèìîèäû especially often create the figures, capable to cause sincere laughter.Needless to say, that in the first years of researches of scientists have thrown on ìèìîèäû, having accepted them for the centers ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîãî ocean in which there will come desired contact of two civilizations. However it was very quickly found out, that about any contact there is no also a speech as all began and came to an end imitation of forms which anywhere did not conduct. Again and again repeating in desperate searches of researchers àíòğîïî-or çîîìîğôèçì saw in the most different creations of alive ocean " ìûñëèòåëüíèå bodies " or even "finitenesses", for which scientists (Ìààğòåíñ, İêêîíàè) accepted "backbones" and "áûñòğåííèêè" Ãåçå. But to consider these ïğîòóáåğàíöû the alive ocean, sometimes thrown out in an atmosphere on height up to two miles, "finitenesses" was as much the bases, how many to consider earthquakes by "gymnastics" of an earth's crust.The catalogue of the forms repeating more or less constantly, given rise by alive ocean so it is frequent, that they can be opened on its surface within day some tens or even some hundreds, covers approximately three hundred names. The most inhuman in sense of absolute absence of similarity to everything, that is ever investigated by the person on the Earth, are according to school Geze ñèììåòğèàäû. It became gradually clear, that the ocean does not show aggressive intentions and to be lost and its plasma abysses the one who very much achieves it (naturally can only, I do not speak about the accidents caused, for example, by breakage of the oxygen device or êëèìàòèçàòîğà). Even "äëèííóøåé" and monstrous columns of the "backbones" uncertainly wandering among clouds, it is possible íàâûëåò to punch the cylindrical rivers by plane or other flying device without the slightest danger; Plasma releases road, parting before an alien body with the speed equal to speed of a sound in an atmosphere of the Solaris, forming if it to it compel, deep tunnels even under a surface of ocean (and energy which in these purposes is put in action, is huge - Skryabin has estimated it approximately in 10^19 ığã!!!). However research ñèììåòğèàä have started with extreme care, constantly receding, observing all safety rules, often, the truth, fictitious, and names of those who the first has lowered to their chasms, are known on the Earth to each child.The horror which is inspired by these giants, speaks not their appearance though it it is valid can íàâåÿòü dreadful dreams. More likely it is caused by that in their limits there is nothing constant, anything doubtless, in them physical laws are broken even. It allowed scientists to repeat more persistently all, that the alive ocean - is reasonable.Ñèììåòğèàäû appear suddenly. Their formation reminds eruption. The ocean suddenly starts to shine, as though some tens square kilometers of its surface are covered by glass. Thus neither its density, nor a rhythm of excitement do not vary. Sometimes ñèììåòğèàäà arises there where it was formed âîğîíêà, drained in "áûñòğåííèê", but it is not a rule. After a while ñòåêëÿíèñòàÿ the environment is thrown out upwards by a monstrous bubble in which, being deformed and refracting, all sky, the sun, clouds, horizon are reflected. The lightning game of colors caused partly by absorption, partly refraction of light, has no similar.Especially sharp light effects give ñèììåòğèàäû, arising during blue day, and also before a sunset. At this time there is an impression, that the planet gives rise to another, with each instant doubling the volume. The globe sparkling by fires which hardly have been squeezed out from depth, ğàñòğåñêèâàåòñÿ at top on vertical ñåêòîğû. But it not disintegration. This stage not so successfully named by " a phase of a flower cup ", lasts seconds. The webby arches directed to the sky overturn, incorporate in an invisible internal part and start to form instantly something like a thickset torso inside of which there are simultaneously hundreds phenomena.After a while ñèììåòğèàäà starts to show the most unusual feature - modelling, or infringement of physical laws is more exact. It is preliminary necessary to tell, that there are no two identical ñèììåòğèàä and the geometry of each of them is as though new "invention" of ocean. Further, ñèììåòğèàäà creates inside of itself that often name " instant machines " though these designs are absolutely unlike the machines made by people. Here it is a question about rather narrow and consequently as though the "mechanical" purpose of action.Geysers beating from a chasm form thick-walled galleries or the corridors missing in all directions, and membranes create system of the crossed planes, hanging down ropes, the arches. Ñèììåòğèàäû justify the name that to each formation in area of one pole there corresponds conterminous even in trifles system on an opposite pole.Through any twenty - thirty minutes the giant starts to plunge slowly into ocean, having inclined all over again the vertical axis on eight - twelve degrees.Ñèììåòğèàäû happen more and less, but even dwarfish rise after immersing on kind eight hundred meters above a level of ocean and are visible on distance of tens miles.To get inside ñèììåòğèàäû it is the most safe at once after restoration of balance when all system ceases to plunge and comes back in vertical position. The most interesting to studying is the top ñèììåòğèàäû. Rather smooth "cap" of a pole is surrounded with the space which has been made a hole, as ğåøåòî, with apertures of internal chambers and tunnels. As a whole this formation is three-dimensional model of any equation of the maximum order.As is known, each equation it is possible to speak language of the maximum geometry and to construct a geometrical body equivalent to it. In such understanding ñèììåòğèàäà - the relative of cones of Lobachevsky and negative curves Ğèìàíà, but the relative very distant owing to the unimaginable complexity. It more likely model of the whole mathematical system covering some cubic miles, and model four-dimensional for factors of the equation are expressed as well in time, in changes occuring to its current.Idle time was, naturally, an idea, that before us any " the mathematical machine " the alive ocean, the model of the calculations necessary for it for unknown persons for us of the purposes created in corresponding scales. But this hypothesis Ôåğìîíòà today already nobody supports. There was no lack and of attempts of creation of any more accessible, more evident model ñèììåòğèàäû. But nothing has given all this.Ñèììåòğèàäû are unique, as any phenomena occuring in them are unique. Sometimes air ceases to spend a sound. The factor of a refraction sometimes increases or decreases. Locally there are pulsing rhythmical changes of gravitation as if at ñèììåòğèàäû there is a fragile gravitational heart. From time to time gyrocompasses of the researcher start to behave as madwomen, arise and layers of the raised ionization … This transfer disappear would be possible to continue. However, if the secret ñèììåòğèàä will be sometime solved, will remain still àñèììåòğèàäû.Expeditions have measured hundreds kilometers in depths ñèììåòğèàä, have placed registering devices, automatic movie cameras; television eyes of artificial satellites registered occurrence ìèìîèäîâ and "äëèííóøåé", their maturing and destruction. Libraries were filled, archives expanded; the price which it was necessary to pay for it, at times became very high. Seven hundred eighteen person was lost during cataclysms, not having had time to get out of colossuses already sentenced to destruction, from them hundred six only in one accident known because in it the seventy-year old man has found death and itself Ãåçå, at that time. Seventy nine person, dressed in armour-clad survival suits, together with machines and devices has absorbed in some seconds explosion of the dirty swill, brought down the sparks other twenty seven which piloted planes and the helicopters turned above a place of researches. This place on crossing of the forty second parallel with the eighty ninth meridian is designated on cards as " Eruption of Hundred Six ". But this item exists only on cards, the surface of ocean differs nothing there from any other point.Then for the first time in history ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ researches the voices demanding drawing of thermonuclear impacts were distributed. It was worse, than the revenge, was a question of destruction of what we cannot understand. Òñàíêåí, casually escaped chief of reserve group Geze, during the moment when this offer was discussed, has threatened, that will blow up Station together with itself and eighteen remained people. And though officially never admitted, that its self-destructive ultimatum has affected result of voting, it is possible to admit, that it was so.But times when populous expeditions visited a planet, have passed. The Station is there was an engineering construction of such scale, that the Earth could be proud of it if not ability of ocean during seconds to create designs in millions times greater, - has been made in the form of a disk in diameter two hundred meters with four circles in the center and to two edge. It hung at height from five hundred up to one and a half thousand meters above ocean owing to ãğàâèòàòîğàì, set in motion energy àííèãèëÿöèè, and, except for the usual equipment with which stations and satellites of other planets are equipped all, had the special radar installations ready at the slightest changes of a condition of a surface of ocean to include additional capacity so the steel disk rose in a stratosphere as soon as there were first attributes of a birth of a new monster.Now the Station beat is absolutely deserted. Since automatic devices have been locked - on the unknown person to me till now to the reason - in the bottom warehouses, it was possible to wander on corridors, not meeting anybody, as on aimlessly drifting vessel which machines have gone through destruction of a command.When I have put the ninth volume of monography Ãåçå on a shelf, it seemed to me, that the steel hidden by a layer of fluffy polyfoam, çàäğîæàëà at me under legs. I have stood, but the shiver has not repeated. The library has been carefully isolated from the case, and vibration could have only one reason. Any rocket has started. This idea has returned me to the validity. I yet have not solved finally, whether to execute to me desire Ñàğòîğèóñà. If I shall behave so as if completely I approve its plans at the best I can delay crisis only; I have been almost assured, that business will reach collision, as has decided to do the utmost to rescue Hari. All question in, whether had Ñàğòîğèóñ chance of success. Its advantage before me was huge - as the physicist it knew a problem ten times better me, and I could count, as it is paradoxical, only on complexity of problems which were put before us with ocean. Within next hour I pored over microfilms, trying to catch though something accessible to my understanding from the sea of mad mathematics which language the physics íåéòğèííûõ processes talked. First it seemed to me hopeless as devilly complex theories íåéòğèííîãî fields was the whole five, the true attribute of that any of them is not correct. However eventually I managed to find something encouraging. I have copied some formulas and during this moment have heard knock.I have quickly approached to a door and have opened it, having blocked myself a crack. In it person Snauta shining from sweat seemed. The corridor behind it was empty.- And, it you, - have told I, slightly opening a door. - come.- Yes, it I.The voice at it was hoarse, under the inflamed eyes - bags. On it there was a brilliant rubber antiradiation apron on elastic ïîìî÷àõ, from under an apron looked out soiled øòàíèíû all of the same trousers to which it always went. Its eyes have run all over the round, in regular intervals shined hall and have stopped, when it has noticed costing at an armchair of Hari. We have exchanged a fast sight, I have lowered âåêè then it has slightly bowed, and I, running into friendly tone, have told:Is doctor Snaut, Hari. Ñíàóò, it … my wife.- I … a undistinguished member of crew and consequently … - a pause became dangerous - had no case to get acquainted …Hari has grinned and has submitted to it a hand which it has shaken as it seemed to me, was stunned a little, has some times blinked and has fallen asleep, looking at it while has not taken it for shoulders.- Excuse, - it has said then, addressing to it. - I wished to talk to you, Calvin …- Certainly, - I have answered with any high-society ease. All this sounded as a low-standard comedy. An output, however, was not. - Hari dear, do not turn on us attention. We should talk to the doctor about our boring affairs.I have taken Ñíàóòà for an elbow and have lead it to small êğåñëèöàì in the opposite party of a hall. Hari óñåëàñü in an armchair in which before I sat, but has moved it so that, having lifted a head from the book to see us.- Well? - I have asked silently.- Has divorced, - it has answered with whistling whisper. Probably, I would burst out laughing, if to me have sometime told this history and such beginning of conversation, but at Station my sense of humour has been amputated.- Since yesterday I have gone through couple of years, Calvin, - has added it. - pair quite good years. And you?- Anything … - I have answered in an instant, as did not know what to speak. I loved it, but felt, that now should be afraid of it, more truly, with what it to me has come.- Anything … - I have repeated Ñíàóò the same tone, as. - even so?- About what you? - I have pretent, that I do not understand.It has blinked the eyes poured by blood and, having bent to me so, that I have felt on the person warmly its breath, have whispered:- We óâÿçàåì, Calvin. With Ñàğòîğèóñîì I cannot communicate any more, I know only that has written to you. It has told to me it after our small conference …- It has switched off âèçèîôîí?- No. At it there short circuit. It seems, it has made it purposely or … - Ñíàóò has sharply lowered a fist as if broke something.I looked at it silently.- Calvin, I has come, because … - has not terminated. - that you are going to do?- You about this letter? - I have answered slowly. - I am able to do it, I do not see an occasion for refusal, actually, for that here and I sit, wished to understand …- No, - it has interrupted. - not about it …- Is not present? - I have asked again, representing surprise. - I listen.- Ñàğòîğèóñ, - it has muttered after short silence. - it seems to it, that it has found a way … here.It did not lower from me eyes. I sat easy, trying to give to the person indifferent expression.- First, that history with ğåíòãåíîì. What did with it Ãèáàğÿí, you remember? Some updating … is possible- What?- We sent simply a bunch of beams to ocean and modulated only their pressure under different laws.- Yes, I know about it. Íèëèí already did similar things. And huge quantity of others.- Truly. But they applied soft radiation. And at us was rigid, we thrust everything in ocean, that had, all capacity.Is can have unpleasant consequences, - I have noticed. - infringement of the convention of four and the United Nations.- Calvin … do not pretend to be. In fact now it has no value. Ãèáàğÿíà is not present in alive.- Aha. Ñàğòîğèóñ all wishes to fall down on it?- I do not know. Did not speak with it about it. It is unimportant. Ñàğòîğèóñ considers, that so far as "visitor" appears always only during the moment of awakening, that, obviously, it takes from us the recipe of manufacture during a dream. Considers, that the most important our condition - a dream. Therefore so acts. And Ñàğòîğèóñ wishes to transfer it ours ÿâü - an idea during wakefulness, you understand?- How? Mail?- You will joke then. This bunch of radiation we ïğîìîäóëèğóåì currents of a brain somebody from us.At me has suddenly cleared up in a head:- Aha. This someone - I. And?- Yes. It thought of you.- Intimately I thank.- What you on it will tell?I was silent. Nothing speaking, it has slowly looked on shipped in reading Hari and has turned away eyes to my person. I have felt, that I turn pale, and could not consult with it.- Well, how? … - it has asked.I have shrugged shoulders.- These x-ray sermons on magnificence of the person I consider øóòîâñòâîì. And you too. Perhaps, is not present?- Yes?- Yes.Is very well, - it has told and has smiled, as though I have granted its desire. - means, you against all this history?I did not understand still as it has occured, but in its sight have read through, that it has tired out me there where wanted. I was silent. What now was to speak?- Perfectly, - it has said. - because there is one more project. To remount equipment Roshe.- Àííèãèëÿòîğ?- Yes. Ñàğòîğèóñ has already made precomputations. It is real. And at all will not demand the big capacity. The device will operate unlimited time, creating an antifield.- On … wait! How you represent it to yourself?- Very simply. It will be íåéòğèííîå an antifield. The usual matter remains without changes. To destruction, are exposed only … íåéòğèííûå systems. You understand?It óäîâëåòâîğåííî has grinned. I sat, having slightly opened a mouth. Gradually it has ceased to grin, èñïûòóşùå has looked at me, has frowned a forehead and, having waited a little, continued:- So, the first project "Idea" is rejected. And? The Second? Ñàğòîğèóñ already sits above it. We shall name its "Freedom".I have closed eyes to an instant. Quickly thought: Ñíàóò was not the physicist, Ñàğòîğèóñ has switched off or has destroyed âèçèîôîí. Very well.- I would name it more precisely - "Massacre" … - I have told slowly.- Itself was the butcher. Can, is not present? And now it something will be perfect other. Any "visitors", any essences - anything. Already during the moment of the beginning ìàòåğèàëèçàöèè disintegration will begin.Is a misunderstanding, - I have answered, with doubt having shaken a head, and have grinned. I hoped, that I look naturally enough. Is not moral scrupulousness, and an instinct of self-preservation. I do not wish to die, Ñíàóò.- What? …It has been surprised and looked at me suspiciously. I have extended from a pocket a leaf with formulas.- I too thought of it. It surprises you? In fact it I the first has put forward íåéòğèííóş a hypothesis. Is not that so? Look. The antifield can be excited. For a usual matter it is safe. It is true. But during the moment of destabilization when íåéòğèííàÿ the structure breaks up, surplus of energy of its stabilization is liberated. Accepting on one kg of weight of rest ten in the eighth ığã, we receive for one essence F five - seven on ten in the ninth. You know, what it means? It is equivalent to a charge of uranium which will blow up inside of Station.- What do you speak? But … in fact Ñàğòîğèóñ should consider …- Not necessarily, - I have answered with a malicious smile. - the matter is that Ñàğòîğèóñ belongs to school of the Milling cutter and Êàéîëè. In their opinion, all energy during the moment of disintegration is released in the form of light radiation. It would be simply strong flash. Not absolutely, probably, safe, but not destroying. There are, however, other hypotheses, other theories íåéòğèííîãî fields. On Êàéå, on Àâàëîâó, across Zion the spectrum of radiation is much wider, and the maximum falls on rigid scale-radiation. It is good, that Ñàğòîğèóñ trusts the teachers and their theory, but there are also others. Also you know, what I to you shall tell? - I have stretched, seeing, that my words have made upon it impression. - it is necessary to consider and ocean. If it has made that has made has for certain applied an optimum method. In other words: its actions seem to me argument in favour of that, other school - against Ñàğòîğèóñà.- Show me this paper, Calvin …I have submitted to it a leaf. It has inclined a head, trying prohonour mine êàğàêóëè.- What is it? - has sticked with a finger.I have taken from it calculations.Is? Òåíçîğ òğàíñìóòàöèè fields.- Give me all …- What for to you? - I knew, that it will answer.- It is necessary to tell Ñàğòîğèóñó.- As you want, - I have answered indifferently. - you Can take. Only, whether you see, it nobody investigated experimentally, such structures to us are still unknown. It trusts in the Milling cutter, I considered across Zion. It will tell, that I not the physicist and Zion too. At least in its understanding. But it is a theme for discussion. I do not accept discussion as a result of which I can evaporate, to greater glory Ñàğòîğèóñà. I can convince you, they be was not present. And to try I shall not begin.- Also what you wish to make? … it works above it, - a colorless voice the Scout has told. It has stooped, its all revival has passed. I did not know, whether it trusts me, but to me was already all the same.- That the person whom wish to kill does, - I have answered silently.- I shall try to communicate with it. Can, it thinks of any safety measures, - has muttered Ñíàóò and has lifted on me eyes. - listen, and if all the same? … That, the first project. And? Ñàğòîğèóñ will agree. For certain. It … anyway … any chance.- You in it trust?- No, - it has answered. - but … to that it will damage?I did not wish to agree too quickly, in fact it and was necessary for me. It became my ally in game on a delay.- I shall think, - I have spoken.- Well, I have gone, - have told Ñíàóò, rising. When it rose, at it bones have cracked all. - Though ıíöåôàëîãğàììó you will allow itself to make? - it, ïîòèğàÿ fingers has asked an apron, as if trying to erase from it invisible spots.- Well.Not paying attention to Hari (it sat with the book in a lap and silently looked at this stage), it has gone to a door. When it was closed behind it, I have risen. Has straightened a leaf which held in a hand. Formulas were original. I have not forged them. I do not know, the truth, whether Zion has agreed with how I have developed them. Perhaps, no. I have shuddered. Hari has approached behind and has touched my hand.- Chris!- What, dear?- Who was it?- I spoke you. Doctor Snaut.- What it for the person?- I know it a little. Why you ask?- It so looked at me …- Probably, you have liked it …- No, - it has shaken a head. Is there was not such sight. Looked at me so … as though …It has shuddered, has lifted eyes and at once them has lowered.Liquid oxygenI do not know, how long I laid in a dark room, motionless, having stared in a dial of hours shone on a wrist. Listened to own breath and something was surprised, remaining thus absolutely indifferent. Probably, I am simply terribly tired. I have turned sideways, the bed was strange wide, something lacked me. I have held the breath also gauging. It became absolutely silent. Did not reach the slightest sound. Hari? Why it is not audible its breath? Has started to drive hands on bed: I was one." Hari! " - I wished it to call, but have heard steps. There was someone big and heavy, as …- Ãèáàğÿí? - I have told easy.- Yes, it I. Do not light light.- Is not present?- It is not necessary. So it will be better for both of us.- But you are not present in alive?Is anything. You in fact learn my voice?- Yes. What for you have made it?- Should. You were late for four days. If has arrived earlier, maybe, it and it would not be required. But do not reproach itself. To me it is not too bad.- You the truth here?- Ah, you think, what I dream you how thought of Hari?- Where it?- Why you think, what I know?- Has guessed.- Hold it at itself. We shall assume, that I here instead of it.- But I want, that it too was.Is it is impossible.- Why? Listen, you in fact know, that actually it not you, it only I.- No. It is valid I. If you wished to be pedantic, could tell is one more I. But we shall not spend words.- You will leave?- Yes.- And then it will return?- You would like it? Who it for you?Is my business.- You in fact are afraid of it …- No.- And it is opposite to you …- That do you want from me? …- You should regret yourself, instead of it. To it always will be twenty years. Do not pretend, that you do not know it!Suddenly, it is absolutely not known why, I have calmed down. Listened to it absolutely coolly. It seemed to me, that now it costs more close, in legs of a bed, but I still saw nothing in this gloom.- That do you want? - I have asked silently.My tone as though has surprised it. For about a minute it was silent.- Ñàğòîğèóñ has convinced Ñíàóòà, that you have deceived it. Now they you it is deceived. Under a kind of installation of the x-ray equipment they collect àííèãèëÿòîğ fields.- Where it? - I have asked.- Unless you did not hear, what I to you have told? Has warned you!- Where it?- I do not know. Remember: the weapon is required to you. You on anybody cannot count.- I can count on Hari.The weak fast sound was heard. It laughed.- Certainly, you can. Up to any limit. Eventually you can always make the same, that I.- You not Ãèáàğÿí.- Yes? And who? Perhaps, your dream?- No. You their doll. But itself about it you do not know.- And whence you know, who you?It has puzzled me. I wished to rise, but could not. Ãèáàğÿí something spoke. I did not understand words, heard only a sound of its voice, desperately struggled with weakness, have once again rushed with huge effort … and have woken up. I sufficed air, as ïîëóçàäóøåííàÿ a fish. It was absolutely dark. It is a dream. A nightmare. Now … " a dilemma which I can not resolve. We pursue ourselves. ïîëèòåğèåé used any way of selective strengthening of our ideas. Searches of motivation of this phenomenon are àíòğîïîìîğôèçìîì. There, where there are no people, there there are no also motives accessible to the person. To continue performance of the plan of researches, it is necessary or to destroy own ideas, or their material realization. The first not in our forces. The second is too similar to murder … "I listened attentively in darkness to this dead far voice which sound has learned at once: spoke Ãèáàğÿí. I have extended hands before myself. The bed was empty." Has woken up for a following dream ", - has come to to me mind an idea.- Ãèáàğÿí? … - I have called. The voice has broken at once stop short. Something. Has quietly clicked, and I have felt easy breath.- Well, what you, Ãèáàğÿí? - I have grumbled, yawning. - so to pursue from one dream in another, you know …About me something çàøåëåñòåëî.- Ãèáàğÿí! - I have repeated more loudly.Springs of a bed have begun to creak.- Chris … it I … - was heard by a number with me whisper.Is you, Hari … and Ãèáàğÿí?- Chris … Chris … but in fact it not … itself spoke, that it has died …- In a dream can live, - I have stretched. I have not been absolutely assured any more, that it is a dream. - it something spoke. Was here.I was terribly sleepy. " Time I sleepy - means, I sleep ", - the idiotic idea has come to to me mind. I have touched lips a cold shoulder of Hari and óëåãñÿ it is more convenient. It spoke something to me, but I already plunged into unconsciousness.In the morning in the room shined by red light I have remembered incident of this night. Conversation with Ãèáàğÿíîì has dreamed me, but then? I heard its voice, could swear it, did not remember only properly, that it spoke.It sounded not as conversation, more likely as the report. The report!Hari washed. I heard splash of water in a bath. I have glanced under a bed where recently there was a tape recorder. It there was not.- Hari, - I have called.Its wet person seemed because of a case.- You casually did not see under a bed of the tape recorder? Small, pocket …- Different things there laid. I have put all there, - it has shown on a shelf about a locker with medicines and has disappeared in a bath.I have jumped from a bed, but searches have not given results.- You should see it, - I when Hari has returned to a room have told.It has answered nothing and began to brush the hair before a mirror. Only now I have noticed, that it is pale, and in its eyes which have met mine in a mirror, any vigilance.- Hari, - I as a donkey, once again, - the tape recorder is not present on a shelf have begun.- Anything more important you do not wish to tell to me? …- Excuse, - I have murmured. - you are right, it is nonsense.Does not suffice still that we have started to quarrel.Then we have gone to have breakfast. Hari today did all differently, than usually, but I could not define, in what a difference. It all time looked round, some times did not hear, that I spoke it, as though running into thoughtfulness. Once, when it has lifted a head, I have noticed, that its eyes shine.- What with you? - I have lowered a voice before whisper. - you cry?- Oh, leave me. It not the present tears, - was uttered indistinctly by it.Probably, I should not be satisfied with it, but I so was not afraid of anything, as " frank conversations ". However, in a head I had absolutely another. Though intrigues Ñíàóòà and Ñàğòîğèóñà only have dreamed me, I have started to think, whether there is in general at Station any suitable weapon. That with it to do, I did not think, simply wished it to have. I have told Hari, that I should glance on warehouses. It has silently followed me. I rummaged in boxes, searched in ÿùè÷êàõ and when has lowered to the bottom, could not resist desire to glance in a refrigerator. I, however, would not like, that Hari entered there, therefore I only have slightly opened doors and have inspected all premise. The dark shroud towered, covering the extended subject, but from that place where I stood, it was impossible to see, whether that lays still there, black. The place where it laid seemed to me, that, now is free.I have not found anything, that to me would approach, and was in very bad mood as has suddenly thought that I do not see Hari. However, it at once has come - has lagged behind in a corridor, - but already its attempts to depart from me even for a second should draw my attention. But I still behaved, as though have taken offence it is not known on whom, or simply as the cretin. At me the head has ached, I could not find any powders and malicious as hundred ÷åğòåé, has turned head over heels all contents of the first-aid set. Again to go in operational to me it would not be desirable. I seldom behaved so ridiculously, as this day. Hari ñíîâàëà on a cabin, as a shadow, sometimes for a second disappearing. After ïîëóäíÿ when we had already dinner (actually, it at all did not eat, and I have chewed without appetite and, because that the head at me cracked from a pain, at all did not try to persuade it to eat), Hari óñåëàñü suddenly about me and has pulled me for a sleeve.- Well, what such? - I have muttered mechanically.It seemed to me, that on pipes weak knock reaches. I have solved, that it Ñàğòîğèóñ digs in the equipment of a high pressure, and it wanted to me to go upward. But here to me has occurred, that it is necessary to go from Hari. And if its presence at library still was somehow explainable, there, among machines, it could draw prematurely attention Ñíàóòà.- Chris, - has whispered Hari, - as at us? …I have involuntarily sighed. It is impossible to tell, that it was my happy day.- As well as possible. About what you again?- I wished to talk to you.- I listen- But not so.- And how? Well, I have a headache, weight of work …- Chris … is a little desire,I have squeezed out from myself a smile. Likely, it was pity.- Yes, dear. Speak.- And you will tell to me the truth.I have lifted eyebrowes. Such beginning was not pleasant to me.- For what to me to say lies?- Can, you have occasions. Serious. But if you want, that … well, you know … that do not deceive me.I was silent.- I to you something shall tell, and you to me will tell. All right? It will be the truth. Despite of everything.I did not look it in the face though it searched my sight. Has pretended, that I do not notice it.- I already spoke you, that I do not know, whence here have undertaken. But, can, you know? ïîãîäè, I yet have not terminated. Probably, you also do not know. But if you know, only you can not tell it to me now, that, can, late sometime? It not the most bad. Anyway you will give me chance.The cold stream has fallen upon me as if.- Äåòêà, what you speak? … what chance? - I faltered.- Chris who I was, I for certain not the child. You promised. Tell.It " who I was " so have seized me by a throat, that I could look only at it, silly shaking a head as though it was protected from its words.- I in fact spoke, that cannot tell to me. Will be enough, if you will tell, that you can not.- I hide nothing, - I have answered hoarsely.Is well. - it has risen.I wished something to tell. Felt, that I can not leave it so, but words have got stuck all at me in a throat.- Hari …It stood at a window, having turned away. The dark blue ocean laid under the blue sky.- Hari if you think, that … Hari, in fact you know, that I love you.- Me?I have approached to it. Wished it to embrace. It was liberated, having pushed away my hand.- You such kind … Love me? Would prefer, that you beat me!- Hari dear!- No, no. Be silent better.It has approached to a table and has started to collect plates. I looked in dark blue desert, the Sun sat down, and the huge shadow of Station ìåğíî changed on waves. The plate has slipped out hands of Hari and has fallen to a floor. Water gurgled in the washing device. Red color passed at edges of a sky in is dirty-red gold. If I knew what to do. If knew. It became suddenly silent. Hari stood beside with me, behind.- No. Do not turn around, - has told whisper. - you in what it is not guilty, Chris. I know. Not ìó÷àéñÿ.I have stretched to it a hand. It has run off inside of a cabin and, having lifted the whole pile of plates, has told:- It is a pity. If they could be broken, would break, all would break.Any instant I thought, as truly will throw them on a floor, but it has closely looked on, me and has grinned:- Be not afraid, I shall not arrange to you stages.I have woken up among night and at once, strained, villages on a bed. In a room it was dark, only through the slightly opened door from a corridor the thin strip of light fell. Something is poisonous hissed, the sound accrued together with the muffled stupid impacts as though something big fought behind a wall." A meteor, - the idea has flashed. - has punched an armour. Someone there is! "Lingering rattle.From it I at once have come to the senses. I at Station, instead of in a rocket, and this awful sound …I have jumped out in a corridor. The door of small laboratory has been opened wide open, there burned light. I have run in inside. On me the stream of an ice cold has rushed. A cabin filled the pairs, flocculating breath of a snow. The cloud white õëîïüåâ was turned above the body wrapped up in a bathing dressing gown which hardly moved on a floor. It was Hari. I have hardly made out it in this ice cloud, have rushed to it, have seized, the dressing gown has burnt to me hands, it rattled. I have run out in a corridor, passed a chain of doors. I any more did not feel a cold, only its breath which is pulled out from a mouth îáëà÷êàìè pair as fire, burned down to me a shoulder.I have laid it on a table, have broken off a dressing gown on a breast, second looked in its warped shivering person, blood has frozen around of the open mouth, has covered lips black for a short while, in language shone êğèñòàëëèêè an ice.Liquid oxygen. In laboratory there was a liquid oxygen in vessels Äüşàğà. Lifting it, I felt, that I press beaten glass. How many it could drink? All the same. Are burnt a trachea, the throat, lungs, corrodes liquid oxygen more strongly, than the concentrated acids. Its breath gnashing, dry as a sound of a broken off paper, ceased. Eyes have been closed. An agony.I have looked at the greater glazed cases with tools and medicines. Òğàõåîòîìèÿ? Èíòóáàöèÿ? But it already does not have lungs! Have burned down. Medicines? How many medicines! Shelfs have been forced by numbers color áóòûëåé and boxes. Rattle has filled all room, from its open mouth the fog still missed. Òåğìîôîğû …Has started to search for them, but before has found, has jerked a door of other case, has scattered boxes with ampoules … Now a syringe … Where it? … in sterilizers … I could not collect it çàíåìåâøèìè hands, fingers were firm and did not wish to be bent. The beginnings áåøåíî to bang a hand about a cover of a sterilizer, but at all did not feel it. Unique sensation was weak ïîêàëûâàíèå.Laying has begun to wheeze more strongly. I have jumped up to it. Its eyes have been opened.- Hari.It was at all whisper. At me it was not simple voices. The person at it was another's as if made of plaster, edges shook, hair, wet from the thawn snow, were scattered on a headboard. It looked at me.- Hari!I of anything could not tell any more. Stood, as a log, with these another's wooden hands. A foot, lips, âåêè started to burn all more strongly, but I almost did not feel it. A drop of the blood which has thawn in heat of glass at it on a cheek, having drawn a slanting hyphen. Language çàäğîæàë also has disappeared, it still rattled.I have taken it, the wrist, pulse was not, has cast away floors of a dressing gown and has put an ear to ïóãàşùå to a cold body. Through noise as if from a fire, has heard frequent impacts, mad tone, too fast that they could be counted. I stood, low having bent, blindly, when something has concerned my head. Its fingers touched my hair. I have looked to it in eyes.- Chris, - it has croaked.I have seized its hand, it has answered with handshake which nearly has not crushed my palm, the consciousness is has left from its terribly warped person, between centuries have flashed fibers, in a throat has begun to wheeze, and all body ñîòğÿñëà vomiting. It has overhung from a table, fought a head about edge porcelain âîğîíêè. I holded it and pressed to a table, with each following spasm it was pulled out, I have instantly become covered then, and legs have become as wadded. When vomiting îñëàáëà, I have tried to lay it. It with groan sufficed air. Suddenly on this terrible stained with blood person eyes of Hari were lit.- Chris, - it has begun to wheeze, - as … as long, Chris?It has started to choke, on lips foam has acted, again it was torn apart with vomiting. I held it from last forces. Then it has fallen backwards so a teeth have clanked, and has often begun to breathe.- No, no, no, - it pushed out quickly with each sigh, and everyone seem to the last. But vomiting has returned once again, and again it fought in my embraces, in short breaks involving air with effort from which edges acted all. At last âåêè up to half were closed on its blind eyes. It has fallen asleep. I thought, that it is the end. Did not try even to erase foam from its mouth, was above it having bent, hearing somewhere the far big bell, and waited for last sigh that after it to fall to a floor, but it still breathed, almost without rattle, all is more silent, and õîëìèê than a breast which almost absolutely has already ceased to shudder, suddenly moved in fast rate of working heart. I stood having stooped. Its person has started to turn pink.I, as if deafened, understood nothing. Only both palms at me have sweated, and to me I ãëîõíó seemed, that, to something soft, elastic have filled ears, I still heard that ringing bell, now the deaf person as if it has bursted.It has lifted âåêè, and our eyes have met."Hari", - I wished to tell, but I as though did not have a mouth, the person was a dead heavy mask, and I could look only.Its eyes have run all over a room, a head ïîøåâåëèëàñü. It was absolutely silent. For me, in any other far world, water from leaky closed crane exactly dripped. It has risen on an elbow. Villages. I have moved back. It observed of me.- What, - has asked, - that? … Not … it was possible? Why? … Why so you look? …And unexpectedly terrible shout:- Why so you look!!!It became again silent. It has looked at the hands. ïîøåâåëèëà fingers.Is … I?- Hari, - I have said silently, one lips.- Hari? … - it has repeated, having lifted a head, has slowly slipped on a floor and has risen.Has reeled, it was then straightened, has passed some steps. It did all this in any trance, looked at me and as if did not see.- Hari? - it has slowly repeated once again. - but … I … not Hari. And who - I? Hari? And you, you?!Suddenly its eyes have extended, have begun to shine, and the shadow of a smile and joyful bewilderment has shined its person.- Perhaps, you too? Chris! Can, you too?!I was silent, having nestled a back to a case, there, where have tired out me fear.At it hands have fallen.- No. No, you are afraid. Listen, I cannot any more. So it is impossible. I knew nothing. I now … I understand nothing more. In fact it is impossible? I, - it have pressed the squeezed weakened hands to a breast, - I know nothing, except for … except for Hari! Can, you think, that I pretend. I do not pretend, a sacred word, I do not pretend.Last words send to groan. It has fallen to a floor and has burst out crying. Its shout as if in me has broken something, one jump I have appeared about it, have seized by shoulders; it was protected, pushed away me, sobing without tears, shouted:- Start up! Start up! It is opposite to you! I know! I do not want so! I can not! You see, itself see, that it not I, not I, not I …- Be silent! - I shouted, shaking it.Both of us shouted, not understanding it, costing the friend before the friend in a lap. The head of Hari was wound, hitting about my shoulders, I have pressed it to myself very much. Hard breathing, we have stood. Water ìåğíî dripped from the crane.- Chris … - it has hardly spoken, nestling the person to my breast. - tell, that to me to make, that I was not, Chris …- Cease! - I have shouted.It has lifted the person, peering in me.- How? … You too do not know? Nothing can be thought up? Anything?- Hari … ñæàëüñÿ …- I wanted … I knew. No. No. Start up. I do not want, that you touched me. It is opposite to you.- Would kill itself?- Yes.- And I do not want, understand? I do not want it. I want, that was here, with me, and anything else is not necessary for me!Huge grey eyes have absorbed me.- As you ëæåøü … - have told it absolutely silently. I have lowered it and have risen from knees. It óñåëàñü on a floor.- Tell, how to me to make, that you have believed, that I speak what I think? That it is the truth. That another is not present.- You cannot speak the truth. I not Hari.- And who you?It a share was silent. At it çàäğîæàë a chin, and, having lowered a head, it has whispered:- … but … but I know Hari, that it is a lie. You not … loved me there, earlier …- Yes. That was, no. It has died. But here I love you. You understand?It has shaken a head.- You kind. Do not think, please, that I cannot estimate everything, that you have made. Did well as could. But here you will help nothing. When three days ago I sat in the morning at your bed and waited, while you will wake up, I did not know anything. At me such feeling as if it was very much, very much for a long time. Behaved so, as if I not in the mind. In a head there was any fog. Did not understand, that was earlier, and that later, and nothing was surprised, how after a narcosis or long illness. And even thought, that, can, I hurted, only you do not wish it to speak. But then more and more than trifles forced me to reflect. Any gleams have appeared after your conversation in library with it, as it, with Ñíàóòîì. But you did not wish anything to speak me then I have risen at night and have included the tape recorder. Has told lies to you only unique times, I have hidden it then, Chris. The one who spoke, how it called?- Ãèáàğÿí.- Yes, Ãèáàğÿí. Then I have understood everything though, to tell the truth, more I understand nothing. Did not know one, I can … I … it and will be … endlessly. It nothing spoke about it. However, can, and spoke, but you have woken up, and I have switched off the tape recorder. But also so has heard there is enough to understand, that I not the person, but only the tool.- What do you speak?- Yes. For studying your reactions or something in this sort. At each of you is such … such, as I. It is based on memoirs or imagination … suppressed. Something in this sort. However, you all this know better me. It spoke terrible, improbable things, and if all this so did not coincide, I, perhaps, have not believed!- What did not coincide?- Well, that the dream is not necessary to me and that I all time should be about you. Early yesterday I still thought, that you hate me, and from it were unfortunate. What I was silly. But tell, itself tell, unless I could present? In fact it at all did not hate that, the but as about it spoke! Only then I have understood! Only then I have understood, that, as though I have acted, it all the same because, I want or not, for you it all the same should be torture. And even even worse, because instruments of torture dead and innocent, as a stone which can fall and kill. And that the instrument could wish goods and to love, such I could not present myself. I would like to tell to you even that in me occured when has understood, when listened to this film. Perhaps, it will bring to you any advantage. I even tried to write down …- Therefore you and çàæãëà light? - I have asked, hardly publishing sounds the squeezed throat.- Yes. But nothing has left from this. Because I searched in myself … - them is something of another, was absolutely mad. Some time seemed to me, that I under a leather do not have body, that in me something another, that I only … only outside … That to deceive you. You understand?- I understand!- If and so to lay hours per nights ideas it is possible to leave far, in very strange direction, you know …- I know …- But I feel heart and still remembered, that you took from me blood. What blood at me, tells to me, tell the truth. Now in fact it is possible.- Same, as mine.- The truth?- I swear to you!- What does it mean? You Know, I thought, that, maybe, that ñïğÿòàíî somewhere in me, that it … in fact it can be very small. But I did not know where. Now I think, that it were simply subterfuges for my part, I very much was afraid of that wished to make, and searched for any other output. But, Chris if at me the same blood … if how you speak all … Is not present, it is impossible. In fact I already would die, the truth! Means, something all the same is, but where? Can, in a head? But I in fact think absolutely usually … and I know nothing … If I thought should know and not love at once all, only pretend and the nobility what I pretend … Chris, I ask you, tell to me everything, what you know, maybe, it will be possible to something to make?- What should óäàñòüñÿ?It was silent.- You wish to die?- Perhaps, yes.It became again silent. I faced it, shivered, looking on an empty hall, on white plates of the enameled subjects, on shining ğàññûïàííûå tools as though finding something very necessary, and could not find it.- Hari, it is possible for me for something for you to tell?It waited.Is a truth, that you not precisely same, as I. But it does not mean, that you are worse. On the contrary. However, you can think of it that you want, but owing to it … you have not died.Any nursery, plaintive smile has appeared on its person.- Whether it means, what I … am immortal?- I do not know. Anyway is much less mortal, than I.Is terribly, - it has whispered.- Perhaps, not how it seems.- But you do not envy me …- Hari, it, perhaps, a question of yours … applicabilities so I would name it. You understand, here, on Stations, your applicability in effect as it is dark, as well as mine and each of us. Those will continue experiment Ãèáàğÿíà, and there can be all …- Or anything …- Or anything. Also I shall tell to you, that would like, that nothing happens, at all from fear (though it too plays any role), that is why, that nothing will give it. Only I am not assured of it absolutely not.- Nothing will give. And why? It is a question of it … ocean?It has shuddered.- Yes. About contact. They think, that it is very simple. Contact means an exchange of any data, concepts, results … But if there is nothing to exchange? If the elephant is not very big bacterium the ocean cannot be very much a greater brain. From both parties any actions can to be made, certainly. As a result of one of them I look now at you and I try to explain to you, that you to me are more dear, than those twelve years which I have devoted to the Solaris, and that I wish to be with you. Can, your occurrence should be torture, can, service, can, microscopic research. Expression of friendship, artful impact, can, mockery? Perhaps, to all together or - that seems to me to the most plausible - to something absolutely to others. But eventually unless intentions of our parents should borrow us, as though they from each other differed? You can tell, that our future depends on these intentions, and I shall agree with it. I can not expect that will be. The same as you. I can not even promise you, that you I shall always love. After that happens, I shall be surprised with nothing. Can, tomorrow you will become a green jellyfish? It does not depend on us. But that depends on us, we shall be together. Unless it is not enough of it?- Listen, - it has told, - there is something. I … … am very similar to it?- It was similar … but now … I any more do not know it precisely.- How it?It stared wide-eyed at me.- You have already covered it.- And you are assured, what not it, but me? … me? …- Yes. You. I do not know. I am afraid, that if you indeed were her, I could not love.- Why?- Because has made an awful thing.- To it?- Yes. When were …- Do not speak.- Why?- Because I want, that you knew: I - not it.ConversationNext day, having returned after a dinner, I have found on a table under a window a note from Ñíàóòà. It informed, that Ñàğòîğèóñ while has stopped work above àííèãèëÿòîğîì and tries to influence last time ocean a bunch of rigid radiation.- Dear, - I have told Hari, - I need to descend to Ñíàóòó.Red rising burned at ocean and divided a room on two parts. We stood in a shadow. Behind its limits all seemed made of copper, possible to think, that any book, having fallen from a shelf, will ring out.- It is a question of that experiment. Only I do not know, how it to make. I would like, understand …- Do not explain, Chris. I so would like … If it did not last long …- Well to talk a little is necessary. Listen, and if you have gone with me and have waited in a corridor?- Well. But if I shall not sustain?- How it occurs? - I have asked and have quickly added: - I ask not with curiosity, understand? But, maybe, having understood, you could consult with it.Is a fear, - it has answered, a little having turned pale. - I cannot tell at all of that I am afraid, because, actually, I am not afraid, but only … as though I disappear. At the last minute I feel such shame, I can not explain. And then already anything is not present. Therefore I also thought, that it is such illness … - it has terminated silently and has shuddered.- Perhaps, just here, on this ïğîêëÿòîé Stations, - I have noticed. - as to me I shall make everything that we have as soon as possible left it.- You think, it is possible?- Why would be not present? Eventually I am not chained to it … However, it will depend also that we shall solve with Ñíàóòîì. How you think, you can long be one?Is depends … - it has spoken slowly and has lowered a head. - if I shall hear your voice, that, perhaps, I shall cope with myself.- Would prefer, that you did not hear our conversation. Not that that wished from you something to hide, simply I do not know, that will tell Ñíàóò …- You can not finish. Has understood. Well. I shall rise so that to hear only a sound of your voice. I have enough of it.- Then I shall call to it now from laboratory. I leave doors opened.It has noded. I have left through a wall of red light in a corridor which has seemed to me almost black though there burned lamps. The door of small laboratory has been opened. The brilliant splinters of vessel Äüşàğà laying on a floor under greater tanks of liquid oxygen, were last traces of night incident. When I have lifted the receiver and have dialed the number of radio station, the small screen was lit. Then the bluish film of light as though covering matte glass, has bursted, and Ñíàóò, having bent by side through the handle of a high armchair, has glanced to me directly in eyes.- I welcome, - I have heard.- I have read through a note. I would like to talk to you. I can come?- You can. Now?- Yes.- I ask. There will be with … not one?- One.Its bronze from a burn the thin person with sharp cross-section wrinkles on a forehead, inclined in convex glass on one side (it was similar to any surprising fish living in an aquarium), has got significant expression:- Well, well. So, I wait.- We can go, dear, - I have begun with not absolutely natural revival, entering in a cabin through red strips of light behind which saw only a silhouette of Hari.The voice at me has broken. It sat, having hammered into an armchair, having seized it hands. Or it too has late heard my steps, or could not weaken this terrible õâàòêè and accept normal position. To me was enough, that I saw second its struggling with this not clear force which in it was covered, and my heart was squeezed with the blind mad anger mixed with pity. We have silently gone on a long corridor, passing its section, covered with multi-coloured enamel which should - on a plan of architects - to diversify stay in this áğîíèğîâàííîé to a shell. Already from apart I have seen the slightly opened door of radio station. From it in depth of a corridor the long red strip of light fell, the sun has reached and here. I have looked at Hari which did not try to smile at all. I saw, how all road it with concentration prepared for struggle against self. A coming nearer pressure already now has changed its person who has turned pale and as if became it is less. Not having reached a door some steps, it has stopped. I have turned back, but it ëåãîíüêî has pushed me tips of fingers. During this moment my plans, Ñíàóò, experiment, Station - all seemed to me insignificant in comparison with that flour which to it should be gone through, I have felt the executioner and already wished to return, when the wide strip of a sunlight was covered with a shadow of the person. Having accelerated steps, I have entered into a cabin. Ñíàóò stood at the threshold as though went to me towards. The red sun flared directly behind it, and the purple light, appear, proceeded from its gray hair. Some time we looked against each other silently. It as if studied my person. I did not see its person, îñëåïëåííûé shine. I have bypassed Ñíàóòà and have stopped at the high board of which flexible stalks of microphones sticked out. It has slowly turned, easy watching me, as usual slightly having twisted a mouth in a grimace which sometimes seem a smile, and sometimes expression of weariness. Not lowering from me the eye, has approached to a metal case borrowed all wall on which both parties the heaps of spare details of radio equipment fallen down somehow were piled up, òåğìîàêêóìóëÿòîğû and tools, has dragged up there an armchair and villages, îïåğøèñü a back about the enameled door.Silence which we still stored, became at least strange. I listened attentively, having concentrated attention to the silence filled a corridor where has remained Hari, but therefrom did not reach a sound.- When will be ready? - I have asked.- Could begin even today, but record will borrow a little more time.- Record? You mean ıíöåôàëîãğàììó?- Well, you in fact have agreed. And what?- No, anything.- I listen, - has started talking Ñíàóò when silence became oppressing.- It already knows … about herself. - I have lowered a voice before whisper.It has lifted eyebrowes.- Yes?I had an impression, that it has not been surprised on the present. What for it pretended? To me at once was ceased to want to speak, but I have overcome myself. " Let it will be loyalty, - I have thought, - if it is more than anything ".- Has started to guess from the moment of our conversation in library, observed of me, compared with one to another, has then found tape recorder Gibarjana and has heard to a film …It has not changed a pose, still îïåğøèñü about a case, but in its eyes çàæãëèñü small sparkles. Costing at the board, I saw a door opened in a corridor. I have started talking even more silently:- At this night, when I slept, tried to kill myself. Liquid oxygen.Something çàøåëåñòåëî, easier, than a paper from a draft. I have fallen asleep, listening to that occured in a corridor, but the source of a sound was more close. Something çàñêğåáëîñü, as the mouse. The mouse! Bosh. There were here no mice. I have frowningly looked on Ñíàóòà.- I listen, - it has told easy.- Certainly, it was not possible to it … anyway it knows, who it.- What for you speak it to me? - it has asked quickly.I not at once have thought what to answer.- I want, that you were guided … that knew, what position …- I warned you.- You wish to tell, that you knew. - I have involuntarily raised a voice.- No. Certainly, no. But I explained to you as it looks. Each "visitor" when appears, it is valid only the phantom and outside of a chaotic mash of memoirs and images, ïî÷åğïíóòûõ from the … Adam … it is absolutely empty. The longer it with you, the is more humanized. Gets independence, up to the certain borders, certainly. Therefore the longer it proceeds, the more difficultly …It has not finished speaking. Has looked at me frowningly and has unwillingly thrown:- It knows all?- Yes, I have already told.- All? And that time already here there was and that you …- No!It has grinned.- Calvin, listen, if up to such degree … that you are going to do? To leave Station?- Yes.- With it?- Yes.It was silent, as though having thought of my answer, but in its silence there was still something … That? Again this imperceptible rustle here, it is direct behind a thin wall. It ïîøåâåëèëñÿ in an armchair.- Perfectly. What you so look? You Think, what I shall rise at you on a way? You Will make, as you will want, my darling. Well we would look, if in addition to all have started to apply compulsion still! I am not going to stir to you, only I shall tell: you try to act in an inhuman situation as the person. Can, it is beautiful, but is useless. However, I too am not assured of beauty, unless nonsense can be beautiful? But not in it business. You refuse the further experiments, wish to leave, having taken away it. So?- So.- But it too experiment. You have thought of it?- How you understand it? Unless it … can? … if together with me I do not see …I spoke all more slowly, have then stopped. Ñíàóò has easily sighed.- All of us we conduct here the ostrich's policy, Calvin, but at least we know about it and it is not shown the nobleness.- I show nothing.- All right. I did not wish you to offend. I take back that has told about nobleness, but the ostrich's policy remains in force. You spend it in especially dangerous form. You deceive yourself, and it, and again yourself. You know conditions of stabilization of the system constructed from íåéòğèííîé of a matter?- No. And you do not know. It nobody knows.- Certainly. But one is known: such system is unstable and can exist only owing to incessant inflow of energy. To me has explained Ñàğòîğèóñ. This energy creates a vortical stabilizing field. And so: whether this field is external in relation to "visitor"? Or the source of a field is in its body? You Understand a difference?- Yes. If it external, … it, … such …- That, having left from the Solaris, such system breaks up, - it has finished for me. - Approve it we cannot, but you in fact have already done experiment. That rocket which you have started … it still in an orbit. At leisure I even have defined elements of its movement. You can depart, leave into an orbit, come nearer and check up, that became with … ïàññàæèğêîé.- You have become stupid! - I have shouted.- You think? Well … and if … to pull down here this rocket? It can be made. There is a remote control. Remove it from an orbit …- Cease!- Too is not present? Well, there is one more way, very simple. It is not necessary even to put it at Station. What for? Let it is turned further. We only shall contact it by radio if it is alive will answer …- But … but there oxygen for a long time has terminated! - I from myself have squeezed out.- Can do without some oxygen. Well, we shall try!- Ñíàóò … Ñíàóò …- Calvin … Calvin … - has imitated it me angry. - think, that you for the person. Whom you wish to make happy? To rescue? Itself? It? Which? This or that? On both the boldness any more does not suffice? Itself you see, in what results it! I speak you last time: here a situation outside of morals.Suddenly I have again heard the same sound as though someone scratched nails on a wall. I do not know, why I was captured with such passive, indifferent rest. I felt so as if all this situation, both of us, all considered from huge distance in the turned field-glass: small, little bit ridiculous, unimportant.- Well, well, - I have told. - also what your way I should make? To eliminate it? Same most, the truth tomorrow is? And once again? And so daily? How long? What for? What to me from it advantage? And you? Ñàğòîğèóñó? Stations?- No, all over again you to me answer. You will depart with it and, say, you witness coming change. Through pair minutes you will see before yourself …- Well? - I have asked êèñëî. - the Monster? Feature? What?- No. The ordinariest agony. You have really believed in its immortality? I assure you, what die … That you will make then? You Will return for … reserve?- Cease!!! - I have squeezed fists.It looked at me with an indulgent sneer in the blinked eyes.- And, it I should cease? You Know, on your place I would stop this conversation. Better do something another, you can to cut, for example, from revenge ocean birches. What you ìó÷àåò? If … - it has made a hand óòğèğîâàííûé farewell gesture, has simultaneously lifted eyes to a ceiling as though watched any departing subject, - that will be the rascal? And so is not present? To smile, when it would be desirable to howl, represent pleasure and calmness when it would be desirable to bite fingers then not the rascal? And what if here it is necessary to be? What then? You Will rush on Ñíàóòà which in all is guilty, yes? Well, so in addition you also the idiot, my darling …- You speak about yourself, - I have spoken, having lowered a head. - I … love it.- Whom? The memoirs?- No. It. I have told to you, that it wished to make. So any would not act … the present person.- Itself you recognize …- Do not take me at word.- Well. So, it loves you. And you wish it to love. It not the same.- You are mistaken.- Calvin, it is very unpleasant to me, but you have started talking about these intimate affairs. You do not love. You love. It is ready to give a life. You too. Very touchingly, very beautifully, loftily, everything, that you want. But all to it here does not have a place. No. You understand? No, you do not wish to understand it. You have got mixed up in business of forces above which we are not imperous, in ring process in which it a particle. A phase. A repeating rhythm. If it was … if you pursued ready to make for you all monster, you seconds did not change to eliminate it. The truth?- The truth.- And can … can, it therefore does not look such monster! It connects to you hands? Yes in fact about that also there is a speech that they have been connected!Is one more hypothesis to one million those, in library. Ñíàóò, leave it, it … Is not present. I do not want about it with you to speak.- Well. Itself has begun. But think only, that in effect it a mirror in which the part of your brain is reflected. If it is fine, only because your memoirs was fine. You have given the recipe. Ring process, do not forget.- Well and that you want from me? That I … that I … have eliminated it? I already asked you: what for? You have not answered.- Now I shall answer. I did not arise upon this conversation. Did not climb in your business. Anything to you did not order and did not forbid, and would not make it if even could. It you have come here and have laid out to me everything, and know what for? Is not present? To remove it from itself. To fall down. I know this weight, my dear! Yes, yes, do not interrupt me. I to you do not stir in what, but you want, that have prevented. If I stood at you on a way, can, you to me would break a head. Then would deal with me, with someone, ñëåïëåííûì from the same blood and a flesh, as you, and itself would feel as the person. And so … you can not consult with it and consequently you argue with me … and as a matter of fact with yourself! Tell to me still, that the suffering would bend you if it has suddenly disappeared … is not present, speak nothing.- Well, you know! I have come to inform simply with feeling of loyalty that I am going to leave with it Station, - I beat off its attack, but for me it has sounded unpersuasively.Ñíàóò has shrugged shoulders.- Very much can be, that you will remain at the opinion. If I have expressed in this occasion only because you climb all above, and to fall from height, itself understand … Come tomorrow in the morning about nine upward, to Ñàğòîğèóñó … you Will come?- To Ñàğòîğèóñó? - I was surprised. - but in fact it nobody lets in. You spoke what even to call it is impossible.- Now it has somehow consulted. We do not speak about it, know. You … absolutely an another matter. Well, it is unimportant. You will come tomorrow?- I shall come.I looked on Ñíàóòà. Its left hand as if has casually disappeared behind a door of a case. When they have opened? Perhaps, already for a long time, but in the heat of conversation unpleasant for me I have not paid to it attention. As unnaturally it looked … As though … something there hid. Or someone held it for a hand. I have licked lips.- Ñíàóò, what you? …- Leave, - it has told silently and very easy. - leave.I have left and have closed behind myself a door shined by the burning down red glow. Hari sat on a floor in any ten steps from a door, at the wall. Having seen me, has jumped.- You see? - has told, looking at me shining eyes. - It was possible, Chris … I so am glad, Can … can, all will be better …- About, for certain, - I have answered absent-mindedly.We came back to ourselves, and I puzzled over a riddle of this idiotic case. Means, means, has hidden there? … And all this conversation? … cheeks at me have started to burn so, that I involuntarily ïîòåğ them. That for madness. And up to what we have agreed? Up to what. However, tomorrow in the morning …And suddenly I was captured with fear, almost same, as last night. Mine ıíöåôàëîãğàììà. Full record of all brain processes translated in fluctuations of a bunch of beams, will be sent downwards. In depths of this immense boundless monster. As it has told: " If it has disappeared, you awfully would suffer, and? " İíöåôàëîãğàììà is a full record. Subconscious processes too. And if I want, that it has disappeared, has died? Unless differently me would surprise so, what it has gone through this awful attempt? Whether it is possible to be responsible for own subconsciousness? If I am not responsible for it, who? … that for idiocy? Behind what ÷åğòîì I have agreed, that I wash … mine … I Can to learn, certainly, preliminary this record, but in fact to read through I shall not manage. It nobody can. Experts in a condition only to define, of what thought experimental, but only in the most general features: that solved, for example, a mathematical problem, but to tell, what, they any more in a condition. Approve, that it is impossible, as ıíöåôàëîãğàììà - the casual mix of huge set of simultaneously proceeding processes and only their part has mental "lining". And subconsciousness? … about it at all do not wish to speak, and where to them to read someone's memoirs suppressed or not suppressed … But why I so am afraid? Itself in fact spoke in the morning of Hari, that this experiment will give nothing. If we íåéğîôèçèîëîãè are not able to read record, as this terribly another's, black, liquid giant …But it has entered it is not known as to measure all my memory and to find the most painful it ÷àñòè÷êó. How of it to doubt? And if without any help, without any " beam transfer ", interfering through twice ãåğìåòèçèğîâàííûé the armour, through the heavy reservation of Station, has found in it me and has left with extraction …- Chris? … - has silently called Hari.I stood at a window, having stared unseeing eyes in a beginning night.If it then will disappear, it will mean, that I wanted … That have killed it. To not go there? They cannot force me. But what I shall tell it? It - is not present. I can not. Means, it is necessary to pretend, it is necessary to say lies again and always. And it because, maybe, in me is ideas, intentions, hopes, terrible, criminal, and I do not know anything about them. The person has gone to learn other worlds, other civilizations, not ïîçíàâ up to the end of own hiding places, back streets, the wells, the barricaded dark doors. To give out to them it … with shame? To give out only because at me there is no courage?- Chris … - is even more silent, than before, has whispered Hari.I have more likely felt, than have heard, as it has silently approached to me, and has pretended, that nothing has noticed. During this moment I wished to be one. I still neither on what was not solved, nor to what have not come … Looking in the darkening sky, to stars which were only a transparent shadow of terrestrial stars, I stood without movement, and in the emptiness which has come in the stead mad race of ideas, the dead, indifferent confidence grew without words, that there, in depths of consciousness unattainable for me, there I have already chosen and, pretending, that nothing happens, had no even force to despise itself.Experiment- Chris, it because of that experiment?I have shuddered with a sound of its voice. I some hours laid without a dream, having plunged in darkness, absolutely alone. I did not hear even its breath and in the confused labyrinth of night ideas, illusive, half senseless and getting from it new value, have forgotten about it.- What … whence you know, what I do not sleep? … - my voice sounded scaredly.- How you breathe … - it has answered silently and is somehow guilty. - did not wish to stir to you … If you can not, do not speak …- No, why. Yes, it is that experiment. Has guessed.- For that they from it wait?- Do not know. Something. Something. This operation refers to not "Idea", and "Despair". Now one is necessary only: the person who would have enough boldness to incur the responsibility for the decision, but this kind of boldness the majority considers as usual cowardice because this deviation, you understand, reconciliation, the flight unworthy the person. As though adequately the person to stick, choke and òîíóòü in something that it does not understand and never will understand.I have stopped, but before my speeded up breath has calmed down, the new wave of anger has overflowed me:- Certainly, never there is no lack of people with a practical sight. They spoke, that even if contact will not be possible, that, studying this plasma - all these crazy living things, who jump out from it for day again to disappear, - we learn secret of a matter as if did not know that is lie, that it is equivalent to visiting of library where books are written in unknown language so it it is possible to consider only color reliures … And as!- And there are still such planets?- It is not known. Can, and is, but we know only one. Anyway it something very rare, not how the Earth. We … we are usual, we a grass of the Universe and are proud this ours îáûêíîâåííîñòüş which so âñåîáùà, and think, that it is possible to find room for all into it. It was such scheme from which sent safely and joyfully afar, in other worlds! But what this such, other worlds? We shall subdue them or we shall be subdued, anything else was not also these unfortunate brains … And, all right. It is not necessary.I have risen and have to the touch found in the first-aid set a box with somnolent.- I shall sleep, dear, - I have told, turning away in darkness in which the fan highly rustled. - should sleep. Or itself I do not know …In the morning when I have woken up fresh and had a rest, experiment has seemed to me to something absolutely insignificant. I did not understand, how could attach to its such significance. That Hari should go with me to laboratory, too a little I excited. All its efforts became vain after I for some minutes left a room. I have refused the further attempts on which it insisted (ready even to allow to lock myself), and have advised it to take with myself any book.More than the procedure me interested, that I shall see in laboratory. Except for greater holes in racks and cases (in some cases still lacked ñòåíîê, and the plate of one door was in star-shaped cracks as if here recently there was a struggle and its traces were hasty, but are accurately liquidated), in this light blue hall there was nothing remarkable.Ñíàóò, striven near the equipment, behaved rather successfully, having accepted occurrence of Hari as something absolutely ordinary, and has slightly bowed to it from afar. When it moistened to me temples and a forehead with a physiological solution, has appeared Ñàğòîğèóñ. It has entered into the small door leading somewhere in darkness. On it there was a white dressing gown and the black protective apron got up to ùèêîëîòîê. It has greeted me so as if we were employees of the big terrestrial institute and have left only yesterday. Only now I have noticed, that dead expression to its person is given with contact glasses which it carried under centuries instead of glasses.Having crossed on a breast of a hand, Ñàğòîğèóñ looked, how Ñíàóò winds with bandage the electrodes enclosed to my head. It has some times inspected a hall, as though at all not noticing Hari which sat on small ñêàìåå÷êå, at a wall, shivered, unfortunate, and pretended, that reads the book. Ñíàóò has departed from my armchair. I ïîøåâåëèë heavy from metal and wires a head to see, how it includes the equipment, but Ñàğòîğèóñ has unexpectedly lifted hands and has started talking to enthusiasm:- Doctor Calvin, I ask you to be close. I am not measured to order anything to you as it would not give result, but I ask to stop to think of myself, about me, about colleague Snaute, about any other persons to exclude all accidents and to concentrate in practice for which we here are. The Earth and the Solaris, generations of the researchers making a single whole though separate people have the beginning and the end, our persistence in aspiration to come into intellectual contact, length of the historical way which have been passed by mankind, confidence that it will be continued, readiness for any victims and difficulties, for submission of all personal feelings of this our mission - here themes which should fill your consciousness. However, current of ideas does not depend entirely on your desire, but that you here are, confirms authenticity of the sequence presented by me. If you will not be assured, that will cope with a problem, I ask to inform on it, colleague Snaut will repeat record. Time at us has enough.It has spoken last words with a pale dry smile which has not made its sight less shrill.At me inside all overturned from a stream of these serious, with such relevancy of the proclaimed phrases. Fortunately, Ñíàóò has interrupted a long pause.- It is possible, Chris? - it has asked, îïåğøèñü an elbow about the high board ıëåêòğîıíöåôàëîãğàôà carelessly and familiarly as if leaned on a back of an armchair. I was grateful to it that it has named me by name.- It is possible, - I have answered, closing eyes.Excitement which has devastated my brain, has disappeared, as soon as Ñíàóò has terminated êğåïèòü electrodes and has put fingers on buttons. Through eyelashes I have seen pinkish light of control bulbs on the black panel of the device. The unpleasant sensation from a touch of damp, cold electrodes gradually vanished. I was as grey dark arena. This emptiness was observed with crowd of the spectators, towering an amphitheater around of silence in which ironical contempt to Ñàğòîğèóñó and Missions accrued. The pressure of internal observers weakened. " Hari? " - I have thought this word on test, with the unconscious anxiety, ready at once to recede. But my vigilant, blind audience did not protest. Some time I was continuous sensitivity, the sincere pity, ready to painful long victims. Hari filled me without forms, without a silhouette, without the person, and suddenly through impersonal, desperately sentimental image in all authority of the professorial appearance ïğèâèäåëñÿ to me in grey darkness Ãåçå, the father ñîëÿğèñòèêè and ñîëÿğèñòîâ. But not about mud eruption, not about the fetid abyss which has absorbed its gold glasses and accurately combed gray-haired moustaches, I thought. I saw only an engraving on the title page of the monography, densely shaded background with which the artist has surrounded its head so it has appeared in an aura. Its person was so similar, not features, and diligent old-fashioned judiciousness, on the person of my father, that eventually I any more did not know, who from them looks at me. Both of them did not have a tomb, a thing presently so usual and frequent, that did not cause any especial experiences.The image already vanished, and I on one, do not know, what long instant have forgotten about Station, about experiment, about Hari, about black ocean, about everything, filled fast as a lightning, confidence, that those two which are not existing not so, terribly small, transformed in çàñîõøåå a bog people have consulted with everything, that them have met, and rest proceeding from this opening has destroyed shapeless crowd which surrounded grey arena in mute expectation of my defeat.Simultaneously with the double click which has switched off the equipment, on eyes has struck light. Ñàğòîğèóñ, stood all in the same pose, looked at me èçó÷àşùå. Ñíàóò, having turned to it a back, pottered with devices, as if deliberately splashing sandals falling down from legs.- How you consider, doctor Calvin, was possible? - repellent voice Ñàğòîğèóñà has sounded íîñîâîé.- Yes, - I have answered.- You are assured of it? - with a shade of surprise and even suspiciousness has asked Ñàğòîğèóñ.- Yes.My confidence and sharp tone have brought down from it for an instant cold importance.Is … well, - it has muttered and has looked round, as though not knowing, that now with me to do.Ñíàóò has approached to me and has started to remove a bandage.I have risen and was passed on a hall, and at this time Ñàğòîğèóñ which has disappeared in darkness, have returned with already shown and dried up film. On one and a half tens meters of record shivering lines with light çóáöàìè, any mould or the web which has been stretched on a black slippery celluloid film lasted.I had nothing to do more, but I have not left. Those two have inserted in îêñèäèğîâàííóş the cartridge of the modulator record which end Ñàğòîğèóñ has seen once again, mistrustfully having frowned as if the prisoner in these trembling lines tried to decipher sense.Other part of experiment was invisible. I saw only, that is done, when they have approached to control panels and have put the equipment in action. The current has woken up with weak áàñîâèòûì purring in windings of coils under a steel floor, and only then sparks on the vertical glazed tubes of indexes have run downwards, showing, that the big tube of the x-ray device falls to a vertical well to stop in its open mouth. Sparks have fallen asleep on the lowermost divisions of a scale, and Ñàğòîğèóñ has started to increase a pressure while arrows, more precisely, white gleams which replaced them, have not made, rocking, a full turn. Buzz became hardly audible, anything did not occur any more, reels with a film rotated under a casing so even it could not be seen, the counter of metric area quietly tapped, as a clockwork.Hari looked atop of the book that at me, on them. I have approached to it. It has looked èñïûòóşùå. Experiment has already terminated. Ñàğòîğèóñ has slowly approached to big êîíóñíîé to a head of the device.- We go? … - one lips has asked Hari.I have noded a head. It has risen. Not saying goodbye to anybody is would look too senseless, - I have passed by Ñàğòîğèóñà.High windows of the top corridor were filled with a decline of exclusive beauty. It was not the usual, sad, swelled crimson dye, and all shades obscured, the pink color as though sprinkled by the smallest silver. Heavy, it is motionless âñõîëìëåííàÿ ÷åğíü infinite plain of ocean, appear, answering on this warm light, èñêğèëàñü soft áóğî-violet îòáëåñêîì. Only at the horizon the sky persistently remains red.Suddenly I have stopped in the middle of the bottom corridor. I simply could not think that again as in a prison cell, we shall be closed in a cabin from which the ocean is visible only.- Hari, - I have told, - know … I You would glance in library … have nothing against?- About, with pleasure, I shall look for something to esteem, - it has answered with little bit artificial revival.I felt, that since yesterday between us the crack was formed and that I should be kinder with it, but I was captured with full apathy. I do not know, that could deduce me from it.We have returned back and have entered into small tambour. Here there were three doors, and between them flowers, as if in any show-windows behind greater crystal glasses.The average door leading in library, from both parties has been covered by a convex artificial leather which I for some reason always tried to not touch. In the big round hall with the ceiling ornamented by the stylized sun, was little bit more cool.I have lead a hand on êîğåøêàì volumes ñîëÿğèàíñêîé classics and already wished to take Ãåçå when has unexpectedly found out not noticed last time shabby òîìèê Ãğàâèíñêîãî.I óñåëñÿ in a soft armchair. It was absolutely silent. Behind my back of Hari looked through any book, I heard an easy rustle of pages under its fingers. Directory Ãğàâèíñêîãî was the collection located in alphabetic order ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ hypotheses. The compiler which never at all did not see the Solaris, has rummaged all monographies, reports of the expeditions, separate clauses and preliminary messages, used works of the planetologists studying other planets, and has created the catalogue a little bit frightening ëàïèäàğíîñòüş of formulations which became trivial, killing the refined complexity of the ideas which have generated these hypotheses. However, in sense ıíöèêëîïåäè÷íîñòè this product represented more likely value of a funny thing; it has been published twenty years ago, and for this time the mountain of new hypotheses which would not hold in one book has grown. From the authors presented in the directory, in alive there were the few, and, perhaps, anybody from them any more was not engaged ñîëÿğèñòèêîé actively. All this the intellectual riches covering the diversified direction made impression, that any hypothesis is simply obliged to be true, it seemed impossible that the validity was absolutely from them excellent, other, than ìèğèàäû the put forward assumptions. In the foreword to directory Ãğàâèíñêèé has divided sixty years known to it ñîëÿğèñòèêè into the periods. During the first Solaris beginning from the moment of opening, nobody offered hypotheses meaningly. Then somehow intuitively, from the point of view of, "common sense", it was accepted, that the ocean is a dead chemical conglomerate which possesses ability to create surprising forms owing to the êâàçèâóëêàíè÷åñêîé activity and original automatism of the processes stabilizing a unstable orbit just as the pendulum is kept in once set plane of fluctuations. However, in three years Ìàæèíî has supported wildlife of " the jellylike machine ", but Ãğàâèíñêèé the period of biological hypotheses dated only for nine years later when assumption Ìàæèíî, was before in full loneliness, began to win numerous supporters. The next years abounded very complex, supported with the biomathematical analysis, detailed models of theoretically alive ocean.The third period has noted been by disintegration of almost monolithic unity ñîëÿğèñòèêè and occurrence of a plenty of furiously competing schools. It was time of activity Ïàíìàëëåğà, Ñòğàáëè, Ôğåéõàóçà, Ëåãğåéå, Îñèïîâè÷à. Inheritance Ãåçå has been twisted then to the destroying criticism. The first atlases, catalogues, stereophotos ñèììåòğèàä which until then were considered as the forms, not giving in to studying have been created; crisis has come owing to new, äèñòàíöèîííî to operated devices which were sent to raging chasms of colossuses every second menacing by explosion. Then there were the hypotheses of minimalists saying, that even if notorious "contact" to " a reasonable monster " to establish it will not be possible, and in this case studying ìèìîèäîâ and spherical mountains which the ocean throws out that then again to absorb, will bring rather valuable chemical and ôèçèêîõèìè÷åñêèå the knowledge, new data on structure of huge molecules, etc. But with supporters of similar ideas anybody did not enter at all polemic. It was the period when have appeared till now the catalogues which have not lost the value of typical metamorphosises or the bioplasmatic theory ìèìîèäîâ Franc which though it has been rejected as false, nevertheless has remained a magnificent example of intellectual scope and logic.These " periods Ãğàâèíñêîãî " were a naive youth, spontaneous optimistic romanticism, at last - noted by the first skeptical voices - a maturity ñîëÿğèñòèêè. Already by the end of the twenty-fifth anniversary have appeared - as revival of the first, êîëëîèäíî-mechanical - the hypotheses was their overdue posterity, about àïñèõè÷íîñòè ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîãî ocean. All searches of display of conscious will, expediency of processes, actions, ìîòèâèğîâàííûõ internal needs of ocean, all have been almost recognized by any dislocation of the whole generation of scientists. The furious aspiration to deny their statement has paved the way for sober, developed analytically, based on the huge quantity, diligently picked up facts of researches of group Holdena, İîíèäàñà, Ñòîëèâû. It was time of prompt swelling and growth of archives, card files of microfilms. One for another the expeditions equipped by every possible technics - recording registrars, îòìåò÷èêàìè, probes what the Earth only could give sent. In some years in researches simultaneously participated more than thousand person. However already when rate of indefatigable accumulation of materials still increased, the idea which has inspired with scientists, became more and more fruitless. The period (which difficultly precisely to define on time) decline ñîëÿğèñòèêè began.The history of studying of the Solaris has noted been first of all by greater, bright individualities, strong characters - Ãåçå, Øòğîáë, Ñåâäà which was last of great ñîëÿğèñòîâ. It was lost under mysterious circumstances in area of South Pole of a planet so it is silly as the beginner could not be lost even. On eyes at hundred observers it has directed the machine flying above the ocean to depth "áûñòğåííèêà" which, it was clearly visible, tried to let its pass. Spoke about any sudden weakness, a faint, malfunction of management … Actually it, in my opinion, there was the first suicide, the first sudden explosion of despair. The first, but not last.Gradually in ñîëÿğèñòèêå remains ever less than great individualities. People of greater abilities and the big force characters are born with more or less constant frequency, but íåîäèíàêîâ their choice. At the certain area of a science it is possible to explain their presence or shortage, perhaps, prospects what it opens. Variously estimating êëàññèêîâ ñîëÿğèñòèêè, it is impossible to give up to them in talent, maybe, even in genius. The best mathematicians, physicists, the famous experts in the field of biophysics, theories of the information, electrophysiology were drawn to itself by the silent giant within decades. Then year from a year the army of researchers lost the leaders. There was a grey anonymous crowd of patient collectors of the facts, founders of many original experiments, but there were no already mass expeditions to scale of the whole planet, courageous, uniting the various facts and the phenomena of hypotheses.Ñîëÿğèñòèêà started to collapse, and as though accompaniment in parallel its decreasing flight, ìàññîâî have bred ğàçíÿùèåñÿ from each other only minor details of a hypothesis about a degeneration, èíâîëşöèè, dying ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ the seas. From time to time there were more courageous, more interesting ideas, but in general the ocean has been recognized by an end-product of development which for a long time, the millenium ago, has gone through the period of the highest organization, and now, integral only physically, already broke up to numerous unnecessary, senseless in agony creations.I was a sign with original works of several European psychologists which during long time studied reaction of public opinion, collecting the most ordinary statements, voices of nonspecialists, and have shown thus surprisingly close communication between changes of this opinion and the processes occured simultaneously in the scientific environment.So, in circles of coordination group Planetologicheskogo of institute, there, where solved a question on material support of researches, there were the changes expressed in continuous, though also step, reduction of the budget ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ of institutes and bases, and also grants for the expeditions going on a planet.The voices insisted on necessity of curtailing of researches, mixed up with performances of those who demanded application of strong means. But, perhaps, nobody has come further administrative director World Êîñìîëîãè÷åñêîãî institute which persistently spoke, that the alive ocean at all does not ignore people, and is simple them does not notice, how the elephant - an ant walking on its back, and, to draw attention of ocean and to concentrate it on us, it is necessary to apply more powerful impulses and machines-giants in scale of all planet. A juicy detail was here how the press emphasized that such expensive undertakings were demanded by director Kosmologicheskogo, instead of Ïëàíåòîëîãè÷åñêîãî institute which financed researches of the Solaris. It was the generosity due to an another's pocket.And again rotation of new hypotheses, revival old, introduction in them of insignificant changes …As a result ñîëÿğèñòèêà it has appeared tired out in more and more branching labyrinth full of deadlocks. In an atmosphere of general indifference, stagnation and îáåñêóğàæåííîñòè another, fruitless, to nobody the necessary paper ocean accompanied ocean of the Solaris." Probably, we have reached a turning point ", - I thought. The opinion on refusal, on deviation now or in the near future could get the best. Even I did not consider liquidation of Station impossible or improbable. But I did not trust, that in such a way it was possible to rescue something. Existence of a conceiving colossus never any more will not give people of rest. Let we proceed galaxies, let we shall contact other civilizations of essences similar to us. The Solaris will be the eternal call, thrown to the person.DreamsAbsence of any reactions has forced us to repeat in six days experiment, and Station which till now was motionlessly on crossing of the forty third parallel with the hundred sixteenth meridian, has started to move, keeping height four hundred meters above ocean, in a southern direction where as showed radar gauges and radiogramms ñàòåëëîèäà, activity of plasma has considerably increased.Within two day modulated by mine ıíöåôàëîãğàììîé a bunch of X-rays everyone some hours struck in almost perfect a smooth surface of ocean.By the end of the second day we were already so close from a pole, that when all disk of the blue sun was hidden behind horizon, the purple aura around of clouds on its opposite party announced rising the red sun.At once after call of the blue sun in a northwest direction has seemed ñèììåòğèàäà, immediately noted by the signalling devices, flaring so, that it almost could not be distinguished from the fog filled in by a crimson dye, and allocated on its background only separate mirror îòáëåñêàìè, as growing there, on a joint of the sky and plasma, a huge glass flower. The station, however, has not changed a rate, and through a quarter of hour shone shivering red light as if a dying away ruby lamp, the colossus has disappeared behind horizon.And again ìèíóëî two day, experiment has been repeated last time, x-ray injections have captured already enough the big piece of ocean. In the south have seemed clearly visible, notwithstanding what they were on distance three hundred kilometers, Àğğåíèäû - a rocky scrap dry with six the tops as though covered by a snow. Actually it was the strike of an organic origin testified, that this formation was once a bottom of ocean.We have replaced a rate on southeast and some time moved in parallel mountain circuit covered by clouds, characteristic for red day. Then mountains have disappeared. From the moment of the first experiment has passed ten days.All this time for Stations nothing occured. Ñàğòîğèóñ has once made the program of experiment, and now it was repeated with the automatic equipment, I have not been assured even, that somebody supervised its work. But simultaneously at Station occured much more events, than it was possible to wish. However, people were here at anything. I was afraid, that Ñàğòîğèóñ will achieve renewal of work above àííèãèëÿòîğîì. Besides I waited for reaction Ñíàóòà when it learns from Ñàğòîğèóñà, that I have deceived it, having exaggerated danger which destruction íåéòğèííîé could cause matters. However anything such does not happen for the reasons, all over again for me absolutely mysterious. Naturally, I considered an opportunity of any dirty trick from their party. Thought, that they secretly are engaged in any preparations and worked. Daily looked in a premise without windows which has been located under the main laboratory and where was àííèãèëÿòîğ. I never found there anybody, and the thin layer of the dust covering the equipment, spoke, that to it anybody is a lot of weeks did not touch at all.Ñíàóò at this time became same invisible as Ñàğòîğèóñ, and even more, than that, imperceptible - âèçèîôîí did not answer radio station calls. Someone should operate movement of Station, but I can not tell, who, me it simply did not interest, though, probably, it and sounds strange. Absence of reactions from ocean also left me indifferent up to such degree, that in two or three days I have almost ceased to count or be afraid on them of them and have completely forgotten both about ocean, and about experiment. In the whole days I stayed either in library, or in a cabin from Hari, which as for a shadow ñíîâàëà around of me. I saw, that at all of us it is bad and that this condition of apathetic and senseless instability cannot last infinitely. I should break somehow it, something to change in our attitudes, but even I rejected an idea on any change, unable to make the certain decision.I cannot explain it more precisely, but all seemed to me, that at Station, and especially that exists between Hari and me, is in a condition of terribly unstable balance and its infringement can reduce to all ruins. Why? I do not know. The strange was that, as it felt, anyway in any measure, something similar. When I think of it now, it seems to me, that impression of uncertainty, temporariness of all event, approaching shocks the validity created not shown any in another way, filling all premise of Station. Though, probably, there was one more solution: dreams. As I have decided to write down their maintenance and only therefore I can about them though something to tell. But it too only îáğûâêè, deprived their horrifying variety.In any not clear circumstances, in the space, deprived the sky, the ground, ceilings, floors, walls, I was as though mixed or óâÿçøèé in a substance, externally to me another's, as though my body âğîñëî in a half-meter, slow, shapeless block, or, more precisely as though I became her. I was surrounded not clear all over again with the spots of light pink color hanging in space with other optical properties, than at air so only on very close distance subjects became precise, and even is excessive, unnaturally precise as in these dreams my direct environment surpassed concreteness and materiality impression show. I woke up with paradoxical sensation, that ÿâüş, ÿâüş the dream, and that I see was present, having opened eyes, is only any dried up shadows.The first image, the beginning from which the dream was born was such. And only I could something tell about the most simple dreams. That was in the others, had no analogies in a reality.There were dreams when in the dead, fallen asleep darkness I felt a subject of efficient, slow researches at which it was not used any tools felt by me. It was penetration, crushing, destruction up to full emptiness. A limit, a bottom of these silent èñòğåáèòåëüíûõ tortures was the fear, one memoirs about which in many days speeded up palpitation.And days, identical, as though faded, full of boring disgust for everything, languidly crept in boundless indifference. Only I was afraid of nights and did not know, how from them to be rescueed. Was awake together with Hari to which the dream was absolutely not necessary, kissed it, caressed, but knew, that has put here not in it and not in me, that I do all this in fear before a dream, and it though I and did not speak it about these tremendous nightmares words, should be, something guessed, because I felt incessant humiliation in its humility and nothing could do with it.I already spoke, that all time I did not see neither with Ñíàóòîì, nor with Ñàğòîğèóñîì. However, Ñíàóò everyone some days had an effect, sometimes a note, more often phone call. Was interested, whether I of any occurrence have noticed something, that it is possible to regard as the reaction caused so much of time by repeated experiment. I answered, that have not noticed, and itself asked the same question. Ñíàóò only negatively shook a head in depth of the screen.For the fifteenth day after the termination of experiments I have woken up earlier, than usually, so exhausted by a nightmare as if has regained consciousness from a faint caused by a deep narcosis. Çàñëîíîê at a window was not, and I have seen in the first beams of the red sun as the dead plain imperceptibly starts to worry. Its dense black color at once has turned pale, as though coverings a thin veil of a fog, but this fog had rather material consistence. Here and there in it the centers of excitement were formed, and gradually uncertain movement has captured all visible space. Black color has disappeared absolutely, it have covered light pink on eminences and æåì÷óæíî-brown in hollows of a film. First paints alternated, transforming this surprising coverlet of ocean in numbers of the fallen asleep waves, then all has mixed up, and all ocean has been covered ïóçûğÿùåéñÿ by the foam, flying up huge rags upwards and under the Station, and around of it. From different directions simultaneously âçìåòàëèñü in the empty red sky ïåğåïîí÷àòîêğûëûå the blocks of foam spread horizontally, absolutely unlike clouds, with spherical outgrowths on edges. What have covered with horizontal strips a low solar disk, were by contrast with its light black as coal, others, near to the sun, depending on a corner under which they were shined with light of rising, ğûæåëè, lighted up cherry color, red-violet, and all this process proceeded, as if the ocean was shelled êğîâÿíèñòûìè by layers, showing from under them the black surface, hiding its new for a short while foams. Some of these blocks flied up absolutely beside, at once behind windows, on distance of any meters, and one even has slipped the silky surface on glass. At this time what flied up earlier, hardly were seen far in the sky as the scattered birds, and a transparent veil thew in zenith.The station has fallen asleep in an immovability and hung so about three hours, but the show proceeded. The sun has already failed for horizon, the ocean under us was covered with darkness, and ğîè thin pinkish silhouettes rose all above and above, rising as on invisible strings, motionless, weightless, and this majestic rise proceeded, is not become absolutely dark yet.The show amazing with the quiet scope has shaken by all this Hari, but I could tell nothing about it. For me, ñîëÿğèñòà, it was same new and not clear, as well as for it. However, not registered in any catalogues of the form it is possible to observe on the Solaris two-rub times a year and if will a little carry even more often.At next night, approximately for an hour before rising the blue sun, we were witnesses of other phenomenon - the ocean phosphoresced. This phenomenon has been already described. As a rule, it was observed before occurrence àñèììåòğèàä, in general speaking, it was a typical attribute of local strengthening of activity of plasma. However within the next two weeks around of Station nothing has occured. Only once at late night I have heard reaching as if anywhere and from everywhere at once far shout, unusually high, shrill and lingering, any inhuman powerful sobbings. Pulled out of a nightmare, I long laid, listening attentively, not absolutely assured, as this shout not is a dream. On the eve from the laboratory partially located above our cabin, the muffled sounds as if there moved something heavy reached. It seemed to me, that shout too reaches from above, however, in absolutely not clear way as both of a floor were divided by soundproof overlapping. This in agony voice was heard almost half an hour. Wet from sweat, half mad, I wished to run already upward, it tore apart to me nerves. But gradually the voice has calmed down, and only the sound of moved weights again was audible.In two days, in the evening when we from Hari sat in small kitchen, has unexpectedly entered Ñíàóò. It was in a suit, the present terrestrial suit which has absolutely changed it. It as though has grown old and became above. Not looking Almost on us, it has approached to a table, has bent above it and, not sitting down at all, has started to eat cold meat directly from banks, çàåäàÿ with its bread. The sleeve of its jacket has some times got in bank and there was all is soiled by fat.- You are spoiled, - I have told.- H'm? - it has muttered a full mouth.It ate, as though some days at it were nothing in a mouth, has poured to itself ïîëñòàêàíà wines, has all at once drunk, has wiped lips and, îòäûøàâøèñü, has looked round the eyes poured by blood. Has then looked at me and has muttered:- Has released a beard? … well, well …Hari with a roar threw utensils in a bowl. Ñíàóò has started to rock slightly on heels, screwed up the face and it is loud ÷ìîêàë, clearing language a teeth. It seemed to me, that it does it purposely.- It would not be desirable to have a shave, yes? - it has asked, importunately looking on me.I have not answered.- Look! - it has thrown, having hesitated. - I do not advise. It too has first of all ceased to have a shave.- Go to sleep, - I have muttered.- What? Fools are not present. Why to us to not talk? Listen, Calvin, and can, it wishes us of goods? Can, wishes us to make happy, only yet does not know as? It reads desires in our brains, and in fact only two percent of nervous processes are conscious. Hence, it knows us better, than ourselves. Means, it is necessary to listen to it. To agree. You hear? You do not want? Why, - its voice has whiningly trembled, - why you have not a shave.- Cease, - I have grumbled. - you are drunk.- What? It is drunk? I? Well also what? Unless the person, who drags the dung from one end of the Galaxy on another to learn that it costs, cannot get drunk? Why? You trust in mission? And, Calvin? Ãèáàğÿí told to me about you before You have released a beard … precisely such as it spoke … do not go only to laboratory, you will lose a little more beliefs … There creates Ñàğòîğèóñ, our Faust searches for means against immortality. He/she is last knight of sacred Contact … its previous plan too was quite good - a long agony. Not bad, and? Agonia perpetua … ñîëîìêà … … as you can not drink straw hats, Calvin?Its almost unseeing eyes with the swelled up centuries have stopped to Hari which motionlessly stood at a wall.- About the Aphrodite white, ocean born, - it has started to recite and has choked with laughter. - almost … it is exact … and, Calvin? - it has croaked, coughing.I was still quiet, but this calmness started to pass in cold fury.- Cease! - I have shouted. - Cease and leave!- You expel me? You too? You start a beard and you expel me? Any more you do not want, that I warned you, that advised you, how one present star comrade to another? Calvin, give we shall open ground hatches and we shall shout to it there, downwards, can, will hear? But how it refers to? Think, we have named all stars and planets, and can, they already had the name? What for usurpation? Listen, have gone there. We shall shout … we Shall tell to it, that it has made of us, yet óæàñíåòñÿ … will build to us silver ñèììåòğèàäû, and will pray for us the mathematics, and will surround us with the stained with blood angels, and its flour will be our flour, and its fear - our fear, and us will ask about the end. Why you are dared? I in fact only joke. Perhaps, if our breed had more senses of humour, is not has reached before. You know, what it wishes to make? It wishes it to punish, this ocean, wishes to finish it to that shouted all mountains at once … think, it will not dare to offer the plan for the statement to this sclerous àğåîïàãó which has sent us here how èñêóïèòåëåé not the fault? You are right, will be afraid … but only because of øàïî÷êè. Øàïî÷êó will not show anybody, it is not so courageous, our Faust …I was silent. Ñíàóò was unsteady all more strongly. Tears flew on its person and dripped on a suit.- Who has made it? Who has made it with us? Ãèáàğÿí? Ãåçå? Einstein? Platon? You Know, all this were murderers. Think, in a rocket the person can burst, as a bubble, either to fall asleep, or to fry, or so quickly to expire with blood, what even will shout, and then only êîñòî÷êè knock on metal, being turned on íüşòîíîâñêèì to orbits with Einstein's amendment, these our rattles of progress! And we willingly … because it is fine road … we send in addition … and in these êëåòóøêàõ, above these plates, among immortal ñóäîìîåê, with group of the true cases, the devoted rest rooms, we have carried out … look, Calvin. If I was not drunk, would not stir so, but eventually should somebody tell it. Who in it is guilty? You Sit here how the child on massacre, and hair at you grow … Whose it is fault? To itself answer …It has silently turned and has left, on a threshold was seized by a door to not fall, and still long the echo of its steps came back to us from a corridor.I avoided a sight of Hari, but suddenly our eyes have met. I wished to approach to it, to embrace, stroke it on hair, but could not. Could not.SuccessNext three weeks were as though same day which repeated, each time precisely same as yesterday's. Çàñëîíêè at a window moved and rose, at night me threw from one nightmare in another, in the morning we rose, and game if it there was a game began. I represented calmness. Hari too. This silent arrangement, consciousness of mutual lie became our last refuge. We spoke about how we shall live on the Earth how we shall lodge somewhere at the big city much and never any more we shall not leave the blue sky and green trees, together invented conditions of our future house, whether planned a garden and even argued on trifles … about a green hedge … about a bench … I Trusted in it even for a second? No. I knew, that it is impossible. I knew about it. Because even if it could leave Station - alive - that to the Earth can arrive only the person, and the person is its document. The first control would stop this travel. Begin to find out its person, us will separate, and it at once will give out it. The station was a unique place where we could live together. Whether knew about it Hari? Likely. Whether somebody has told to it about it? After all events I think, what yes.Once at night I have heard through a dream, that Hari quietly rises. I wished to embrace it. Now only silently, only in darkness we could become for an instant free, in çàáûòüè by which the hopelessness surrounding us did only êîğîòåíüêîé by a delay of new torture. It has not noticed, that I have woken up, and before I have stretched a hand, ñëåçëà from a bed. I have heard - still dozing - øëåïàíüå barefooted legs. I was captured with not clear fear.- Hari? - I have whispered. Wished to shout, but was not solved also villages on a bed. The door leading in a corridor, has been covered not up to the end. The thin needle of light obliquely pierced a cabin. It seemed to me, that I hear vocal murmurs. It talked to someone? With whom?I have jumped from a bed, but such monstrous horror has gushed over me, that legs have refused to obey. An instant I stood, listening, was silent, then have slowly returned to bed. In a head áåøåíî blood pulsed. Hari has slipped inside and has fallen asleep, as if listening attentively to my breath. I tried to breathe ìåğíî.- Chris? … - it has whispered quietly.I have not answered. It it is fast şğêíóëà in bed. I felt, how it has fallen asleep having straightened, and motionlessly laid near to it, I do not know, how long. Tried to think up any question, but the more passed time, the is better I understood, that I shall not start talking the first. After a while, can, in an hour, I have fallen asleep.Morning was same, as always. I suspiciously got accustomed to it but only when it could not notice it. After a dinner we sat next against èçîãíóòîãî windows behind which soared low crimson clouds. The station floated among them, as if the ship. Hari read any book, and I was in that condition of self-scrutiny which so was frequent now for me a unique respite. I have noticed, that, having inclined a head definitely, I can see our reflection, transparent, but precise. I have changed a pose and have removed a hand from an armrest. Hari - I saw it in glass - have thrown a fast sight, have made sure, that I examine ocean, have bent down above the handle of an armchair and have concerned with lips of that place which I just touched. I continued to sit, unnaturally motionless, and it ñêëîíèëà a head above the book.- Hari, - I have told silently, - where you left today at night?- At night?- Yes.- … something has dreamed you. I did not leave anywhere.- Did not leave?- No. To you has for certain dreamed.- Perhaps, - I have told. - Perhaps, it also dreamed me …In the evening when we laid down, I have again started to speak about our travel, about returning to the Earth.- Ah, I do not wish to hear about it, - it has interrupted. - it is not necessary, Chris. You in fact know …- What?- No, anything.When we have already laid down, it has told, that it would like to drink.- There on a table there is a glass of juice, give me, please.It has drunk ïîëñòàêàíà and has submitted to me. I did not have a desire to drink.- For my health, - it has grinned.I have drunk juice. It has seemed to me little bit salty, but I have not paid to it attention.- If you do not wish to speak about the Earth, about what? - I when it has extinguished light have asked.- You would marry, if I was not?- No.- Never?- Never.- Why?- I do not know. I was one ten years and did not marry. About it we shall not speak, dear …At me rustled in a head as if I have drunk at least a bottle of wine.- No, we shall be, necessarily we shall. And if I have asked you?- That I married? Bosh, Hari. Anybody is not necessary to me, except for you.It has bent over me. I felt its breath on lips, then it has embraced me so strongly, that invincible drowsiness covering me for an instant has receded.- Tell it in another way.- I love you.Hari has buried the person in my breast, and I have felt, that it cries.- Hari, what with you?- Anything. Anything. Anything, - it repeated all more silently. I tried to open eyes, but they were again closed. I do not remember, how I have fallen asleep.I was woken with red light. The head was as from lead, and a neck motionless, as if all ïîçâîíêè ñğîñëèñü. I could not ïîøåâåëèòü rough, disgusting language, " Perhaps, I have poisoned with something? " - I have thought, with effort lifting a head. I have stretched a hand aside Hari, have come across a cold bedsheet and have jumped.The bed was empty, in a cabin - anybody. Red disks repeated in glasses of reflection of the sun. I have jumped on a floor. Should be, I looked comically because has reeled as drunk. Catching at furniture, has reached a case - in was bathing nobody. In a corridor and in laboratory - too.- Hari!! - I have shouted, costing in the middle of a corridor and randomly swinging hands. - Hari … - were croaked by me once again, already having understood.I do not remember precisely, that then occured. Probably, I ran half-naked on all Station. I remember only, that was even in a refrigerator, and then in the latest warehouse and threshed fists at the closed door. Perhaps, even I was there some times. Ladders roared, I turned around, darting off, again somewhere rushed, have not come to be yet at a transparent board behind which found a way out outside: double áğîíèğîâàííàÿ a door. I banged in it very much and shouted, demanded, that it was a dream. Someone already some time was with me, kept me, somewhere pulled. Then I have appeared in small laboratory, in a shirt, wet from ice water, with ñëèïøèìèñÿ hair, nostrils and language to me burnt spirit, I ïîëóëåæàë, choking, on something cold, metal, and Ñíàóò in the soiled trousers pottered at a locker with medicines, something got, tools and glasses awfully rattled.Suddenly I have seen it before myself. It looked me in the face, close, stooped.- Where it?- It is not present.- But … but Hari …- There is no more Hari, - it has told slowly, expressively, having approached the person to me as though has striked to my blow and now studied its result.- It will return … - I have whispered, closing eyes. And for the first time I am valid it was not afraid. Was not afraid of its illusive returning. I did not understand, how could be afraid of it once.- Bitterns it.It has submitted to me a glass with a warm liquid. I have looked at it and have suddenly splashed out all contents to it to face. It has receded, wiping eyes and when has opened them, I already was above it. It was such small …Is you?- About what you speak?- Do not say lies, you know about what. You spoke it with it then, at night. Also has ordered to it to give me somnolent? … that you with it have made? Speak!!!It searched for something at itself(himself) on a breast, has then got the crumpled envelope. I have seized it. The envelope has been stuck. Outside of any inscription.I have feverishly jerked a paper, the leaf combined four times from within has dropped out. Large, little bit children's letters, rough lines. I have learned handwriting." Favourite, I have asked it about it. It kind. Awfully, that it was necessary to deceive you, but differently it was impossible. Obey it and do not do to itself anything bad is for me. You were very good ".Below there was one çà÷åğêíóòîå a word, I have managed it to read through: "Hari". It has written it, has then covered. There was one more letter, not that X, not that To, too çà÷åğêíóòàÿ. I already have too calmed down to arrange a hysterics, but could not publish any sound, even to moan.- How? - I have whispered. - as?- Then, Calvin. Calm down.- I am quiet. Speak. How?- Àííèãèëÿöèÿ.- How it? In fact the device?! - me as if has thrown.- Device Roshe did not suit. Ñàğòîğèóñ has collected another, special äåñòàáèëèçàòîğ. Small. It operated only in radius of several meters.- What with it? …- Has disappeared. Shine and an impulse of a wind. A weak impulse. It is more than anything.- In small radius, you speak?- Yes. On big there were no materials.On me walls have started to fall. I have closed eyes.- My God … it … will return, will return in fact …- No.- How it is not present?- No, Calvin. You remember that rising foam? From now on do not come back any more.- Is not present more?- No.- You have killed it, - I have told silently.- Yes. And you would not make it? On my place.I have darted off and have started to go all more quickly. From a wall in a corner and back. Nine steps. Turn. Nine steps.Has then stopped before it:- Listen, we shall submit the official report. We shall demand to connect us directly with Advice. It can be made. They will agree. Should. The planet will be excluded from the convention of Four. All means are allowed. We shall deliver generators of an antimatter. You think, there is something, what will resist against an antimatter? Anything is not present! Anything! Anything! - I shouted, blind from tears.- You wish it to destroy? - it has asked, - What for?- Leave. Leave me!- I shall not leave.- Ñíàóò!I looked it in the face. No", - it has shaken a head.- That do you want? That do you want from me?It has approached to a table.- Well. We shall write the official report.I have turned away and have started to go.- Sit down.- Leave me alone.- There are two parties of a question. The first are the facts. The second - our requirements.- It is obligatory to speak about it now?- Yes, now.- I do not want. You understand? Me it does not concern.- Last time we sent the message before death Ãèáàğÿíà. It was more two months ago. We should establish exact process of occurrence …- You will not cease? - I have seized it by a breast.- You can beat me, - it has told, - but I shall speak all the same.I have released it.- Do that you want.- The matter is that Ñàğòîğèóñ will try to hide some facts. I am almost assured of it.- And you are not present?- No. Already is not present. It concerns not only us. You know, about what speech? The ocean has found out reasonable activity. It knows a structure, a microstructure, a metabolism of our organisms …- Perfectly. What have you stopped? Has done on us a series … a series … experiments. Mental âèâèñåêöèè. Leaning on knowledge which has stolen from our goals, not reckoning with to what we aspire.Is any more the facts and at all conclusions, Calvin. These are hypotheses. Somewhat it reckoned with what was wanted with any closed, latent part of our consciousness. It could be gifts …- Gifts! The great sky!I have started to laugh.- Cease! - it has shouted, sufficing me for a hand.I have squeezed its fingers and compressed all of them more strongly, bones have not crackled yet. It looked at me, having blinked eyes. I have released it, have departed in a corner and, costing the person to a wall, have told:- I shall try to not arrange hysterics.- All this is unimportant. What do we offer?- Speak you. I now cannot. It has told something, before? …- No. Anything. I consider, that we will have a chance.- Chance? What chance? On what? - Suddenly I have understood: - Contact? Again contact? It is not enough we still - and you, you, and all this madhouse … Contact? No, no, no. Without me.- Why? - it has asked absolutely easy. - Calvin, you still, and now even are more, than ever, instinctively concern to it, as to the person. You hate it.- And you are not present?- No. Calvin, in fact it blind …- Blind? - it seemed to me, that I have misheard.- Certainly, in our understanding. We do not exist for it, as the friend for the friend. Persons, figures which we see, allow us to learn separate individuals, For it all this transparent glass. It in fact got inside of our brains.- Well, well. But what from this follows? What do you wish to prove? If it can recover, create the person who does not exist outside of my memory, and to make it so, that its eyes, gestures, its voice … a voice …- Speak! Speak further, you hear!!!- I speak … I speak … Yes. So … the voice … from this follows, that it can read in us, as in the book. You understand, what I wish to tell?- Yes. That, if wanted, could understand us.- Certainly. Unless it is not obvious?- No. At all is not present. In fact it could take only the industrial recipe which consists not of words. It is the record which has kept in memory, that is albuminous structure, as a head ñïåğìàòîçîèäà or an egg. In a brain there are no words, feelings, the memoirs of the person is the image which has been written down by language of nucleinic acids on molecular asynchronous crystals. Well it also has taken what was in us is better is etched, is most strongly closed, is most full, most deeply printed, understand? But it should not know at all, that it for us means, what is meaningful. As if we have managed to create ñèììåòğèàäó and have thrown it in ocean, knowing architecture, technology and building materials, but not understanding for what it serves, than it for it is …Is probably, - I have told. - yes, it is possible. In that case it absolutely … can, at all did not wish to crush us and to crumple. Can be. And only it is casual … - At me çàäğîæàëè lips.- Calvin!- Yes, yes. Well. Already everything is all right. You kind. It too. All kind. But what for? Explain to me. What for? For what you have made it? What you to it have told?- The truth.- The truth, the truth! What?- You in fact know. We shall go-êà better to me. We shall write the official report. Have gone.- ïîãîäè. That you all the same want? In fact you are not going to remain at Station? …- Yes, I wish to remain. I want.Old ìèìîèäI sat at the big window and looked in ocean. I did not have any affairs. The official report fulfilled for five days, has turned now to the bunch of waves rushing through emptiness somewhere behind constellation of Orion. Having reached the dark dust fog borrowing volume in eight billions of cubic miles and absorbing rays of light and any other signals, it will encounter the transmitter first in a long circuit. From here, from one ğàäèîáóÿ to another, jumps in length in billions kilometers it will rush on a huge arch while last transmitter, the metal block filled by closely packed exact devices, with the extended muzzle of the directed aerial, will not concentrate its last time and will not throw further in space, to the Earth. Then will pass months, and precisely same bunch of energy behind which it will be pulled áîğîçäà shock deformation of a gravitational field of the Galaxy, sent with the Earth, will reach the beginning of a space cloud, ïğîñêîëüçíåò by it on a necklace freely drifting áóåâ and, strengthened by them, not reducing speed, will rush off to two sun of the Solaris.The ocean under the high red sun was more black, than usually. The red haze alloyed it with the sky. Day was surprisingly stuffy as though foretold one of those exclusively rare and unimaginably furious storms which some times in a year happen on a planet. There were bases to consider, that its unique inhabitant supervises a climate and these storms causes.Some more months I should look from these windows, from height to observe risings white gold and the boring crimson dye, from time to time reflected in any liquid eruption, in a silvery bubble ñèììåòğèàäû, to watch movement bent from a wind harmonous áûñòğåííèêîâ, to meet disappeared, showered ìèìîèäû. In one fine day screens of all âèçèîôîíîâ will be filled with light, all for a long time already dead electronic system of the signal system îæèâåò, started by an impulse sent from distance of hundreds thousand of kilometers, informing about approach of a metal colossus which with a lingering thunder ãğàâèòàòîğîâ will lower above ocean. It will be "Óëèññ", or "ïğîìåòåé", or any other big cruiser of long voyage. The people who have gone down a flat roof of Station on a gangway, will see ranks áğîíèğîâàííûõ, massive automatic devices which do not divide with the person of a fall of man and are so innocent, that carry out each order. Down to utter annihilation of or a barrier which costs at them on a way if so their crystal memory has been programmed. And then the spaseship rises, having overtaken a sound, and only ocean the cone of the roar broken into bass octaves then will reach, and persons of all people for an instant will clear up from an idea, that they come back home.But I do not have house. The Earth? I think about its greater, filled by people, noisy cities in which I shall be lost, I shall disappear almost the same as if have made that wished to make for the second or third night, - to rush to the ocean hard worrying below. I shall sink in people. I shall be silent and close, and it I will be appreciated by comrades. At me will be a lot of familiar, even friends, and the woman, and can, and one woman. Some time I should do effort to smile, exchange bows, rise, carry out thousand trifles of which there is a terrestrial life. Then all will enter into norm. There will be the new interests, new employment, but I shall not be given them all. Anything and anybody never has more. And, perhaps, at night I shall look there where on sky darkness of a dust cloud as the black curtain, detains shine of two sun, and to recollect everything, even that I now think. And still I shall recollect with an indulgent smile in which will be a little bit regrets, but simultaneously and the superiority, my madness and hopes. I at all do not consider myself, that, from the future, worse, than that Calvin who was ready on all for the business, named as Contact. And nobody will have the rights to condemn me.Into a cabin has entered Ñíàóò. It has looked round, has looked at me. I have risen and have approached to a table.- Something is necessary for you?- It seems to me, you pine with idleness, - it has told, blinking. - I could give you some calculations, the truth, it is not urgent …- Thanks, - I have grinned. - it is not required.- You are assured of it? - it has asked, looking in a window.- Yes. I reflected on different things and …- Better you would reflect less.- Ah, you at all do not understand, about what speech. Tell to me, you … trust in the god?It has quickly looked at me.- You that?! Who today trusts … In its eyes the anxiety decayed.Is not so simply, - I have told deliberately easy tone. - I do not mean the traditional god of terrestrial beliefs. I not the expert on religion and, probably, have not thought up anything new … you, casually, do not know, whether there was sometime a belief … in the defective god?- Defective? - it has repeated, lifting eyebrowes. - as it to understand? In the certain sense gods of all religions are defective, for are allocated by the human features only integrated. For example, - the god of the Old testament was thirsting servility and sacrifices by the tyrant envying other gods … the Greek gods because of the scandalousness, family conflicts in not a smaller degree on-ëşäñêè were defective …- No, - I have interrupted åãî.-I speak about the god, whose imperfection is not consequence of naivete of the people who have created it, and represents it ñóùåñòâåííåéøåå immanent property. It should be the god limited in the âñåâåäåíèè and omnipotence which wrongly expects the future of the creations which development predetermined by it the phenomena can frighten. He/she is the god … crippled which wishes always more, than can, and not at once it realizes. It has designed hours, but not time by which they measure. Systems or the mechanisms serving for definite purposes, but they ïåğåğîñëè both have changed these purposes it. Also has created infinity which of a measure of its power what it should be, has turned moderately its boundless defeat.- Once ìàíèõåéñòâî … - has uncertainly started talking Ñíàóò; the constrained suspiciousness from which it addressed to me recently, has disappeared.- But it has no anything the general with ïåğâîğîäñòâîì goods and a harm, - I have interrupted it at once. - this god does not exist outside of a matter and cannot be released from it, it only thirsts it …- I do not know such religion, - it has told, a little having kept silent. - such … it was never necessary. If I have well understood you, and I am afraid, what it so, you think about any ıâîëşöèîíèğóşùåì the god who develops in time and grows, rising on more and more high levels of power, to comprehension of own powerlessness? This your god - the essence which has got into divinity, as in a situation from which there is no output, and having understood it, was betraid to despair. Yes, but the despaired god is in fact the person, my darling. You speak about the person … It not only nasty philosophy, but also nasty mysticism.- No, - I have answered obstinately. - I speak not about the person. Perhaps, it also answers some features to this preliminary definition but only because it has weight of blanks. The person, contrary to visibility, does not put before itself the purposes. They to it are imposed with time in which it was born, it can serve or revolt it against them, but the object of service or revolt is given from the outside. To experience absolute freedom of searches of the purpose, it should remain one, and it is impossible, as the person who has been not brought up among people, cannot become the person. This … mine, it should be an essence which is not having plurals, understand?- And, - it has told, - and as I at once … - and have shown a hand on a window.- No, - I have objected. - it too is not present. It has missed chance to turn to the god, too early having become reserved. It more likely àíàõîğåò, the eremite of space, instead of its god … It repeats, Ñíàóò, and of what I think, never it would make. Can, it just grows up in any corner of the Galaxy and is fast in an impulse of youthful ecstasy will start to extinguish one stars and to light others. After a while we shall notice it …- Have already noticed, - êèñëî has told Ñíàóò. - New and Supernew … your way, it is candles of its altar?- If that I speak, you wish to treat so literally …- And can, the Solaris - a cradle of your divine baby, - has added Ñíàóò. It all ÿâñòâåííåå smiled, and thin ìîğùèíêè have surrounded its eyes. - can, it and is if to rise on your point of view, a germ of the god of despair, can, its vital naivety still considerably exceeds it ğàçóìíîñòü, and all contents of ours ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ libraries - only the big catalogue of its infantile reflexes …- And we during any time were its toys, - I have finished. - yes, it is possible. You know, what it was possible to you? To create absolutely new hypothesis in occasion of the Solaris, and it is valid something! And at once you receive an explanation of impossibility to come into contact, to absence of the answers, certain - we shall name it so - extravagances in manner with us; mentality of the small child …- I refuse authorship, - has muttered stood at window Ñíàóò.Some time we looked at black waves. At east edge of horizon in a fog the pale oblong speck appeared.- Whence at you this concept of the defective god has undertaken? - it has asked suddenly, not tearing off eyes from the desert filled in by light.- I do not know. It has seemed to me very much, very true. He/she is the unique god in whom I would be inclined to believe, whose flour not is expiation, nobody rescues, nothing serves, it simply is.- Ìèìîèä, - it is absolutely silent, any other voice has told Ñíàóò.- What? And, yes. I have already noticed it. It very old. Both of us looked in ïîäåğíóòóş a red haze a distance.- I shall depart, - I have unexpectedly told. - especially I still never left outside, and it is a successful occasion. I shall return in half an hour.- What is? - at Ñíàóòà eyes were approximated. - you Will depart? Where?- There. - I have shown on a block loomed in a fog. - and why would be not present? I Shall take the small helicopter. It would be simply ridiculous, if on the Earth I had to admit sometime, that I, ñîëÿğèñò, have never concerned with a leg of a surface of the Solaris.I have approached to a case and have started to rummage in an overalls. Ñíàóò silently observed of me, has then said:- All this is not pleasant to me.- What? - Holding in hands an overalls, I have turned back. I was captured already for a long time the with not tested excitation. - about what you? Cards on a table! You Are afraid, as though I something … Bosh! I ask a to speak that is not present. I did not think at all of it. No, really is not present.- I shall depart with you.- Thanks, but to me would be desirable one. It something new, something absolutely new, - I spoke quickly, pulling an overalls.Ñíàóò áóáíèë still something, but I not so listened, searching for the things necessary to me. When I put on a survival suit, it has suddenly asked:- Listen, the word still has for you any value?- About My God, Ñíàóò, you all about the same! Has. And I already have given it to you. Where spare cylinders?I have departed from the helicopter on one and a half ten steps and óñåëñÿ on rough, cracked "ground". The black wave has hard crept on coast, was flattened out, became absolutely colorless and was rolled away, having left thin shivering a thread of slime. I have gone down below and have stretched a hand to a following wave. It has immediately repeated that phenomenon which people have seen for the first time almost century back, - was late, has a little receded, has captured my hand, not touching up to it so, that between a surface of a mitten and an internal wall of a deepening which at once has replaced a consistence, becoming elastic, there was a thin layer of air. I have slowly lifted a hand. The wave, is more exact its narrow language, was pulled for it upwards, still surrounding my palm light is dirty-green êîìêîì. I have risen, as could not lift a hand above, the crosspiece of a jellylike substance has strained, as the tense string, but has not torn. The basis of absolutely flattened out wave as if the surprising essence patiently expecting the termination of these researches, has clung to coast around of my legs, also not touching them. It seemed, that the viscous flower which cup has surrounded my fingers has grown from ocean, becoming their exact, only the negative image. I have receded. The stalk çàäğîæàë also has reluctantly returned downwards, elastic, êîëåáëşùèéñÿ, uncertain, the wave has risen, incorporating it in itself, and I have disappeared for îáğåçîì coast. Has repeated this game, and again as hundred years ago, any next wave was indifferently rolled away as if having sated with new impressions. I knew, that it should to wait for awakening of its "curiosity" some hours. I have again sat down, but this show, well-known to me theoretically, something in me has changed. The theory could not, has not managed to replace real sensation.In origin, growth and distribution of this essence, in its each separate movement and in all together there was any cautious, but not a timid naivety. It is passionate, fitfully tried ïîçíàòü, to comprehend the new, unexpectedly met form and midway has been compelled to recede, when there was a necessity to break the mysterious law the established borders. This quick inquisitiveness did not match at all the giant who, sparkling, reached up to the horizon. Never I so did not feel its giant reality, monstrous, absolute silence.Suppressed, stunned, I plunged into, apparently, inaccessible condition of an immovability, all incorporated to this liquid blind colossus and without the slightest violence over self, without words more promptly, without a uniform idea forgave to it all.All last week I behaved so judiciously, that mistrustful sight Ñíàóòà has ceased to pursue me. Íàğóæíî I was quiet, but at heart, not giving itself in it of the report, something expected. That? Its returnings? How I could? I for a second did not trust, that this liquid giant who has prepared in itself for destruction to many hundreds people to which all my race vainly tried to stretch tens years even íèòî÷êó understanding, that it lifting me as a mote, at all not noticing it, it will be touched tragedy of two people. But in fact its actions have been directed to any purpose. However, I even in it up to the end have not been assured. But to leave - meant to refuse it èñ÷åçàşùå small, maybe, only in imagination of existing chance which was hidden with the future. So, year among subjects, things which both of us touched, remembering still our breath? In the name of what? Hopes for its returning? I did not have a hope. But there lived in me expectation, the last, that at me remains from it. What ñâåğøåíèé, the mockeries, I still expected what flours? I do not know. But I firmly trusted that has not passed time of awful miracles.Zakopane, June 1959 - June 1960

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