Solaris Book 1 Stanislaw Lem Tarkovski

Thursday, March 08, 2007

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The Solaris Stanislaw Lem Stanislav Lem 's novel " Solaris " - a masterpiece of a genre of science fiction in which the writer has foreseen the main problem of our civilization: huge break between the highest level of a scientific both technical idea and moral development of the person. What prepare us for the future meetings with other worlds? What are capable to bring it even best of us? The heroes of the novel who has come into contact reasonable essences of other world try to find answers to these questions.Stanislav Lem"Solaris"ArrivalIn nineteen zero-zero of onboard time I have gone down on metal ñòóïåíüêàì inside of the container. In it places were equal so much to lift elbows. I have inserted a tip of a hose into the union acting from a wall, the survival suit was inflated, and I could not make more the slightest movement. I stood, sat more truly, in air to a box, making a single whole with a metal shell.Having lifted eyes, I have seen through convex glass of a wall of a well and above the person ñêëîíèâøåãîñÿ above it Ìîääàğäà. Then the person has disappeared and became dark is above have closed a heavy safety cone. Squeak of air in shock-absorbers was heard âîñüìèêğàòíî the repeated singing of electromotors which held out bolts, then. Eyes got used to darkness. I already saw a greenish contour of the universal index.- It is ready, Calvin? - it was distributed in headphones.- It is ready, Ìîääàğä. - I have answered.- Do not worry about what. Station you signs, - it has told. - happy journey!To answer I was not in time - something above has begun to grind, and the container has shuddered. Instinctively I have strained muscles. But more nothing happens.- When start? - I have asked and have heard noise as though kernels of the smallest sand were strewed on a membrane.- Already you fly, Calvin. Be healthy! - close voice Ìîääàğäà has answered.Before I as follow it have realized, is direct against my person the wide crack through which I have seen stars has opened. Vainly I tried to find Alpha âîäîëåÿ to which departed "ïğîìåòåé". This area of the Galaxy to me was absolutely unknown. In a narrow window flashed èñêğÿùàÿñÿ a dust. I have understood, that I am in the top layers of an atmosphere. Motionless, imposed by pneumatic pillows, I could look only before myself. I flied and flied, is perfect it not feeling, only felt, how gradually my body is covered artfully with a heat. The observation port was filled with red light. I heard hard blows of own pulse, the person burned, the neck was tickled with a cool jet from êëèìàòèçàòîğà. I have regretted, that I did not manage to see "ïğîìåòåé" - when automatic devices have opened an observation port, it, probably, was already outside visibility.The container has roared time, another, then its case has started to vibrate. This intolerable shiver has passed through all isolating environments, through air pillows and has got into depth of my body. The greenish contour of the index was smeared. I did not feel fear. Not for the same I flied to such distance to be lost at the purpose.- Station the Solaris, - has said I. - station the Solaris. Station the Solaris! Make something. It seems, I lose stabilization. Station the Solaris, I Calvin. Reception.I have missed an important point of occurrence of a planet. It was spread, huge, flat; on the size of strips on its surface I have oriented, that I am still far. To be exact, highly, because passed already that invisible border after which the distance up to a heavenly body becomes height. I fell and felt it now, even closed eyes.Having waited some seconds, I have repeated a call. And again has not received the answer. In headphones volleys the crash of atmospheric categories repeated. Their background was noise, deep and low. It seemed, it was a voice of the planet. The orange sky in an observation port has swum away a cataract. Glass has darkened. I was instinctively compressed, pneumatic bandages have how much allowed, but next second has understood, that it is clouds. They were born by an avalanche upwards. I continued to plan, blinded by the sun, in a shadow. The container rotated around of a vertical axis, and huge as though the swelled, solar disk in regular intervals floated by my person, appearing with left and leaving in the right party. Suddenly through noise and a crash directly in an ear the far voice has rushed.- Station the Solaris - to Calvin, Station the Solaris - to Calvin. Everything is all right. You under the control of Station. Station the Solaris - to Calvin. To prepare for landing during the moment zero. Attention, we begin. Two hundred fifty, two hundred forty nine, two hundred forty eight …Separate words of drop, as peas, precisely being separated from each other; similar, that spoke the automatic device. Strange. Usually, when somebody arrives new, moreover from the Earth, everyone who can, run on an airfield.However time for reflections was not. The huge ring outlined around of me by the sun, has suddenly reared together with the plain, flying to me towards. Then the roll has changed in other party. I dangled, as a cargo of a huge pendulum. On a surface of a planet rising by a wall, èñ÷åğ÷åííîé is dirty-lilac and brown strips, I have seen, struggling with dizziness, white-green chess êâàäğàòèêè - a recognition symbol of Station. In it the moment from top of the container with a crash has come off a long collar of a ring parachute which it is loud çàøåëåñòåë. In this sound there was something inexpressiblly terrestrial - the first, after ñòîëüêèõ months, noise of the present wind.The further occured very quickly. Till now I only knew, that I fall. Now I have seen it. The white-green chess field promptly grew. It was already visible, that it is drawn on extended, êèòîâèäíîì the ñåğåáğèñòî-shining case with needles of radar installations acting on sides, with numbers of more dark window apertures, that this metal giant does not lay on a surface of a planet, and hangs above it, dragging on a ÷åğíèëüíî-black background the shadow - an elliptic spot of deeper blackness. Simultaneously I have noticed ïîäåğíóòûå violet äûìêîé is lazy rolled waves of ocean. Then clouds send away highly upwards, captured on edges dazzling purple, the sky between them was far and flat, áóğî-orange. In an observation port an ocean worrying up to the most smoky horizon has begun to sparkle mercury shine, cables and rings of a parachute were instantly separated and have departed above waves, óíîñèìûå a wind, and the container has started to be shaken softly by special free movements as it happens usually in an artificial power floor and has failed downwards. The last, that I have seen, there were huge trellised catapults and two several floors rising, probably, on height, openwork mirrors of radiotelescopes.Something has stopped the container, was distributed became shrill a gnash, is elastic hit about steel, something has opened under me, and with a long puffing sigh a metal shell in which I sticked out having straightened, has finished the ñòîâîñüìèäåñÿòèêèëîìåòğîâîå travel.- Station the Solaris. A zero-zero. Landing is ended. The end, - I have heard a dead voice of the control automatic device.Both hands (I felt not clear pressure upon a breast, and interiors were felt as a unnecessary cargo) I have undertaken handles and have switched off contacts, there Was a green inscription - the "Earth", walls of the container dispatch, pneumatic to a box ëåãîíüêî has pushed me in a back, and, to not fall, I have been compelled to make a step forward.With the silent hissing similar to the disappointed sigh, air has left an environment of a survival suit. I was free.I stood under huge silvery âîğîíêîé. On walls bunches of color pipes went down, disappearing in round wells. Ventilating mines hummed, involving the rests of a poisonous atmosphere of a planet which has intruded here during landing. Empty as the bursted cocoon, the cigar of the container stood at the bottom âğåçàííîé in a steel hill of a bowl. Its external covering has scorched and became is rather dirty-brown. I have made some steps on small inclined descent. Further metal has been covered by a layer of rough plastic. In those places where usually passed carriages of lifts of rockets, plastic was wiped and through it naked steel appeared.Compressors of fans have stopped, there has come full silence. I have looked round, a little helplessly, expecting occurrence of any person, but nobody came. Only the neon arrow showed on silently moving tape conveyor. I have risen on its platform.The arch of a hall a graceful parabola fell downwards, passing in a pipe of a corridor. In its niches heaps of cylinders for the compressed gases, containers, ring parachutes, boxes towered - all has been fallen down in the disorder, anyhow. It has surprised me. The conveyor has terminated at îêğóãëîãî the expanded corridor. The even greater disorder Here dominated. From under a heap tin áàíîê the pool of an oily liquid spread. The unpleasant strong smell filled air. To the different parties there were traces a boot, precisely printed and this liquid. Between tins, as though âûìåòåííûìè from cabins, coils of a white cable tape, ìÿòûå sheets of a paper and dust rolled. The green index also has again lighted up, directing me to an average door. For it there was a corridor, such narrow, that and it two persons hardly probable could miss. Light fell from windows leaving in the sky with ÷å÷åâèöåîáğàçíûìè glasses. One more door painted in white and green êâàäğàòèêè. It has been slightly opened. I have entered inside.The semicircular cabin had one big panoramic window. In it burned tightened äûìêîé the sky. Below brown hills of waves were silently rolled. In walls there were many open lockers. Them tools filled, books, bottles with çàñîõøèì a deposit, dusty thermoses. On dirty to a floor there were five or six mechanical mobile little tables, between them some armchairs, shapeless as from them air has been let out. Only one was íàäóòî. In it the small exhausted person with the person burnt by the sun sat. The leather pieces climbed down at it from a nose and cheeks. I have learned it. It was Ñíàóò, assistant Gibarjana, êèáåğíåòèê. In due time it has printed a little bit absolutely original clauses in ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîì the almanac. Earlier I did not see it. On it there was a shirt-grid through which cells sticked out gray-haired âîëîñêè, grown on a flat breast, and once the white, soiled in a lap, burnt linen trousers soiled in a lap by reactants with numerous pockets. In a hand it held a plastic pear from what drink on the spacecrafts deprived of artificial gravitation. It has looked at me, as though amazed by dazzling light. The pear has dropped out of its weakened fingers and has begun to jump on a floor, as a ball. From it the transparent liquid has poured out a little. Gradually all blood has rushed back from its person. I have been too amazed to tell, and this silent stage proceeded until to me any not clear way did not transfer its fear.I have made a step. It has writhed in an armchair.- Ñíàóò, - I have whispered.It has shuddered, as though it have struck. Looking at me with indescribable disgust, has croaked:- I do not know you, I do not know you that you want? …The poured liquid quickly evaporated. I have felt a smell of alcohol. It drank? Was drunk? But why it so was afraid? I still stood in the middle of a cabin. Legs at me have become soft, and ears were as though are stopped up by cotton wool. Under legs I perceived pressure of a floor as something not absolutely reliable. Behind the curved glass of a window ìåğíî the ocean changed.Ñíàóò did not lower from me the eyes poured by blood. The fear left from its person, but inexpressible disgust has not disappeared from it.- What with you? … - it has told silently. - aha. You will care, yes? But why about me? I do not know you.- Where Ãèáàğÿí? - I have asked.For a second Ñíàóò has lost breath. Its eyes again became glass. In them any spark has flashed and has immediately died away.- Ãè … Ãèáà … - it has uttered indistinctly. - is not present!!!It has begun to shake in silent idiotic laughter and has calmed down.- You have come to Ãèáàğÿíó? Is it has been told almost easy. - to Ãèáàğÿíó? What do you wish to do with it?It looked at me as if I have ceased to be for it dangerous. In its words, and it is even more in tone there was something íåíàâèäÿùå-offensive.- What do you fence? … - I dumbfounded have murmured. - where it?It was dumbfounded:- You do not know? …" It is drunk, - I have thought, - is drunk up to diminished responsibility ". I was captured with growing anger. I, certainly, needed to leave, but my patience has bursted.- Come in itself, - I have shouted. - whence I can know it if has just arrived! What with you it is done, Ñíàóò?!!At it the jaw has fallen off. It again for an instant has choked. Fast shine has appeared in its eyes, Shivering hands it has seized handles of an armchair and hardly so joints have cracked, has risen.- What? - it has told, sobering on eyes. - has arrived? Whence has arrived?- From the Earth, - I have answered angrily. - can, you heard about it? Similar, that is not present!- With Çå … the Great sky! … so you are Calvin?- Yes. What you so look? What in it surprising?- Anything, - it has answered, quickly blinking ãëàçàìè.-Anything.It ïîòåğ a forehead.- Excuse me, Calvin. It so, you know, it is simple from suddenness. Did not expect.- How did not expect? In fact you have received the message several months ago, and Ìîääàğä wired once again today from board "ïğîìåòåÿ" …- Yes. Yes … certainly, only, whether you see, here at us some … the disorder …- I see, - I have told chilly. - it is difficult to not see it.Ñíàóò has bypassed around of me, examining my survival suit, the most usual survival suit on light with a harness of wires and cables on a breast. Has some times cleared the throat. Has touched the bony nose.- Can, you wish to take a bath? … it will freshen you. Blue doors on the opposite party.- Thanks. I know a lay-out of Station.- Can, you are hungry? …- No. Where Ãèáàğÿí?It has approached to a window as if did not hear my question. From a back it looked is much more senior. Shortly îñòğèæåííûå hair were gray-haired, a neck burnt by the sun èññå÷åíà by wrinkles, deep, as scars. Behind a window huge ridges of waves as though the ocean stiffened gleamed. When you look there, there is an impression, that the Station moves a few side, as though sliding off with the invisible basis. Then it came back in normal position and again, is lazy bending, went to other party. But it, obviously, was an optical illusion. Õëîïüÿ mucous foam of color of blood gathered in failures between waves. In an instant I have felt a nausea.- Listen … - has unexpectedly begun Ñíàóò. - While only I … - It has turned back. Nervously ïîòåğ hands. - you should be content with my society. While. Name me Õîğåê. You know me only on a photo, but it of anything, so everyone name me. I am afraid, that here there's nothing to be done.- Where Ãèáàğÿí? - I have obstinately asked.It has begun to blink.- It is very a pity to me, that I so have accepted you. It … not only washing wines. Has absolutely forgotten, here has occured so much, you know …- Yes throw, everything is all right, - I have answered. - Leave it. So all the same with Ãèáàğÿíîì? It is not present at Station? It somewhere has departed?- No, - has answered Ñíàóò, looking in a corner forced by coils of a cable. - it has not departed anywhere. Also will not depart. Because it …- What? - I have asked. At me again as though has put in pawn ears, and I began to hear is worse. - that you wish to tell? Where it?- You already know, - have told Ñíàóò absolutely other tone.It coldly looked to me and eyes. On a leather at me have run ìóğàøêè. Perhaps, Ñíàóò also was drunk, but it knew, that speaks.- But in fact has not occured? …- Has occured.- Accident?It has noded. It not only assented, but simultaneously studied my reaction.- When?- Today in the morning.Surprising business, I have not felt a shock. All this exchange of terse questions and answers has calmed me, perhaps, the efficiency. It seemed to me, that I already understand behaviour Ñíàóòà.- How it happens?- Be arranged, disassemble things and come back here … Well, say, in an hour.Instant I changed.- Well.- Wait, - has told Ñíàóò when I have turned to doors. It looked at me somehow in an especial way. It was visible, that it cannot squeeze out from itself(himself) in any way that wishes to tell.- Us was three, and now with you again three. You know Ñàğòîğèóñà?- The same as you. On a photo.- It in laboratory, above, also I do not think, that it has left therefrom till the night, but … anyway you learn it. If you will see somebody another, you understand, not me and not Ñàğòîğèóñà, you understand, …- That that?It seemed to me, that I dream of all. On a background of black waves, êğîâàâî gleaming under the low sun, it sat in an armchair with the lowered head and looked in a corner of the winded cable.- That … do not do anything.- Whom can I see? A ghost?! - I have blown up.- I understand. You think, I have gone mad. Still is not present. I can not tell to you in another way while … Eventually, can, anything and does not happen. Anyway remember. I warn you.- From what? About what you speak?- Be self-controlled, - it obstinately spoke the . - act as if … Be ready to all. It is impossible, I know. But you try. It is a unique output. I do not know another.- But what I shall see? - I, probably, have shouted it. I was hardly kept to not seize Ñíàóòà by shoulders and to not stir up it as follows, that it did not sit here so, having stared in a corner, with the exhausted, burnt sun the person, with visible effort squeezing out from itself(himself) by one word.- I do not know. Somewhat it depends on you.- Hallucinations?- No. It is real. Not … attack. Remember.- What do you speak?! - I did not learn the voice.- We not on the Earth.- ïîëèòåğèÿ. But in fact it is absolutely unlike people! - I did not know how to pull out it from this nightmare, whence it, appear, found nonsense, chilling blood.- Because it so is terrible, - it has told silently. - remember - be on the alert!- What happens with Ãèáàğÿíîì?It did not answer.- What does Ñàğòîğèóñ?- Come in an hour.I have turned away and have left. Opening doors, has looked on Ñíàóòà once again. It sat having bent, having closed the person hands. Only now I have seen, that êîñòÿøêè fingers at it are covered by the baked blood.ÑîëÿğèñòûThe round corridor was empty. An instant I faced to the closed door, listening. Walls, likely, were thin, crying a wind outside got. On a door, a little obliquely, carelessly attached rectangular piece of a plaster with a pencil inscription "Person" hung. Illegibly scratched word has caused in me desire to return to Ñíàóòó, but I have understood, that it is impossible.Ridiculous caution still sounded in ears. Silently, as though unconsciously disappearing from the invisible observer, I have returned to a round premise with five doors. On three of them tablets hung: "Dr. Gibarjan", "Dr. Snaut", "Dr. Sartorius". On the fourth - tablets were not. Having hesitated for a time, I have pressed the handle. While the door slowly opened, I had a sensation adjoining with confidence, that in a room someone is. I have entered inside.In a room nobody was. The convex window looked in ocean which fatly shone under the sun as though from waves red oil flew down. Purple îòáëåñê filled a room similar to a ship cabin. Its one wall had shelfs with books, between them the bed attached vertically in êàğäàííîé to a suspension bracket. Between them in the nickelized frameworks pictures of a planet. In metal captures flasks and the test tubes which have been stopped up by cotton wool sticked out. Under a window in two of some there were enameled boxes with tools. In corners of a room - cranes, a flueblock, refrigerating machineries, on a floor there was a microscope, for it any more there was no place on the big table at a window.I have turned back and have seen about an entrance door a case reaching a ceiling with the open doors. In it there was overalls, working and protective dressing gownes, on shelfs - linen, between tops ïğîòèâîğàäèàöèàííûõ a boot aluminium cylinders for portable oxygen devices gleamed. Two devices with masks hung on a hand-rail of the lifted bed. Everywhere the same somehow ordered chaos.I have involved air and have felt a weak smell of chemical reactants. Has mechanically looked eyes for ventilating lattices. The strips of a paper attached to them ëåãîíüêî changed, showing, that compressors work, supporting a normal exchange of air. I have transferred books, devices and tools from two armchairs to corners, have stuffed all this anyhow, and around of bed, between a case and shelfs, rather empty space was formed. Has then tightened a hanger to hang up on it a survival suit, and has already undertaken for çàìêè-"lightnings", but there and then them has released. I could not in any way dare to remove a survival suit as though from it would become defenceless. Once again I have glanced over a room. The door has been densely closed, but the lock in it was not, and after short fluctuation I have secured by its two heaviest boxes.Having barricaded so, I was released from the heavy creaking environment. The narrow mirror reflected a part of a room in an internal surface of a case. A corner of an eye I have noticed any movement, have jumped, but have there and then understood, that this my own reflection. An overalls under a survival suit ïğîïîòåë. I have dumped it and have pushed a case. It has driven off aside, and in a niche behind it walls of a tiny bathroom have begun to shine. On a floor under a shower laid enough the big flat box which I have hardly dragged in a room. When I put it on a floor, the cover has jumped aside, as on a spring, and I have seen the branches filled by strange subjects. The box was full of terribly spoiled tools from the dark metal, a little similar to what laid in cases. All of them did not suit anywhere, shapeless, braided, melted off. As if born from a fire. The most surprising was that damages of the same character were even on êåğàìèòîâûõ, that is practically not ïëàâÿùèõñÿ handles. In one laboratory furnace it was impossible to receive temperature, at which they ïëàâèëèñü, unless inside of a nuclear boiler. I have got a portable dosimeter from a pocket of my survival suit, but the black buzzer was silent, when I have approached it to fragments.On me there were only bathing cowards and a shirt-grid. I have thrown off them on a floor and have gone under a shower. Water has brought simplification. I was bent under streams of firm hot jets, massed a body, sniffed and did all this somehow ïğåóâåëè÷åííî as though wished to etch from itself this terrible uncertainty filled by suspicions which have captured Station.I have found an easy training suit which could be carried under a survival suit in a case, have shifted all modest property in a pocket. Between sheets of a notebook I have groped something firm, it was any miracle the key which has got here from my terrestrial habitation. I have turned it in hands, not knowing, that with it to do, have then put on a table. To me has occurred what not bad to have what íèáóäü the weapon. The universal penknife was poorly suitable for this purpose, but anything else at me was not, and I have not reached yet such condition to search for any nuclear radiator or something in this sort. I óñåëñÿ on a metal stool which stood in the middle of empty space, in a distance from all things. I would like ïîáûòü one. With pleasure I have noted, that I have still half an hour of time. Arrows on äâàäöàòè÷åòûğåõ÷àñîâîì a dial showed seven. The sun came. Seven hours of local time, mean, twenty hours onboard "ïğîìåòåÿ". On screens Moddarda the Solaris, likely, has already decreased till the sizes of a sparkle and nothing differed from stars. But what I concern to "ïğîìåòåş"? I have closed eyes. The full silence reigned, only in bathing drops of water silently fell on a tile.Ãèáàğÿí it is dead. If I have well understood Ñíàóòà, from the moment of its death have passed all some hours.What have made with its body? Have buried? However, here, on the Solaris, it to make it is impossible. I considered this some time as if the destiny dead was so is important. Having understood senselessness of similar reflections, I have risen and have started to pace the room, striking durable randomly scattered books. Has then lifted from a floor a flask from dark glass, such easy as though it has been made of a paper. Has looked through it in a window, in gloomy burning, last beams of a decline tightened by a dirty fog. What with me? Why I am engaged in any nonsenses, any unnecessary nonsense?I have shuddered - çàæåãñÿ light. Obviously, photo cells have reacted to coming twilight. I was full of expectation, the pressure accrued up to such degree, that I could not feel behind myself empty space any more. With it it was necessary to finish.I have moved up an armchair to shelfs, have taken well-known to me the second volume of old monography Õüşãà and İãëà " History of the Solaris " and the beginnings it to look through, ïîäïåğåâ thick rigid reliure by a knee.The Solaris has been opened almost for hundred years before I was born. The planet addresses around of two sun - red and blue. During forty with superfluous years to it any spacecraft did not come nearer. At that time theory Ãàìîâà - Øåïëè about impossibility of origin of a life on planets of double stars did not cause doubts. Orbits of such planets continuously change because of inconstancy of forces of the attraction caused by the mutual reference of two sun.Arising change of a gravitational field reduce or stretch an orbit of a planet, and germs of a life if they will arise, will be destroyed by destructive heat or a space cold. These changes occur on a regular basis through some millions years, that is in astronomical or biological scale for very short time intervals as evolution demands hundreds millions if not billions years.The Solaris, by estimation, should come nearer for five hundred thousand years on distance of half of astronomical unit to the red sun, and through one million years falls in its heated chasm. However in some years it was found out, that the orbit of a planet is not exposed to expected changes as though it was a constant, same constant as orbits of planets of our solar system.Have been repeated, this time with the greatest possible accuracy, supervision and calculations which have only confirmed that was already known: the Solaris has a constant orbit. And if before the Solaris was only one of several hundreds annually opened planets to which in statistical collections it was given on íåñêîëüêó the lines describing elements of their movement now it has immediately passed in a rank of a heavenly body, worthy most steadfast attention.In four years after that opening a planet were flown with expedition Îòòåíøåëüäà which the Solaris with "Ëàîêîîíà" and studied two auxiliary êîñìîëåòîâ. This expedition was characterized by preliminary investigation as land on a planet it could not. Scientists have started a plenty of automatic satellites-observers into equatorial and polar orbits. The main task for satellites was measurement of gravitational potentials. Besides the ocean almost entirely covering a planet, and not numerous plateaus towering above its surface have been investigated. Their total area has appeared less, than territory of the Europe though the Solaris had diameter for twenty percent more terrestrial. These ëîñêóòêè the rocky and deserted land, scattered anyhow, have accumulated mainly in a southern hemisphere. Also the structure of the atmosphere, deprived oxygen has been certain, and extremely exact measurements of density of a planet, àëüáåäî and other astronomical parameters are made. As well as it was supposed, it has not been found any traces of a life neither on pity scraps of a land, nor in ocean.Within the further ten years the Solaris who is already being the center of attention of all observers of this area, showed the amazing tendency to preservation of the, outside of any doubts, ãğàâèòàöèîííî an astable orbit. Some time has put ïàõëî scandal, as fault for such results of supervision tried to assign (in cares of the blessing of a science) that to the certain people on computers which they used.Absence of means has detained sending special ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîé expeditions for three years, down to that moment when Øåííîí, completed a command, has received from institute three space ships of the tonnage "With" êîñìîäğîìíîãî a class. For one and a half year before arrival of expedition which has taken off from Alpha âîäîëåÿ, other research group on behalf of Institute has deduced on îêîëîñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêóş an orbit automatic ñàòåëëîèä "Ëóíà-247". This ñàòåëëîèä after three consecutive reconstruction separated from each other in tens of years, works about one today. Data whom it has collected, have finally confirmed conclusions of expedition Îòòåíøåëüäà about active character of movement of ocean.One êîñìîëåò Øåííîíà has remained in a distant orbit, others two preliminary preparations have sat down on a rocky scrap of a land which borrows about six hundred square miles from South Pole of a planet. Work of expedition has ended in eighteen months and has passed very successfully, except for one accident caused by malfunction of the equipment. However scientific expeditions have broken up into two conflicting camps. A subject of dispute became ocean. On the basis of analyses it has been recognized by an organic matter (to name its alive still nobody was solved). But if biologists saw in it an organism rather primitive, something like one is monstrous ğàçğîñøåéñÿ a liquid cell (they named it " ïğåáèîëîãè÷åñêàÿ a formation ") which has surrounded all planet with a jellylike environment, places depth in some miles astronomers and physicists approved, that it should be extremely âûñîêîîğãàíèçîâàííàÿ the structure which complexity of the structure surpasses terrestrial organisms, so far as it in a condition actively to influence the form of a planetary orbit. Any other reason explaining stabilization of the Solaris, it has not been opened. Besides ïëàíåòîôèçèêè have established communication between the certain processes occuring at plasma ocean, and local fluctuations of gravitational potential which depend on " modifications of an oceanic matter ".Thus, physicists, instead of biologists have put forward the paradoxical formulation " the plasma machine ", meaning an essence, in our understanding, probably, and lifeless, but capable to purposeful actions in astronomical scale.In this dispute which as the whirlwind, has involved within several weeks all outstanding authorities, doctrine Ãàìîâà - Øåïëè has reeled for the first time for eighty years.Its some time still tried to protect, approving, that the ocean of the general with a life has no anything, that it at all is not formation ïàğà-or ïğåáèîëîãè÷åñêèì, and only a geological formation, most likely, unusual, but an orbit of the Solaris capable only to stabilization by means of change of a gravity: thus referred to law Ëå Øàòåëüå.Counter to conservatism there were other hypotheses (for example, one of the most developed, hypothesis ÷èâèòà-âèòòû). According to these hypotheses the ocean grows out dialectic development: from the initial condition, from ïğàîêåàíà - a solution of poorly reacting chemical substances it has managed under influence of external conditions (that is changes of an orbit menacing to its existence), passing all terrestrial steps of development, passing formation îäíî-and metaphytes, evolution of plants and animals to jump at once in a stage "ãîìåîñòàòè÷åñêîãî" ocean. In other words, - it did not adapt, as terrestrial organisms, during hundreds millions years to conditions of environment that only through such long time to give rise to reasonable race, but became the owner of environment at once.It was rather original, but nobody knew, how the jellylike syrup can stabilize an orbit of a heavenly body. Already for a long time were known ãğàâèòàòîğû - the installations creating artificial power and gravitational fields. But nobody imagined, how what that shapeless jelly can achieve result which in ãğàâèòàòîğàõ was reached by means of complex nuclear reactions and heats. In newspapers which, to pleasure of readers and indignation of scientists, " secrets of the Solaris " choked then the most ridiculous fictions on a theme, for example, wrote, that the planetary ocean is … the distant relative terrestrial electric óãğåé.As have shown researches, the ocean operated at all by that principle which was used in ours ãğàâèòàòîğàõ (however, it was impossible). It directly modelled a curve of space-time that led, say, to deviations in change of time on the same meridian of a planet. Hence, the ocean not only imagined, but also could (that it is impossible to tell about us) to use conclusions of the theory of Einstein-Áîâè.When it became known, in the scientific world there was one of the strongest storms of our century. The most honourable everywhere recognized unshakable theory were scattered in a dust, and to the scientific literature there were absolutely heretical clauses, alternative " ingenious ocean " or " gravitational jelly " has inflamed minds.All this occured many years prior to my birth. When I went to school, the Solaris in connection with the facts established later has been recognized by a planet which is allocated by a life, but has only one inhabitant.Second volume Õüşãà and İãëà which I looked through absolutely mechanically, began with systematization, so original, however and amusing. The classification table represented by way of turn: type - ïîëèòåğèÿ, a class - the Metamorph, group - Ñèíöèòàëèÿ. As if we knew the god a message how many copies of this kind whereas actually there was only one, the truth, weight in seventeen millions tons.Under fingers at me color diagrams, drawings, analyses, spectrograms rustled. The more I went deep into the shabby volume, the more than mathematical formulas flashed on ìåëîâàííûõ pages. It was possible to think, that our data on this representative of a class of the Metamorph which laid hidden by darkness of night in several meters under the steel bottom of station, are settling.I with a crash have put weighty volume on a shelf and have taken following. It shared on two parts. The first has been devoted to a statement of experimental reports of uncountable experiences which purpose was an establishment of contact to ocean. This establishment of contact is a source of infinite jokes, sneers and acuteness in my student's years. The medieval scholasticism seem transparent, sparkling true in comparison with that jungle which were generated with this problem.The first attempts of an establishment of contact have been undertaken by means of the special electronic devices transforming impulses, sent in both sides, and the ocean accepted active participation in work of these devices. But all this was done in full darkness. What meant - took part? The ocean modified some elements of the installations shipped in it therefore the written down rhythms of impulses changed, registering devices fixed set of the signals similar on îáğûâêè of huge calculations of the maximum analysis. But what all this meant? Perhaps, it were data on an instant condition of excitation of ocean? The reflections of terrestrial trues of this ocean Perhaps, shifted on unknown electronic language? Perhaps, its works of art? Perhaps, the impulses causing occurrence of its huge formations, arise somewhere in one thousand miles from the researcher? Who could know it, so far as it was not possible to receive twice identical reaction to the same signal! If once the answer was the whole explosion of the impulses which nearly have not destroyed devices, and another - deaf silence! If no research could be repeated!All time seemed, that we cost on a step from decoding continuously increasing sea of records; specially for this purpose electronic brains with such ability to process the information of what was not demanded till now with any problem were under construction. Really, the certain results have been reached. The ocean - - spoke a source of electric, magnetic, gravitational impulses as though language of mathematics; some types of its electric categories could be classified, using the most abstract methods of the terrestrial analysis, the theory of sets, it was possible to allocate ãîìîëîãè the structures known from that section physicists which is engaged in finding-out of interrelation of energy and a matter, final and infinite sizes, particles and fields. All this declined scientists to a conclusion, that before them a conceiving essence, something like ãèãàíòñêè ğàçğîñøåãîñÿ, covered the whole planet ïğîòîïëàçìåííîãî the sea-brain which wastes time on unnatural on the scope theoretical researches of an essence all existing, and that our devices snatch out, makes only torn off, casually overheard îáğûâêè it proceeding eternally in depths of ocean, our understanding developing everyone opportunity, a huge monologue.One regarded such hypotheses as expression of neglect to human opportunities, as a worship for something that we yet do not understand but that it is possible to understand as revival of the old doctrine " ignoramus et ignorabimus " (we do not know and we do not learn). Others considered, that it is harmful and fruitless fables, that in hypotheses of mathematicians the mythology of our time seeing in a huge brain is shown - is indifferent, electronic or plasma - the highest purpose of existence - a result of life.Others still … but researchers and theories were legions. However, except for " an establishment of contact " there were also other problems … there Were branches ñîëÿğèñòèêè into which specialization has come so far, especially during last quarter of century, that ñîëÿğèñò-êèáåğíåòèê could not understand ñîëÿğèñòà-ñèììåòğèàäîëîãà almost. " As you can understand ocean if any more in a condition to understand each other? " - has asked once playfully Âåéáåê which was in my student's years director of Institute. In this joke was a lot of truth.Nevertheless the ocean was not casual is carried to a class of the Metamorph. Its wavy surface could give rise to the most various, on what terrestrial not to similar forms, and the purpose - adaptive, cognitive or any other - these sometimes rather rough eruptions of plasma weight was the uttermost riddle.Having put heavy volume on a place, I have thought, that our data on the Solaris, filling libraries, are a useless ballast and a cemetery of the facts and that we are trambled down on the same place where have started them to heap up seventy eight years ago. More precisely, the situation was much worse, because work of all these years has appeared vain.That we knew for certain, concerned only to area of denying. The ocean did not use mechanisms and did not build them though in the certain circumstances, probably, was capable to it. So, it made multiple copies parts of some devices shipped in it, but did it only in the first and second years of research works, and then ignored all our persistently renewed attempts as though has lost any interest to our hardware devices (and consequently, and to them). The ocean did not possess - I continue transfer of ours of " negative data " - any nervous system, neither cells, nor the structures reminding fiber; not always reacted to irritations, even íàèìîùíåéøèå (so, for example, it completely ignored accident of an auxiliary rocket of second expedition Ãåçå which has failed from height three hundred kilometers on a surface of a planet, having destroyed explosion of the nuclear engines plasma in radius of one and a half miles).Gradually in scientific circles " operation the Solaris " has started to sound as " operation lost ", especially in spheres of scientific administration of Institute where last years the voices demanding the termination of grants for the further researches were even more often distributed. Till now anybody to speak about full liquidation of station did not dare, it would be too obvious recognition of defeat. However, the some people in private conversations spoke, that everything, that it is necessary for us, this most "honourable" elimination from " swindles the Solaris ".For many, however, especially young, this "swindle" gradually became something like a touchstone of own value. " In effect, - they spoke, - studying ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîé civilizations is a question of the rate of much greater, than, a question of ourselves, about border of human knowledge ".During some time the opinion (assiduously distributed by daily press) was popular, that the conceiving Ocean which is washed by all Solaris, is the huge brain which has overtaken our civilization in the development on millions of years that is any " space yogas ", a wise man, îëèöåòâîğåíèå pansophies which already for a long time has understood uselessness of any activity and consequently keeps (in relation to us) categorical silence.It was simply the lie because the alive ocean operated, and still as, only according to others, than human, representations, not building neither cities, nor bridges, flying machines, not trying also to win space or to step over it (in what some defenders of the superiority of the person at any cost saw an invaluable trump for us), but being engaged but thousandfold transformations - " an ontologic autometamorphosis ", - that-that, and scientific terms sufficed on pages ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêèõ works.On the other hand, at the person who is persistently getting a grasp in every possible ñîëÿğèàíû, the impression, that before it fragments of intellectual designs, probably ingenious, mixed without any system with fruits of full idiocy adjoining on madness was made. As an antithesis of the concept about "ocean-yoga" the idea on "ocean-moron" from here has grown. These hypotheses have lifted from a coffin and have recovered one of the oldest philosophical problems - mutual relations of a matter and spirit, consciousness. The greater boldness that the first - as äå Õààğò - to attribute to ocean consciousness was necessary. This problem hasty recognized metaphysical, decayed at the bottom of all discussions and disputes. Whether the thinking without consciousness is possible? Whether it is possible to name processes arising at ocean thinking? Mountain - very much a greater stone? A planet - huge mountain? It is possible to use these names, but the new size deduces new laws and the new phenomena on a stage.The problem of the Solaris became a quadrature of a circle of our time. Each independent thinker tried to bring in a treasury ñîëÿğèñòèêè the contribution: the theories saying, that before us a product of a degeneration, recourse which ocean really a new growth, which has come after the past phase of " intellectual magnificence " ocean, that were multiplied, having arisen in bodies of ancient inhabitants of a planet, has destroyed and has absorbed them, alloying the rests in structure of eternally living, self-rejuvenating supercellular organism.… In white, similar on terrestrial light of lamps I have removed from a table devices and books and have spread out a card of the Solaris on a plastic cover. The alive ocean had the shallows and the deepest hollows, and its islands have been pruinose the disappeared breeds, testifying that once islands were an ocean bottom. Probably, the ocean adjusted occurrence and disappearance of the rocky formations shipped in its bosom. Again full darkness. I looked on huge, painted by different shades of violet and blue colors a hemisphere on a card, testing, I do not know which time during lives, amazement, same shaking as that, first, which I has felt when still the boy for the first time has heard at school about existence of the Solaris.I do not know why, but everything, that me surrounded, - secret of death Ãèáàğÿíà, even unknown to me the future, - all seemed now unimportant, and I did not think of it, shipped in a surprising card.Separate areas of an alive planet carried names of scientists investigated them. I considered the sea Geksalla washing equatorial archipelagoes when has felt someone's sight.I still was above the card, paralysed by fear, but any more did not see it. The door was directly against me; it has been secured by boxes and the locker moved up to them. " It is which-íèáóäü the automatic device ", - I though any automatic device before it in a room was not also it have thought could not enter imperceptibly for me. The leather on a neck and a back became hot sensation of a heavy, motionless sight became intolerable. Not giving myself in it of the report, instinctively involving a head in shoulders, I all leaned on a table which has started to creep slowly on a floor more strongly. From this movement I have come to the senses. I have promptly turned back.Behind of was nobody. Blackness the big semicircular window Only gaped. But the strange sensation did not disappear. This darkness looked at me, shapeless, huge, áåçãëàçàÿ, not having borders. It was not shined with any star. I have drawn curtains. I was not at Station also hour, but already started to understand, why its inhabitants had a mania of prosecution. Instinctively I connected it with death Ãèáàğÿíà. I knew it and thought till now, that nothing could stir up its reason. Now this confidence has disappeared.I stood in the middle of a room at a table. Breath has calmed down and and felt, how the sweat which has acted at me on on a forehead evaporates. Of what it I just thought? Ah yes, about automatic devices. It is strange, that I have not met any of them neither in a corridor, nor in rooms. Where all of them have got to? Unique with which I have collided, and that on distance, belonged to system of service ğàêåòîäğîìà. And others? …I have looked at hours. It is time to go to Ñíàóòó.The corridor has been shined poorly. I have passed two doors and have stopped at that on which name Ãèáàğÿíà was seen. I have pressed the handle. I did not have an intention to come there, but the handle has given in, the door was slightly opened, the crack an instant was black, then in a room bright light has flashed. Now everyone who went on a corridor could see me. I am fast şğêíóë in a room, silently, but with force have slammed behind myself a door and at once have turned back.I stood, concerning with a back of a door. The room was more that … mine. The panoramic window on three quarters has been closed undoubtedly brought with the Earth which is not concerning equipment of Station by a curtain in fine blue and pink florets. Along walls library shelfs and the racks covered by ñåğåáğèñòî-green enamel lasted. Their contents which have been randomly thrown out on a floor, were piled up between armchairs. Directly before me, blocking pass, two chairs half buried in a heap of magazines, got enough sleep of the broken off folders rolled. Ğàñòåğçàííûå books have been filled in by liquids from the broken flasks and bottles such thick walls that was not clear how they were broke even if have fallen to a floor from the big height. Under a window laid turned by a bureau with the broken working lamp on a sliding arm; beside the stool which two legs have been thrust in half put forward boxes of a bureau rolled. The floor has been covered by a layer of the cards, the used up leaves and other papers. I have learned handwriting Ãèáàğÿíà and have bent. Lifting leaves, I have seen, that my hand rejects two shadows.I have turned back. The pink curtain flared, as though ïîäîææåííàÿ from above, the precise strip, blue fire promptly extended. I have drawn aside a curtain, and in eyes have struck a flame of a huge fire which borrowed third of horizon. Waves of long dense shadows were promptly born to Station. It was a dawn. The station was in a zone where after hour night on the sky the second, blue sun of a planet ascended.The automatic switch has extinguished lamps, and I have returned to the scattered papers. Touching them, I have come across the brief plan of experience which should take place three weeks ago. Ãèáàğÿí was going to treat plasma to action of very rigid x-ray radiation. Under the text I have understood, that the plan is intended for Ñàğòîğèóñà which should lead experiment, - I in hands had a copy.White sheets of a paper started me to irritate. Day which has come, was not such, as former. Under the orange sky of the cooling down sun ink ocean with bloody îòáëåñêàìè almost always coverlets a is dirty-pink haze which united in a single whole of a cloud and a wave. Now all this has disappeared. Even filtered by a pink fabric of a curtain light flared, as a torch of a powerful quartz lamp. Sunburn of my hands seem in it almost grey. All room has changed, everything, that had a red shade, ïîáğîíçîâåëî and all has faded, white, green, yellow subjects, on the contrary, became sharper and, appear, radiated own light. I have closed eyes and have to the touch passed in a bathroom. There on ïîëî÷êå has found dark glasses and only now, having put on them, could continue reading.It were reports of the lead researches. From them I have learned, that the ocean has been subjected to an irradiation within four days in the item which is being on one thousand four hundred of miles ñåâåğî-to the east of present position of Station. It has amazed me, as use of x-ray radiation was forbidden by the convention of the United Nations in connection with its harmful action. And I have been absolutely assured, that nobody addressed to the Earth with the request to resolve similar experiments.Became æàğêî. The room, flaring white and blue, looked unnatural. But here the gnash was heard, and outside over a window have crawled hermetic çàñëîíêè. It became dark, then çàæåãñÿ the electric light, seemed to me surprisingly pale.However the heat did not leave. Perhaps, it even has increased, though refrigerators of Station, by buzz êëèìàòèçàòîğîâ, worked at full capacity.Suddenly I have heard a sound of steps. Someone went on a corridor, In two jumps I have appeared at a door. Steps were slowed down. The one who went, has stopped at doors. The handle has quietly turned. Not deliberating, instinctively, I have seized and have detained. Pressing amplified, but also did not weaken. That, on the other hand, tried to do all as silently, as I. Some time both of us held the handle. Then I have felt, that it îñëàáëà, and have heard an easy rustle - that left. I ïîñòîÿë still, listening, but was silent.VisitorsI have hasty combined four times and have hidden in a pocket of record Ãèáàğÿíà. Has cautiously approached to a case and has glanced inside. The clothes have been crumpled and squeezed in one corner as though in a case someone was hidden. From a heap of the papers which have been fallen down below, looked out a corner of an envelope. I have taken it. The letter has been addressed to me. At me the throat has suddenly dried up.With greater work I have forced itself to break off an envelope and to get from it a small leaf of a paper.Precise and very fine handwriting Ãèáàğÿí has written down:" Ann. Solar. Vol. 1. Anex, also Vot. Separat Ìåññåíäæåğà in business F; " the Small Apocryphal story "Ğàâèíòöåğà".And everything, is more than any word. The note carried a trace of haste. Whether there was this any important message? When it has written it? It is necessary to go to library as soon as possible. The appendix to the first Ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîìó to me was known to a year-book, more precisely, I knew about its existence, but never saw; it represented cleanly historical interest. However neither about Ğàâèíòöåğå, nor about it " the Small Apocryphal story " I never heard.What to do?I already was late for a quarter of hour. Having approached to a door, has once again inspected a room and only now has noticed the harmonious bed attached to a wall which was covered with the developed card of the Solaris. Behind a card something hung. It was the pocket tape recorder in a case. I have taken out the device, the case has hung up on a place, and the tape recorder has put in a pocket, having convinced on the counter, that the tape is used up to the end.Even a second ïîñòîÿë at a door blindly, tensely listening attentively to silence. A sound. I have cautiously opened a door. The corridor has seemed to me a devil's chasm. I have removed dark glasses and have seen weak light ïîòîëî÷íûõ lamps. Having closed behind myself a door, I have gone on the left, to radio station.The round chamber from which as spokes of a wheel, missed in all the parties corridors, was already absolutely close, when, passing any narrow lateral pass leading as it seemed to me, to bathrooms, I have seen a greater, not clear figure almost merging with twilight.I have stood. From depth of a corridor slowly, in a duck way rocking, there was a huge negress. I have seen shine of its fibers and have almost simultaneously heard soft øëåïàíüå barefooted legs. On it there was nothing, except for yellow, shining, as though weaved of straw, a skirt. It has passed by me on distance of meter, at all not having looked in my party, shaking ñëîíîâüèìè áåäğàìè, similar to huge sculptures of the Stone Age which can be seen in anthropological museums. There, where the corridor turned, the negress has stopped and has opened a door of cabin Ãèáàğÿíà. For an instant it has come to be in a strip of the bright light fallen from a cabin, then the door was closed, and I have remained one. The right hand I have seized also a brush left and have squeezed it so, that bones have crackled; has senselessly looked round around. What happens? What was it? Suddenly, as though me have struck, I have recollected caution Ñíàóòà. What could all this mean? Who was this black Aphrodite? Whence it has undertaken?I have made a step, only one step and the party of cabin Ãèáàğÿíà and have stopped. I too well knew, that I shall not enter there.I do not know, whether long I ïğîñòîÿë so, îïåğøèñü about õîëîäÿùèé metal of a wall. The station was filled with silence, and compressors of climatic installations only monotonously rustled.I have clapped myself on a cheek and have slowly gone on radio station. Having undertaken the handle of a door, has heard sharp voice Ñíàóòà:- Who there?Is I, Calvin.Ñíàóò sat at a table between a heap of aluminium boxes and boards of the transmitter and it is direct from banks ate a canned meat. I do not know, why it has chosen radio station for habitation. I stupidly stood at a door, looking at it ìåğíî chewing a jaw, and have suddenly felt, that, is very hungry. Having approached to a shelf, I have taken from a pile of plates the least dirty and óñåëñÿ opposite to it.We ate some time silently, then Ñíàóò has risen, has taken out a thermos from a wall case and has poured a hot broth in cups. Putting a thermos on a floor - on a table any more there was no place, - it has asked:- Saw Ñàğòîğèóñà?- No. And where it?- Above.Above there was a laboratory. We continued to eat silently, devastated banks only gnashed. On radio station reigned night. The window has been carefully veiled from within, under a ceiling burned four round fixtures. Their reflections shivered in the plastic case of the transmitter.I have looked on Ñíàóòà. On it there was a black spacious shabby enough sweater. The leather which has stretched on cheekbones all in red proveins.- With you something happens? - has asked Ñíàóò.- No. And what with me could happen?- You all wet.I have wiped a hand a forehead and have felt, that I pour then literally. It was reaction. Ñíàóò looked at me èçó÷àşùå. To tell to it? It would be desirable, that it trusted me more. Who with whom here plays and in what game?- Æàğêî, - I have told. - it seemed to me, that climatic installations work for you better.- Soon all will come in norm. You are assured, what it only from heat? - it has lifted on me eyes.I have pretent, that I do not notice it.- What you are going to do? - has directly asked Ñíàóò when we have terminated is.It has fallen down all utensils and empty banks in a washstand and has returned to the armchair.- I join you. You have any plan of researches? Any new stimulator, ğåíòãåí or something in this sort. And?- Ğåíòãåí? - eyebrowes Ñíàóòà have risen. - where you about it heard?- I do not remember … to Me someone spoke, maybe, on "ïğîìåòåå". And what? Already apply?- I do not know details. It was idea Ãèáàğÿíà. It has begun with Ñàğòîğèóñîì … But whence you can know about it?I have shrugged shoulders:- You do not know details? You in fact should participate in it, it enters into yours … - I have not terminated and have broken off.Noise êëèìàòèçàòîğîâ has ceased, the temperature kept at a tolerable level.Ñíàóò has risen, has approached to a control panel and the beginnings for something to turn handles. It was senseless, the main switch was in zero position. A little later it, not having turned at all to me, has noticed:- It will be necessary to execute all formalities in this connection …- Yes?It has turned back and with furiousness has looked at me. I can not tell, that deliberately tried to discompose it. Nothing understanding in game which here was conducted, I aspired to keep ñäåğæàííî. Its sharp adam's apple went above a black collar of a sweater.- You were at Ãèáàğÿíà, - have told suddenly Ñíàóò.It was not a question. Having lifted eyebrowes, I easy looked to it to face.- Was in its room, - it has repeated.I have made movement by a head, as though speaking: " we Shall assume. Well also what? " Let it speaks further.- Who there was?It knew about it!!!- Anybody. And who there could be? - I have asked.- Why you have not let in me?I have grinned:- Was frightened. You warned me, and when the handle has turned, I have instinctively detained it. Why you have not told, what it you? I would let in you.- I thought, that it Ñàğòîğèóñ, - it has told uncertainly,- Well also what?- That do you think of it … what has occured? - it has answered with a question a question.I çàêîëåáàëñÿ.- You should know more, than I. Where it?- In a refrigerator, - has answered Ñíàóò immediately. - We have transferred it at once … in the morning … a heat …- Where you have found it?- In a case.- In a case? It was already dead?- Heart still fought, but breath was not. It was the agony.- Tried it to rescue?- No.- Why?Ñíàóò has hesitated.- Were not in time. Has died before we have laid it.- It stood in a case? Between an overalls?- Yes.Ñíàóò has approached to the small bureau stood in a corner, has taken a leaf of a paper laid on it and has put it before me.- I have written such preliminary report. It even is good, that you have examined its room. The reason of death … an injection of a fatal doze ïåğíîñòàëà. So here it is written …I have run eyes the short text.- Suicide … - was repeated by me silently. - and the reason?- A nervous breakdown … depression … or as it still refers to. You know about it better, than I.- I know only that I see itself, - I have answered and have looked at it from below.- What do you wish to tell? - it has asked easy.- Ãèáàğÿí has made to itself an injection ïåğíîñòàëà and has hidden in a case. So? If so, it not depression, not frustration, and a sharp psychosis. The paranoia … to It, probably, appear, that it sees something … - I spoke all more slowly, looking to it in eyes.It has departed from me to the board of the transmitter and has again started to twist handles.- Here your signature, - I have noticed after short silence. - and Ñàğòîğèóñ?- It in laboratory. I already spoke. Does not appear. I think …- What?- That it was locked.- It was locked? About, it was locked! Here is how! Perhaps, barricaded?- Probably.- Ñíàóò … At station somebody is?- You saw?It looked at me, slightly having bent.- You warned me. From what? It is hallucination?- What did you see?Is a person, yes?Ñíàóò was silent. It has turned away to a wall as though did not want that I saw its person, and áàğàáàíèë fingers on a metal partition, I have looked at its hands. On them any more there were no traces of blood. Suddenly upon me has dawned.- This person is real, - I have told silently, almost whisper, as though revealing secret which could overhear. - yes? It is possible to touch it. It is possible to wound it … Last time you saw it today.- Whence you know?It has not turned. Stood at the wall, concerning with its breast.- Before I have arrived? Absolutely shortly? …Ñíàóò it was compressed as from impact. I have seen its mad eyes.- You?!! - it has cried out. - who YOU such?It seemed, it now will rush on me. I did not expect it. All went head over heels. It did not trust, that I for whom myself I give out. What could it mean? Ñíàóò looked at me with horror. What it, a psychosis? A poisoning? All was possible. But in fact I saw it, this figure … Perhaps, and I too …- Who was it?These words have calmed it. Some time it scanned me as though yet did not trust me. Before it has opened a mouth, I have understood, that attempt is unsuccessful and that it will not answer me.Ñíàóò villages slowly in an armchair also has squeezed a head hands.- What here occurs? … - it has told silently. - a fever …- Who was it? - I have again asked.- If you do not know … - it has muttered.- That that?- Anything.- Ñíàóò, - I have told, - we is far enough from the house. Give in opened. And so all is confused.- That do you want?- That you have told, whom saw.- And you? … - it has asked suspiciously.- You use cunning? To tell to you, and you will tell to me. You can not worry. I shall not consider you madman, I know …- Madman! About My God! - It has tried to laugh. - but in fact you of anything, absolutely anything … It would be disposal … If it though for a second has believed, that this madness, it would not make it, it would live …- Means, what is written in the report on a nervous breakdown, - lie?- Certainly.- Why you have written a lie?- Why? - it has repeated.There has come silence. Again I was at deadlock and nothing understood. And already it seemed to me, what I have convinced it and we together attack this secret, Why why it did not wish to speak?!- Where automatic devices? - I have asked.- In warehouses. We have closed all of them, except for what serve flights.- Why?It again has not answered.- You will not tell?- I can not.In it there was something that I could not seize in any way. Perhaps, to go upward to Ñàğòîğèóñó? Suddenly I have recollected a note and have thought, that now this the most important.- How you represent yourself the further work in such conditions?Ñíàóò has shrugged shoulders:- What it matters?- Ah, so? Also what you are measured to do?It was silent. In silence it was audible øëåïàíüå barefooted legs. Among the nickelized and plastic devices of high cases with the electronic equipment, the most precise devices this splashing stirred up gait seem a wild joke not absolutely normal person. Steps came nearer. I began to peer tensely in Ñíàóòà. It listened, having narrowed eyes, but at all did not look frightened. Means, it was afraid not of it?!- Whence it has undertaken? - I have asked.Ñíàóò was silent.- You do not wish to tell?- I do not know.- All right.Steps have left and have calmed down.- You do not trust me? - has asked Ñíàóò. - I ask a to speak that I do not know.I have silently opened a case with survival suits and have started to move apart their heavy empty environments As I and expected, in depth on hooks gas pistols which use for movement and a condition of weightlessness hung. As the weapon they cost a little, but the choice was not. It is better such, than anything. I have checked up çàğÿäíîå the device and have thrown a belt of a case through a shoulder.Ñíàóò closely watched me. When I adjusted length of a belt, it has venomously grinned, having shown a yellow teeth.- Happy hunting!- Thanks for everything, - I have answered, going to a door.It has jumped from a chair.- Calvin.I have looked at it. Smiles any more were not. Whether I do not know I sometime saw such exhausted person.- Calvin, it not … I … the truth cannot, - it has hardly spoken.I waited, that it will tell still something, but it only moved with lips as though tried to squeeze out from itself words.I have silently turned and have left.ÑàğòîğèóñThe corridor was empty. First it went directly, then turned to the right. I never was at Station, but during preliminary training six weeks of veins in its exact copy which are being Institute on the Earth. I knew, where conducts ëåñåíêà with aluminium ñòóïåíüêàìè.In library it was dark. To the touch I have found the switch. When I have found in a card file the first volume Ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîãî of a year-book together with the appendix and have pressed the button, the red bulb has lighted up. Has checked up in the registrar - the book was at Ãèáàğÿíà, as well as another - this " the Small Apocryphal story ". I have extinguished light and have returned downwards. I was afraid to enter into its cabin: it could return there. Some time I stood at a door, then, having squeezed a teeth, have overcome fear and have entered.In the shined room nobody was. I have started to touch the books laid on a floor at a window, have then approached to a case and have closed it. I could not look at this emptiness between an overalls.Under a window of the appendix was not. I methodically shifted the book behind the book and, at last, having reached last pack laid between a bed and a case, have found out the necessary volume.I hoped to find in it any mark, and is valid, in the nominal index the bookmark laid. The red pencil on it had been wrote down a name which nothing spoke me: Andre Burton. In the book it met twice. First I have found the first mention of it and have learned, that Burton was the reserve pilot by ship Øåííîíà. The following mention was on hundred with superfluous pages further.First time of landing expedition operated extremely cautiously, however, when in sixteen days was found out, that the plasma ocean not only does not show any attributes of aggression, but recedes before each subject coming nearer its surface and in every possible way avoids direct contact to any devices and people. Øåííîí and its assistant Timolis have cancelled some safety rules as it terribly complicated and slowed down work.Expeditions it has been broken into small groups on two-rub persons who spent flights above ocean on distance sometimes to some hundreds miles. The radiators used earlier as protection surrounded territory of works, have been strapped on Base. First four days after these changes have passed without any incidents, short of breakages of the oxygen equipment of survival suits happened from time to time as target valves have appeared very sensitive to êîğğîçèğóşùåìó to action of a poisonous atmosphere. In this connection it was necessary to replace them almost daily.For the fifth day, or on twenty first if to consider from the moment of landing, two scientists, Êàğó÷÷è and Ôåõíåğ (the first was the radiobiologist, and the second - the physicist), spent research flight above ocean in a small double aeromobile. It was not the flying device, and the speedboat moving on a pillow of compressed air.When in six hours they have not returned, Òèìîëèñ which supervised over Base for the lack of Øåííîíà, has declared alarm and has sent all free people on searches.On unfortunate coincidence of circumstances the radio communication this day approximately in an hour after a start of research groups has ceased to operate. The reason was the big spot on the red sun, radiated the powerful corpuscular streams reached the top layers of an atmosphere. Ultrashort-wave devices which allowed to keep in contact on distance about two hundred miles operated only. In completion of all before a sunset the fog has gone down, and searches should be stopped.And only when saving groups already came back to the Base, one of them on distance of eighty miles from coast has come across an aeromobile. The engine worked, and absolutely serviceable machine hung above waves. In a transparent cabin was only Êàğó÷÷è. It was without consciousness.The aeromobile has been delivered to Base, and Êàğó÷÷è have charged to cares of physicians. In the same evening it has come to the senses. Nothing could tell about destiny Ôåõíåğà Êàğó÷÷è. Remembered only, that when they have already decided to come back, it has felt an asthma. The respiratory valve was jammed, and inside of a survival suit at each breath the small portion of poisonous gases got.Ôåõíåğ, trying to correct its device, has been compelled to unfasten belts and to rise. It was the last, that remembered Êàğó÷÷è. The possible course of events, in opinion of experts, was such. Correcting device Karuchchi, Ôåõíåğ has opened top of a cabin, it is probable, because under a low dome it could not move freely. It has been admissible, as the cabin of such machines were not tight and only protected from direct influence of an atmosphere and a wind. During these manipulations device Fehnera, and the scientist could deteriorate, having lost consciousness, has got out through the open dome of the machine and has fallen down downwards.It is those histories of the first victim of ocean. Searches of a body - in a survival suit it should float on a surface of ocean - have not given results. However, probably, it also floated. Careful research of thousand square miles almost constantly covered by a tatter of a fog of wavy desert exceeded opportunities of expedition.Before twilight - I come back to previous events - saving devices, except for the big cargo helicopter on which Burton has taken off have returned all.It has seemed above Base approximately in an hour after approach of darkness when about it have already started to worry seriously. Burton was in a condition of a nervous shock. It has got out of the helicopter only to rush to run. When it have caught, it shouted and cried. For the man, having behind shoulders seventeen years of space flights, sometimes in the hardest conditions, it was amazing. Doctors have solved, that it has poisoned.In two days Burton who, even having returned to a seeming balance, did not wish to leave for a minute the main rocket of expedition, even to approach to a window from which the kind on ocean opened, has declared, that the official report about the flight wishes to submit. It insisted on it, approving, that is a question of business of extreme importance.Its official report has been considered by advice of expedition, recognized by creation of sick imagination of the person poisoned by gases of an atmosphere and as those is placed not in history of expedition, and to Burton's case record. On it all also has ended.Here everything, that was in the appendix. I have understood, that an essence of business made, Burton's obviously, official report about event which has led this pilot to a nervous shock. I have again started to shift books, but " the Small Apocryphal story " to find out it was not possible. I am very tired and consequently, having postponed the further searches till the morning, have left a cabin.On ñòóïåíüêàõ aluminium ëåñåíêè spots of light falling from above laid. Means, Ñàğòîğèóñ still worked. So late! I have thought, that should meet it.Above was little bit warmer. In a wide low corridor of barrels a weak breeze. Strips of a paper passionlessly rustled above ventilating apertures. Doors of the main laboratory represented a thick plate of the rough glass inserted into a metal frame. From within, glass has been covered by something dark. Light made the way only through narrow windows under the ceiling. I have pressed the handle, but, as well as expected, the door has not given in, the silence Inside reigned, and only any weak squeak from time to time was heard. I have knocked - any answer.- Ñàğòîğèóñ! - I have shouted. - doctor Sartorius! It I, the beginner, - Calvin! I need to meet you, I ask you, open!Weak rustle as if someone went on mint to a paper, and again silence.Is I is Calvin! You in fact about me heard! I have arrived two hours back on "ïğîìåòåå"! - I shouted, having approached lips to a crack between a door jamb and a metal frame. - doctor Sartorius! Here anybody is not present, only I! Open!Silence. Then weak noise. Some times something has clanked, as though someone stacked metal tools, on a metal tray. And suddenly … I was dumbfounded. The sound of fine short steps as if the child ran was distributed. Frequent, hasty footfall of small legs. Can … can be, somebody simulated it, very much dexterously striking fingers on an empty, well resounding box.- Doctor Sartorius! - I have begun to roar. - you will open or not?!Any answer, only again a nursery òğóñöà and simultaneously some fast, badly audible wide steps. It was similar, that the person went on tiptoe. But if it went, could not simulate children's steps simultaneously? " And however, what to me before business? " - I have thought and, any more not constraining furiousness which started to cover me, have shouted:- Doctor Sartorius!!! I not for that flied here sixteen months to look, as you play a comedy! I consider up to ten. Then I shall land a door!!!I very much doubted, that it will be possible to me.The jet of a gas pistol is not too strong, but I was full of determination to execute the threat to that or a different way. Even it was necessary to go on searches of an explosive which for certain was available in a warehouse in enough. I have told to myself, that should not concede, that I can not play these mad cards which were put to me in hands with a situation.Such sound as if someone with someone struggled was heard or something pushed, the curtain was inside removed approximately on ïîëìåòğà, the flexible shadow has fallen on matte, the plate of a door as though covered by hoarfrost, and little bit hoarse, the treble has told:- I shall open, but you should promise, that will not enter inside.- Then what for you wish to open? - I have shouted.- I shall leave to you.- Well. I promise.The easy crash of a key turned in the lock, then the dark figure which has covered half of a door was heard, has diligently drawn a curtain and has done the whole series of any not clear movements. It seemed to me, that I have heard a crash of a moved wooden little table, at last a door was a little slightly opened, and Ñàğòîğèóñ have squeezeed into a corridor.It stood before me, covering with itself a door, very high, thin, appear, its body under a cream knitted overalls consists of one only bones. The neck has been tied by a black scarf, on a shoulder the laboratory dressing gown hung folded double ïğîææåííûé reactants. It held extremely narrow head a little on one side. Almost half of person closed èçîãíóòûå black glasses so its eye it was not visible. It had long bottom jaw, bluish lips and huge, as though freezed because they too were bluish, ears. It was unshaven. From elbows on øíóğêàõ gloves from red rubber hanged down. So we stood some time, looking against each other with barefaced hostility. The rests of its hair (it looked so as if itself it was cut by the machine under the hedgehog) were lead color, a bristle on the person - absolutely gray-haired. A forehead same sunburnt as at Ñíàóòà, but sunburn came to an end approximately on the middle of a forehead a precise horizontal line. Obviously, on the sun it constantly carried any øàïî÷êó.- I listen, - it has told at last.It seemed to me, that it waits not so much, when I shall start talking, how many all tensely listens attentively to space behind itself, more strongly nestling a back to a glass plate. I did not find some time what to tell, that not áğÿêíóòü nonsense.- My name is Calvin … you should hear about me, - I have begun. - I work, that is … worked with Ãèáàğÿíîì …Its thin person, all in vertical ìîğùèíêàõ - so, should be, Don Êèõîò looked, - nothing expressed. Black èçîãíóòàÿ the plate of the glasses aimed at me terribly prevented to speak me.- I have learned, that Ãèáàğÿí … that it is not present. - At me has intercepted a voice.- Yes. I listen!It has sounded impatiently.- It has committed suicide? … who has found a body, you or Ñíàóò?- Why you address with it to me? Unless doctor Snaut to you has not told? …- I wished to hear, that you can tell about it …- You the psychologist, doctor Calvin?- Yes. And what?- The scientist?- Well. But what communication …- And I thought, that you the detective or the policeman. Now without twenty three, and you instead of trying to join in a course of the works leaded at Station, that at least would be clear, except for impudent attempt to rush into laboratory also interrogate me, as though I on suspicion.I have restrained, and from this effort sweat has acted at me on a forehead.- You on suspicion, Ñàğòîğèóñ! - I have said a constrained voice.I wished to vex it at any cost and consequently with frenzy have added:- And you perfectly know about it!- If you, Calvin, will not take the words back and do not apologize before me, I shall make about you the complaint in a radioreport!- For what I should apologize? For what? Instead of me to meet instead of fairly devoting me that here occurs, you are locked in laboratory!!! You that, have finally gone mad?! Who you such - the scientific or pity coward?! What? Perhaps, you will answer?!I do not remember, that I still shouted. Its person has not trembled at all. Only on a pale porous leather large drops of sweat rolled down. Suddenly I have understood: it at all does not listen to me! Both hands, ñïğÿòàííûìè behind a back, it very much held a door which shivered a little as if someone pressed it on the other hand.- Leave … - it has moaned a strange whining voice. - leave … I beg! Go, go downwards, I shall come, I shall come, I shall make everything, that want, only leave!!!In its voice there was such flour, that I, absolutely having become puzzled, have mechanically lifted hands, wishing to help it to hold a door which already gave in, but it has published awful shout, as though I çàìàõíóëñÿ on it a knife. I have begun ïÿòèòüñÿ back, and it all shouted a falsetto:- Go! Go! - and again: - I Go! Already I go! Already I go!!! No! No!!!It has slightly opened a door and has rushed inside. It seemed to me, that at height of its breast something has flashed golden, any sparkling disk. From laboratory deaf noise now reached, the curtain has flown away aside, the huge high shadow has flashed on the glass screen, the curtain has returned on a place, and more nothing was visible. What there occured? I have heard footfall, crazy race has broken a shrill gnash fragile has flown down, and I have heard modulating children's laughter.At me shivered legs, I perplexed looked round. It became silent. I have sat down on a low plastic window sill and sat probably, about a quarter of hour, itself I do not know, whether expecting something, whether simply exhausted up to a limit so I would not like to rise at all.Somewhere the sharp scratch highly was heard, and simultaneously around became ñâåòëåå.From my place the part of a round corridor which surrounded laboratory was visible only. This premise was on the top of Station, is direct under the top plate of an armour. External walls here were concave and inclined, with the windows similar to loopholes located through everyone of some meters. External çàñëîíêè send away upwards. Blue day came to an end. Through thick glasses blinding shine has rushed. Each nickelized rod, each door handle has flared, as the small sun. In laboratory - this greater plate of rough glass - has begun to sparkle a door, as a muzzle òîïêè. I looked at the combined hands which have become gray in this illusive light in a lap. In right there was a gas pistol. Concept I have no, when has snatched out it from a case. I have put it back. I already knew, what I will be not not helped even by a nuclear gun - that she can be made? To carry a door? To rush into laboratory?I have risen. Plunging to the ocean similar to hydrogen explosion, a disk has sent me after a horizontal bunch of almost material beams. When they have touched my cheek (I already came downstairs downwards), I have felt a touch of the heated brand.Having gone down up to half of ladder, I have changed the mind, have returned upward and have bypassed laboratory around. As I already spoke, the corridor surrounded it. Having passed steps hundred, I have come to be on other party at absolutely same glass door. I at all did not try it to open.I searched for any window in a plastic wall, even any crack. An idea on peeping for Ñàğòîğèóñîì, did not seem to me low. I wished to finish with all guesses and to learn the truth though at all did not imagine as it will be possible to understand it.To me has occurred, that laboratory premises are shined through the windows which are being the top armour, and that if I shall get out outside, that, probably, I shall manage to glance through them in laboratory. For this purpose I should go down downwards behind a survival suit and the oxygen device. I stood at a ladder, deliberating, whether there is a game ñâå÷. Most likely, glasses in the top windows matte. But what I needed to do? I have gone down on an average floor. It was necessary to pass by radio station. Its door was ğàñïàõíóòà wide open. Ñíàóò sat in an armchair the same as I have left it. It slept, but, having heard a sound of my steps, has shuddered and has opened eyes.- Hallo, Calvin! - it has called to me hoarsely.I was silent.- Well? Has learned something? - it has asked.- Yes, - I have answered, having hesitated, - It not one.Ñíàóò has twisted lips:- Tell please. It already something. So, you speak, at it visitors?- I do not understand, why you do not wish to tell to me, that this such, - was unwillingly spoken by me. - In fact, remaining here, I all the same sooner or later learn all. What for these secrets?- You will understand, when to you most visitors will come, - has answered Ñíàóò.It seemed, it waits for something and not so wishes to continue conversation.- Where you go? - it when I have turned has thrown.I have not answered.Ğàêåòîäğîì was in the same condition in what I have left it. On an eminence there was my burnt container opened wide open. I have approached to racks with survival suits, and suddenly at me any desire to travel outside was gone. I have turned and on abrupt ëåñåíêå have gone down downwards, there, where there were warehouses.The narrow corridor was çàãğîìîæäåí cylinders and put one on another boxes. Walls it cast blue nothing of the covered metal. Some more tens steps - and under a ceiling have seemed ïîäåğíóòûå white hoarfrost of a pipe of the refrigerating equipment. I have gone further, being guided on them. Through covered thick plastic ùèòêîì ìóôòó they passed in a hermetically sealed premise. When I have opened heavy, thickness in two palms a door with a rubber edge, I was captured with a cold penetrating up to bones. I çàäğîæàë. From a thicket çàñíåæåííûõ coils ice icicles hanged down. Here too there were snows covered by a layer boxes, boxes, shelfs at walls have been filled up by banks and the yellowish blocks of any fat packed into transparent plastic.In depth áî÷êîîáğàçíûé the arch went down. Thick èñêğÿùàÿñÿ from ice needles the curtain there hung. I have removed its edge. The big oblong subject covered by a grey fabric was based upon an eminence from aluminium lattices. I have lifted edge of a panel and have seen deformed person Gibarjana. Black hair with a gray-haired strip it is necessary a forehead smoothly adjoined to a skull. The adam's apple sticked out highly, breaking a line of a neck. The dried up eyes looked directly in a ceiling, in a corner of one eye the muddy drop of the frozen water has gathered. The cold penetrated me, I have hardly forced itself to not knock teeth. Not letting out a shroud, I have touched with other hand, to its cheek. The sensation was such as if I have touched a frozen log. The leather was rough from a bristle which covered with its black points. Expression of immeasurable, contemptious patience has fallen asleep in a bend of lips. Lowering edge of a fabric, I have noticed, that on other party of a body from folds is put out a little black, oblong áóñèíîê or grains of a string bean. I have stood.It were fingers naked a foot which I saw from a sole, ÿéöåîáğàçíûå small pillows of fingers have been moved slightly apart. Under ìÿòûì edge of a shroud the negress laid.It laid the person downwards, as though shipped in a deep dream. Inch behind inch I pulled together a thick fabric. The head covered by hair, collected in small bluish bunches, laid on a bend of a black massive hand. A shining leather of a back has stretched on áóãîğêàõ ïîçâîíêîâ. The slightest movement did not recover a huge body. Has once again looked at barefooted soles of its legs, and suddenly I was amazed with one surprising detail: they were not are flattened, brought down by that weight which should carry, on them the leather from circulation barefoot has not become horny at all, it was same thin, as on hands or shoulders.I have checked up this impression a touch which was gave to me much more difficultly, than a touch to a dead body. And here has occured improbable: laying on äâàäöàòèãğàäóñíîì a frost the body was alive, it moved. The negress has tightened a leg, as if a dog whom have taken for a paw." It here will freeze ", - I have thought. But its body was easy and not too coldly. I still felt tips of fingers a soft touch. I have moved back for a curtain, have lowered it and have returned to a corridor. It seemed to me, that in it devilly æàğêî. The ladder has resulted me again in a hall ğàêåòîäğîìà. I óñåëñÿ on the curtailed ring parachute also have clasped a head hands. I did not know, that to me occurs. I have been absolutely broken, ideas slipped in any precipice - loss of consciousness, death seem to me inexpressible, inaccessible favour.I had no need to go to Ñíàóòó or to Ñàğòîğèóñó, I did not imagine, that somebody could combine and a single whole that I till now have gone through, saw, what has touched own hands. Unique rescue, flight, an explanation was the diagnosis - madness. Yes, I, should be, have gone mad at once after landing. The ocean has worked on my brain - I experienced hallucination behind hallucination and if it so there is no need to spend forces for useless attempts to untangle riddles not existing actually, it is necessary to search for medical aid, to cause on radio " ïğîìåòåé " or any other spaseship, to give signals "SOS" …Here there was what I in any way did not expect: the idea that I have gone mad, has calmed me.I even have too well understood words Ñíàóòà - if to admit, that in general existed any Ñíàóò and that I ever talked to it. In fact hallucinations could begin much earlier. Who knows, whether there is I on board "ïğîìåòåÿ", amazed by a sudden attack of brain disease; probably everything, what I have gone through was creation of my raised brain? However if I was sick, could recover, and it gave me at least hope for rescue which I could not see in any way in the mixed nightmares of the Solaris, hours continuing all some.It was necessary to lead, hence, first of all any logically thought over experiment above by itself - experimentum crucis, - which would show me, whether really I have gone mad and am a victim of crazy images or, despite of their full absurdity and improbability, my experiences are real.So I reflected, looking narrowly at a metal arm which supported a bearing design ğàêåòîäğîìà. It was acting of a wall, the steel mast laid out by convex plates painted in ñàëàòîâûé color; in several places, at height approximately meter, the paint has peeled off, probably, it was peeled with carriages passing here. I have touched steel, have warmed it a little bit a palm, have knocked in çàâàëüöîâàííûé edge of a safety plate: whether the delirium can reach such degree of a reality? Can, I have answered; after all it was my speciality, I understood it.Whether and probably to think up this key experiment? First it seemed to me, that is not present, for my sick brain (if, certainly, it the patient) will create any illusions what I from it shall demand. In fact not only at illness, but also in the most usual dream happens, that we talk to unknown persons to us in reality people, we ask to these dreaming images questions and we hear their answers; and, though these people are actually only a fruit of our own mentality, somehow allocated temporarily its pseudo-independent parts, we do not know, they will say what words, until they (in this dream) will not address to us. And in fact actually these words are the same isolated part of our own reason, and consequently we should know them already during that moment, when them have thought up to enclose in lips of a fictitious image. What I, thus, neither have conceived, nor have carried out, I always could tell to myself, that have acted how act in a dream. Both Ñíàóò, and Ñàğòîğèóñ could not exist at all actually, therefore set it any questions it was senseless.I have thought, that could accept any medicine, any strong means, for example, ïåîòèë or other preparation which causes hallucinations or color visions. Occurrence of these phenomena would prove, that that I perceive, exists actually and is a part of the material validity surrounding me. But also it - I continued to think - would not be the necessary key experiment, as I knew, how means (which I should choose) should operate so, could happen, that both reception of this medicine, and the effect caused by it will equally creation of my imagination.Already it seemed to me, that, having got in this mad ring, I shall not manage from it to get out - in fact it is impossible to think differently, than a brain, it is impossible to get out of myself to check up íîğìàëüíîñòü occuring and an organism of processes, - when suddenly me have dawned upon an idea, so simple, however successful.I have jumped and have rushed off directly on radio station. It was empty. Ìèìîõîäîì I have darted a glance at wall electric hours. Was about four one o'clock in the morning, conditional night of Station, outside reigned a red dawn … I has quickly included the equipment of a radio communication and, expecting while lamps will heat up, once again has mentally repeated each stage of experiment.I did not remember, what signal causes automatic station addressed around of the Solaris ñàòåëëîèäà, but has found it on the table hanging above the main board. Has given a call the Morse alphabet and in eight seconds has received the answer. Ñàòåëëîèä, to be exact its electronic brain has responded rhythmically repeating impulses. Then I have demanded, that it has informed to within the fifth decimal sign, it crosses what meridians of a star dome of the Galaxy on distance of twenty two angular seconds, addressing around of the Solaris, Then I have sat down and began to look forward to hearing. It has come in ten minutes. I have torn off a paper tape with the result printed on it and, having hidden it in a box (I tried to not throw on it even one sight), have brought from library greater cards of the sky, logarithmic tables, the directory of daily movement of the satellite and some more books then has started to search for the answer to the same question. Almost hour has left at me on drawing up of the equations. I do not remember, when I had to consider last time so much, probably, in student's years at examination on practical astronomy.I spent calculations on the big calculator of Station. My reasonings were approximately such. On cards of the sky I shall receive the figures which are not precisely conterminous with data, informed ñàòåëëîèäîì. Not precisely, because ñàòåëëîèä the friend about the friend to the sun, and also the local changes of an attraction created by ocean is subject to very complex perturbations caused by influence of gravitational forces of the Solaris, it both, turning. When at me will be two figures: received from ñàòåëëîèäà and calculated theoretically, I shall make to my calculations of the amendment. Then both groups of results should, coincide up to the fourth sign after a comma. Divergences will be only in the fifth sign, they will reflect not considered influence of ocean.Even if the figures informed ñàòåëëîèäîì, do not exist actually, and are a fruit of my imagination, all the same they cannot coincide with other number - the calculated data. My brain can be patients, but under any conditions it not in a condition to make the calculations executed by the greater calculator of station as on it many months would be required. And consequently, if figures will coincide, means, the big calculator of Station actually exists also I used it actually, instead of in delirium.At me shivered hands when I took out a paper cable tape from a box and straightened it near to another, wider, from the calculator. Both of some figures as I also assumed, coincided up to the fourth sign. The divergence has appeared only in the fifth. I have hidden all papers in a box. So, the calculator existed irrespective of me. From this the reality of Station and everything followed, that on it occured.I already wished to close a box as has noticed, that it is filled with the whole pack of the leaves covered by impatient calculations. I have taken out a pack and have at first sight understood, that someone spent already the experiment similar to mine, with that only a difference, that instead of the data, concerning star sphere, has demanded from ñàòåëëîèäà measurements àëüáåäî the Solaris on distance of forty seconds.I was not madman. Last ëó÷èê has died away hopes. I have switched off the transmitter, have drunk the rests of a broth from a thermos and have gone to sleep.HariCalculations I did all with any silent frenzy, and only it kept me on legs. I have so grown dull for weariness that has not managed at all to spread out a bed in a cabin and, instead of releasing the top clips, have pulled for a hand-rail, and the bed has fallen down me. At last I have lowered it, have thrown clothes and linen is direct on a floor and half-dead have fallen to a pillow, at all not having corrected it. I have fallen asleep at light, I do not remember when. Having opened eyes, I have solved, that some minutes slept all. The room has been filled by gloomy red light. To me was coldly and well. Opposite to a bed, under a window, someone sat in an armchair, shined by the red sun. It was Hari. In a white dress, barefooted, dark hair are combed back, the thin material stretches on a breast, sunburnt hands up to elbows are lowered. Hari motionlessly looked at me from under the black eyelashes. I examined it long and in general is quiet. My first idea was: " As it is good, that it is such dream when you know, that all dreams you ". And nevertheless I would like, that it has disappeared. I have closed eyes and have forced itself to want it very strongly, but when has looked, it still sat before me. It has combined lips in own way as if was going to whistle, but in opinion of there was no smile, I have remembered everything, that thought of dreams on the eve in the evening before laying down to sleep. Hari looked in the same way as when I saw it last time alive, and in fact then to it was nineteen. Now to it would be twenty nine, but, naturally, nothing has changed - dead remain young. It looked at me all the same to all surprised eyes. " To throw in it something ", - I, but though it was only a dream have thought, was not solved.- The poor girl. Has come to visit me, yes? - has told and and was frightened a little, because my voice has sounded so truthfully, and a room and Hari - all looked so really as soon as it is possible for itself to present.What plastic dream not only that it color, I in addition see here on a floor many things, which yesterday, going to bed, at all has not noticed. " When I shall wake up, - I have solved, - it will be necessary to check up, whether is valid they here lay or are created by a dream, as Hari … "- And long you are measured so to sit? - I have asked and have noticed, that I speak very silently as if I am afraid, that me will hear. As though it is possible to overhear, that occurs in a dream.At this time the sun has already a little risen. " Well here, - I have thought, - is excellent. I laid down, when there was a red day, then there should be blue and only then the second red. As I could not sleep without interruption fifteen hours, it for certain a dream ".Calmed, I have closely looked narrowly at Hari. It has been shined behind. A beam which is passing through a crack in çàíàâåñè, çîëîòèë a velvet down on its left cheek, and from eyelashes on the person the long shadow fell. It was charming. " Tell, please, - has come to to me mind an idea, - what I scrupulous even on that party of a reality. And movement of the sun I mark, and that at it ÿìî÷êà there where at anybody is not present, below a corner of the surprised lips ". And still I would like, that all this has terminated.It is time to borrow in work. I have compressed temples, trying to wake up when has unexpectedly heard a scratch. I have immediately opened eyes.Hari sat next to me on a bed and closely looked at me. I have smiled to it, and it too has smiled and has bent over me. The first kiss was a lung as though we were children. I kissed it long. " Unless it is possible so to use a dream? " - I have thought. But in fact to it cannot change memory at all because it dreams me. It. Never with me such there was … All of us still spoke nothing. We laid backwards. When it lifted the person, small nostrils which always were a barometer of its mood became visible to me. Tips of fingers I have touched its ears - ìî÷êè have turned pink from kisses. I do not know, whether from it to me became so restlessly; I still spoke myself, that it only a dream, but heart at me was compressed.I have strained to jump from bed, but have prepared for failure - in a dream very often we cannot operate own body. More likely I expected to wake up from it of a pressure, but have not woken up, and have simply sat down on a bed, having lowered legs on a floor. " There's nothing to be done, let dreams up to the end ", - I have surrendered, but the good mood has disappeared finally. I was afraid.- That do you want? - the voice sounded hoarsely, and I had to clear the throat.Mechanically I have started to search legs of a shoe, but at once have recollected, that here there are no shoes, and so a bruise a finger that has screamed. " Well, now there will be an end ", - I have solved with satisfaction.But nothing has occured. Hari was removed, when I have sat down. Shoulders it îïåğëàñü about a back of a bed. Its dress slightly ïîäğàãèâàëî under the left breast in a step to heart beat. It looked at me with quiet interest. I have thought, that is better to take a shower, but, that the shower which dreams at once has thought, cannot wake.- Whence you have undertaken?It has lifted my hand and began to throw its familiar movement.- I do not know. It is bad?And the voice was the same, low … and the absent-minded tone. It always spoke so as if its ideas are borrowed by something another.- … somebody saw you?- I do not know. I have simply come. Unless it is important, Chris?Hari still played my hand, but its person is more in it did not participate. It has frowned.- Hari? …- What, the darling?- Whence you have learned, where I?It is it has puzzled,- Concept I have no. Ridiculously, yes? You slept, when I have entered, and have not woken up. I would not like you to awake, because you the ill-natured person. The ill-natured person and the bore. - in a step to the words it vigorously threw my palm.- You were below?- Was. I have escaped therefrom. There it is cold.It has lowered my hand. Keeping within sideways, has shaken a head that hair beat all on one party, and has looked at me with that half-smile which is a lot of years back has ceased to tease me only when I have understood, that I love it.- But in fact … Hari … in fact … - is more to me it was possible to squeeze out than nothing from itself.I have bent above it and have raised a short sleeve of a dress. Above a neat inoculation of a smallpox similar to a flower the small trace of an injection reddened. Though I expected it (as still instinctively tried to find îáğûâêè logic in impossible), to me became not on myself. I have touched fingers up to ğàíêè which dreamed me years so I woke up with groan on ğàñòåğçàííîé beds, always in the same pose - having writhed how it when I have found its already cold laid. Probably, in a dream I tried to make the same, that it as though wished to implore for a pardon or to be together with it those last minutes when it has already felt action of an injection and should be frightened. It was afraid even of a usual scratch, at all did not bear neither pains, nor a kind of blood and, here now has made such terrible thing, having left five words on a card, addressed to me. The card was at me in papers, I carried it at myself constantly, bedraggled, torn on bends, and had no courage with it to leave, one thousand times coming back by the moment when it wrote it, and that it then should feel. I persuaded myself, that it wished to make it for fun and to frighten me and only a doze it has casually appeared too big. Friends convinced me, that all was so or that it was the instant decision caused by depression, sudden depression. They in fact did not know that I have told to it five days ago and, to touch it even more, began to collect things. And it when I was packed, has asked very easy: " You know, what it means? … " I have pretent, that I do not understand, though perfectly knew. I considered as its coward and have told to it about it, and now it laid across a bed and looked at me closely as though did not know, that I have killed it.The room was red from the sun, hair of Hari shone, it looked at the shoulder and when I have lowered a hand, has put a cold smooth cheek on my palm.- Hari, - I have croaked. Is it is impossible.- Cease!Its eyes have been closed, I saw, how shivered âåêè.- Where we, Hari?- At us.- Where it?One eye for an instant has opened and closed again. It has tickled eyelashes my palm.- Chris, me it is good!I sat above it not moving. Has then lifted a head and has seen in a mirror above a washstand a part of a bed, ğàñòğåïàííûå hair of Hari and the naked knees. I have moved a leg one of those, half fused tools which rolled on a floor, have taken its free hand, have put to a leather above that place where the semicircular symmetric scar turned pink, and have thrust in a body. The pain was sharp. I looked at greater drops of blood which rolled down on a hip and silently fell on a floor.All was vain. Awful ideas which wandered at me in a head, all became more distinct. I any more did not speak myself: " It is a dream ", now I thought: " It is necessary to be protected ".I have looked at its barefooted legs, was then pulled to them, have cautiously touched a pink heel and have lead a finger on a sole. It was gentle, as at the newborn.I already for certain knew, that it not Hari, and have been almost assured, that it does not know about it.The barefooted leg moved in my palm, dark lips of Hari have bulked up from silent laughter.- Cease … - it has whispered.I have softly released a hand and have risen. Hasty putting on, has seen, how it has sat down on a bed and became, smiling to look at me.- Where your things? - I have asked and have immediately regretted about it.- My things?- What, at you only this dress?Now it was already game. I deliberately tried to speak carelessly, is ordinary, as though we in general never left. It has risen both easy me easy and strong movement has lead a hand on a skirt to smooth it.My words have interested it, but it has told nothing, only has looked round a room, which first time was real, looking, and has turned to me with surprise.- I do not know, - has told helplessly. - Perhaps, in a case? - it has added, having slightly opened doors.- No, there only an overalls, - I have answered, have approached to a washstand, have taken the electrorazor and have started to have a shave, trying thus to not become a back to the girl whom it was.It went on a cabin, looked in all corners, has looked in a window, at last has approached to me.- Chris, at me such sensation as though something happens.It has stopped. I waited with the switched off razor in a hand.- As though something has forgotten … as though very much much has forgotten. I know … I remember only myself … and … and … anything more.I listened to it, trying to own the person.- I … was sick?- Well, it is possible to name it and so. Yes, some time you were a little sick.- Aha. It, probably, therefore.It has slightly become cheerful. I can not tell, that I felt. When it was silent, sat, smiled, impression, that I see before myself Hari, was stronger, than alarm sucking me. Then again it seemed to me, that it is any simplified Hari shown to several characteristic references, gestures, movements. It has approached to me absolutely close, has rested compression fists to me against a breast and has asked:- How at us with you? Well or badly?- As well as possible!It has slightly smiled.- When you so speak, more likely badly.- From what you it have taken … Hari … dear … I should leave now, - I have spoken hasty. - wait for me, well? And can be, you are hungry? - I because itself felt all an amplifying famine have added.- It is hungry? No.It has shaken a head.- I should wait for you? Long?- ×àñèê, - I have begun, but it has interrupted.- I shall go with you.It was already absolutely other Hari: that was not imposed. Never.- Äåòêà, it is impossible.It looked at me from below, then has unexpectedly taken me for a hand.I have started to iron its elastic, warm shoulder. Suddenly I have suddenly understood, that I caress Hari. My body learned, wanted it, me pulled to it, despite of reason, logic and a fright.Trying at any cost to keep calmness, I have repeated:- Hari, it is impossible. You should remain here.- No.- Why?- I do not know.It has looked round and has again lifted on me eyes.- I can not … - it has told absolutely silently.- But why?!- I do not know. I can not. To me it seems … to Me it seems …It persistently searched in herself for the answer and when has found it was for it revelation.- It seems to me, that I should see you all time.In intonation of these words there was something disturbed me. And, probably, therefore I have made what did not gather to do at all. Looking to it in eyes, I have started to curve its hands for a back. This movement, all over again not absolutely resolute, became comprehended, I had a purpose. I already looked around for something, than could connect it.Its elbows which have been turned out back, were slightly knocked the friend about the friend and have simultaneously strained with force which has made my attempt senseless. I struggled, maybe, second. Even the athlete, having bent to be released back as Hari, hardly concerning with legs of a floor, would not manage. But it with the person who is not accepted in all these any participation, with a weak, uncertain smile has broken off my capture, was released and has lowered hands.Its eyes looked at me with the same quiet interest, as right at the beginning when I have woken up. As though it has not paid attention to my desperate effort caused by an attack of a panic. It stood motionlessly and as if something waited - simultaneously indifferent, concentrated and ÷óòî÷êó all it surprised.At me hands have lowered. I have left it on the middle of a room and have gone to a shelf near a washstand. I have felt, that have got in an awful trap, and searched an output, touching more and more ruthless ways. If somebody has asked me, that to me occurs and that all this means, I could not squeeze out from myself a word. But I have already understood to myself - that is done at Station with all us makes a single whole, terrible and not clear. However during that moment I thought only of how to escape.Not looking, I felt on myself a sight of Hari. Above a shelf in a wall there was a small first-aid set. I have fluently seen its contents, have found to bank with somnolent and, have thrown in a glass four tablets - the maximal doze. I at all very much hid the manipulations from Hari. It is difficult to tell why. Simply did not think of it. I have poured in a glass of hot water, have waited, while tablets will be dissolved, and has approached to Hari still costing in the middle of a room.- You become angry? - it has asked silently.- No. Bitterns it.I do not know, why I have solved, that it will obey me. Really, it has silently taken a glass from my hands and a volley has drunk somnolent. I have put an empty glass on a little table, óñåëñÿ in a corner between a case and a book shelf. Hari has slowly approached to me and óñåëàñü on a floor about an armchair, having picked up under herself how it did legs not once, and the same movement well familiar to me has rejected back hair. Though I already at all did not trust that it it, each time when I learned it in these small habits, something sufficed me for a throat. It was not clearly and terribly, and the most terrible was that I and itself should act false, pretending, that accept it for Hari.But in fact it considered herself Hari and in its behaviour there was no insidiousness. I do not know, how have reached such idea, but of it have been assured, if I still in general could be assured of something.I sat, and the girl îïåğëàñü a shoulder about my knees, its hair tickled my hand, both of us did not move almost. Time two I have imperceptibly looked at hours. Has passed half an hour - somnolent should work. Hari has quietly murmured something.- What do you speak? - I have asked, but it has not answered.I have solved, that it is an attribute of accrueing drowsiness though, to tell the truth, at heart doubted, that the medicine will work. Why? And on this question there was no answer. Most likely because my cunning was too primitive.Gradually its head ñêëîíèëàñü on my knee, dark hair have closed its person. It breathed ìåğíî, as the sleeping person. I have bent to transfer it on a bed. Suddenly it, not opening eyes, has seized me by hair and has burst in loud laughter.I was dumbfounded, and it was simply come from laughter. Having closed the eyes partly in looking, it watched me with a naive and artful mine.I sat unnaturally motionlessly, become stupid and helpless, and Hari, having laughed, has nestled the person on mine a hand and has calmed down.- Why you are dared? - I have asked a toneless voice.The same expression a little disturbing attention has appeared on its person. I saw, that it wishes to be fair. It has touched a finger the small nose and has told, at last, having sighed:- Itself I do not know.In it unfeigned surprise has sounded.- I behave as èäèîòêà, yes? - it has begun. - me neither from that nor from this somehow … But you too are good: you sit íàäóòûé as … as Ïåëâèñ …- How who? - I have asked again. It seemed to me, that I have misheard.- As Ïåëâèñ, well, you in fact know, that, thick.Hari, no doubt, could not nobility Ïåëâèñà, even to hear about it from me for that simple reason, that it has returned from the expedition only in three years after its death. I too was not with it a sign before and did not know, that, presiding on assemblies of Institute, it has custom to tighten session indefinitely. As a matter of fact, its name was Ïåëëå Âèëëèñ, the reduced nickname was formed from this and, also unknown before its returning.Hari îïåğëàñü elbows about my knees also looked me in the face. I have taken it for brushes and have slowly lead hands upwards to shoulders so my fingers were almost closed around its pulsing neck. Eventually it could be and caress, and, by its sight, it so and has concerned to it. Actually I simply wished to be convinced that it an ordinary, warm, human body and that under muscles, has bones. Looking in its quiet eyes, I have felt sharp desire quickly to squeeze fingers.I already have almost made it when has suddenly recollected stained with blood hands Ñíàóòà, and have released it.- As you look … - Hari easy has told.At me so heart beat, that I was unable answer. I have closed eyes to an instant.And suddenly at me the whole plan of action, from the beginning up to the end, with all details was born. Not losing minutes, I have risen from an armchair.- It is time to me to go, Hari, - I have told, - and if you so want we shall go with me.- Well.It has jumped.- Why you barefooted? - I, approaching to a case and choosing among a multi-coloured overalls have asked two - for myself and for it.- I do not know … probably, somewhere has thrown shoes, - it has told uncertainly.I have paid no attention to it.- In a dress you cannot put on it, it is necessary to you to remove it.- An overalls? And what for? - it has taken an interest, at once starting to pull together from herself a dress. But here the surprising thing was found out. The dress could not be removed, it did not have any fastener, neither a lightning, nor hooks, anything. Red ïóãîâêè in the middle were only an ornament. Hari ñìóùåííî has smiled. Having pretent, that is the most usual thing on light, I the similar tool lifted from a floor to scalpel cut a dress on a back, in that place where the decollete came to an end. Now it could remove a dress through a head. The overalls was a little âåëèêîâàò …- We shall depart? … and you too? - it when both of us already dressed left a room tried to find out. I only have noded a head. I awfully was afraid, that we shall meet Ñíàóòà, but the corridor leading on a take-off platform, was empty, and doors of radio station by which we had to pass, are closed.Hari watched how I on the small electric carriage have rolled out from average boxing on a free way a rocket. I have serially checked up serviceability of a microreactor, remote control of rudders and äşç, then together with the starting carriage have rolled a rocket on a round plane of a starting disk under central âîğîíêîé domes, preliminary having cleaned therefrom my empty container.It was the small rocket for maintenance of communication between Station and ñàòåëëîèäîì which was used for transportation of cargoes, instead of people. People flied in it only in unusual cases as it could not be opened from within. It also made a part of my plan. I was not going to start actually a rocket, but did all as if really prepared for it for start. Hari which so much time was mine ñïóòíèöåé on travel, understood it a little. I have once again checked up inside a condition of the oxygen equipment and climatic installation, have put all in action and when after inclusion of the main circuit alarm bulbs have lighted up, have got out of a close cabin and have specified it Hari which stood at ëåñåíêè:- Get.- And you?- I for you. I will need to close for us the hatch.I have been assured, that it will not notice my cunning. When it has got on ëåñåíêå into a cabin, I at once have put a head inside, have asked, whether conveniently it has settled down, and, having heard deaf squeezed "yes", îòêà÷íóëñÿ back and with scope has slammed the hatch. I have hammered with two movements both latches against the stop and the prepared key of the beginnings äîâîğà÷èâàòü five bolts, sticking out in deepenings of a covering.The pointed cigar stood vertically as though really should leave in an instant in space. I knew: with that which is locked inside, there will be nothing bad. In a rocket was enough oxygen and even a little bit the foodstuffs. Eventually I did not gather to hold at all it there indefinitely.I aspired to extract at any cost even pair hours of freedom to make plans for the future and to come into contact with Ñíàóòîì. Already on the equal rights.Having tightened a penultimate bolt, I have felt, that metal racks in which the rocket suspended only on three small ledges sticked out, slightly shiver, but I have thought, that it, very much bossing a greater key, have unintentionally shaken a steel block.However when I have departed on some steps has seen such that would not like to see once again.The rocket shook, thrown by series of impacts falling from within, but what impacts! If the place of the dark-haired harmonous girl was borrowed with the steel automatic device, even it, probably, would not manage to cast eight-ton weight into this convulsive shiver.Reflections of lamps in the polished surface of a rocket were poured and danced. I, the truth, did not hear any impacts, inside of a rocket was absolutely silent. Only widely placed support of a design in which the rocket hung, have lost clearness of figure, they vibrated, as strings. Frequency of fluctuations was such, that I was frightened for an integrity of a covering. Shivering hands I have tightened last bolt, have flung away a key and have come off with ëåñåíêè. Slowly ïÿòÿñü back, I saw, how øïèëüêè the shock-absorbers calculated only on constant pressure, dance in the jacks. It seemed to me, that áğîíèğîâàííàÿ the environment loses the homogeneous monolithic shine As the madman has jumped up I to a remote control, with both hands has pushed upwards levers of start of a reactor and communication. And then from a loud-speaker squeal, not that singing, absolutely unlike a human voice, but, despite of it was pulled out not that, I have disassembled in it repeating, howling: " Chris! Chris! Chris!!! "I can not tell, that I heard it distinctly. Blood flew from my peeled hands, I am chaotic, at a frantic pace aspired to start a rocket. Yellowish îòñâåò has fallen to walls. From a launching pad under âîğîíêîé clubs the dust has flied up, it was replaced with a sheaf of sparks, and all sounds was covered with a high lingering rumble. The rocket has risen in three languages of a flame which at once have merged in one fiery column and were pulled out through âîğîíêó an ejector. Çàñëîíêè were immediately closed, automatically joined compressors have started to blow fresh air a premise in which the caustic smoke curled.I did not notice in total it. îïåğøèñü hands about the board, still feeling on the person fire, with the tousled, scorched hair, I convulsively sufficed a mouth air full of fumes and a characteristic smell of ionization. Though during the moment of start I have instinctively closed eyes, a flame nevertheless îñëåïèëî me. Some time I saw only black, red and gold circles. Gradually it has passed. The smoke and a dust left, being involved in lingeringly howling ventilating pipes.The first, that I have seen, there was a green screen of a locator. I have started to search for a rocket, maneuvering the search aerial. When also it at last has caught, it has already slipped an atmosphere. Still never in a life I started rockets in such mad blind way, not having concept what to it to give acceleration, in general where it to direct. I have thought what most easier to bear it into a ring orbit around of the Solaris, at height of the order of thousand kilometers. Then I can switch off engines: they worked too long, and I have not been assured, that as a result there will be no accident. Òûñÿ÷åêèëîìåòğîâàÿ the orbit was, as I was convinced under the table, stationary. However, it too guaranteed nothing, simply it was a unique way out which I saw.I did not have not enough boldness to include a loud-speaker which I have switched off at once after start, I would make everything, everything if only to not hear again this awful voice in which any more there was nothing human. All doubts is I could tell to itself - have been destroyed, and through the imaginary person of Hari has started to look through another, present before which the alternative of insanity really seem clearing.Was about an hour when I have left ğàêåòîäğîì." The small apocryphal story "The leather on the person and hands at me has been burnt. I have recollected, that when searched for somnolent for Hari (now I ïîñìåÿëñÿ above the naivety if only could) has noticed in the first-aid set a jar of ointment from burns, and have gone to myself. I have opened doors and in red light of a decline have seen, that in an armchair near which before it Hari has settled down, someone sits. The fear has paralysed me, I have rushed to seek safety in flight back. It proceeded any share of second. Sitting has lifted a head. I have learned Ñíàóòà. Having put a leg on a leg, having turned to me a back, it thumbed through any papers. Their greater pack laid beside on a little table. Having seen me, Ñíàóò has postponed all papers and some time gloomy considered me atop of lowered on a tip of a nose of glasses.I have silently approached to a washstand, have taken out from the first-aid set ïîëóæèäêóş ointment and have started to grease with her the most burnt places on a forehead and cheeks, fortunately, the person has swelled up not so. A little bit greater bubbles on a temple and a cheek I have pierced a sterile needle for injections and have squeezed out from them a liquid. Has then sticked two pieces of a damp gauze. All this time Ñíàóò closely watched me. I did not pay to it attention. At last I have finished procedure (and the person at me burned all more strongly) and óñåëñÿ in other armchair. First I had to remove from it a dress of Hari. It was absolutely usual dress, short of an absent fastener.Ñíàóò, having combined hands on a sharp knee, critically watched my actions.- Well, we shall talk? - it has asked, having waited while I shall sit down.I have not answered, pressing a piece of a gauze which has started to slip with a cheek.- There were "visitors", in fact so, Chris?- Yes, - I have answered silently. At me was not the slightest desire to support such tone.- And you managed to get rid? Well-well, you are healthy for it have undertaken.It has touched still shelled forehead on which pink spots of a young leather have already seemed. I have become stupid looked at them. Why till now this so-called sunburn Ñíàóòà and Ñàğòîğèóñà has not set me thinking? I considered, that it from the sun, - and in fact on the Solaris nobody sunbathes.- But though you have begun modestly? - has told Ñíàóò, not paying attention that I weigh has flashed from the guess which have dawned me. - different drugs, poisons, receptions of free-style wrestling, and?- That do you want? We can talk on the equal rights. If you are going to act up, leave is better.- Sometimes it is necessary to be the clown and not wishing it, - it has told and has lifted on me the blinked eyes. - you will not convince me, what have not tried a cord or a hammer? And an inkwell, casually, did not rush, how Luther? Is not present? İ, - it has frowned, - yes you the guy that are necessary. Even the washstand is whole. A head to break at all did not try, in a room the full order. Means, time-two - has set, has shot, and is ready? - Ñíàóò has looked at hours and has finished: - Any two, and can, and three hours at us now are.It has looked at me with a unpleasant smile and has suddenly asked:- Means, you speak, what you consider me as a pig?- Finished by a pig, - I have confirmed sharply.- So. And you would believe to me if I have told? Would believe though to one word?I was silent.- With Ãèáàğÿíîì it happens with the first, - it has stretched all with the same affected smile. - it was closed in the cabin and talked only through a door. And we … you guess, what we have solved?I knew, but preferred to be silent.- Well it is clear. Have solved, that it has gone mad. Something it to us has told through a door, but not all. Perhaps, you even guess, why it hid, who at it was? In fact you already know: to everyone the . But it was the present scientist. It demanded, that we have given it chance.- Basically you could give what chance to it?- Well, I think, it tried it to classify somehow, somehow to agree, something to solve. You know, what it did? Probably, you know?- These calculations, - I have told. - in a box. On radio station. It it?- Yes. But then I about it knew nothing.- How long it proceeded?- "Visitors"? For about a week. Conversations through a door. But that there it was done … We thought, at it hallucination, motor excitation. I gave it ñêîïîëàìèí.- How it … to it?- Here so. It took, but not for itself(himself). Experimented. So all also went.- And you? …- We? For the third day have decided to reach it, to break out a door if differently it will not be possible. We fairly wished it to cure.- Ah … means, therefore! - it was pulled out at me.- Yes.- And there … in that case …- Yes, my darling. Yes. It did not know, that at that time we were visited too by "visitors". We could not be engaged in it any more. But it did not know about it. Now … already there is some experience.It has said it so silently, that I have more likely guessed last word, than have heard,- ïîãîäè, I do not understand, - I have told. - as so? In fact you should hear. You have told, that you overheard. You should hear two voices, instead of one …- No. Only its voice and even if there were there not clear sounds itself you understand, that we attributed all to it …- Only it? But … why?- I do not know. However, I have on this account one theory. But to thoughts, it is not necessary to hurry up with it as it does not explain all. Here so. But you should see something yesterday, differently would accept both of us for madwomen.- I thought, that itself have gone mad.- Ah, so? And nobody saw?- Saw.- Whom?Its grimace did not resemble any more a smile. I long looked at it before to answer.- That … black …It has told nothing, but all its writhed figure which has moved forward has become soft a little.- Could warn all the same me, - I have begun already less confidently.- I in fact have warned you.- In what way?- Unique. Understand, I did not know, who it will be. It nobody knew, it it was impossible the nobility …- Listen, Ñíàóò, I wish you to ask. You know it … already some time. That … that … that with it will be?- You interests, whether it will return?- Yes.- Will return and will not return.- What does it mean?- Will return same, as in the beginning … the first visit. Simply anything will not know, more precisely, yourself will conduct so as if everything, that you have made that from it to get rid, never was. If the situation will not compel it to it, will not be aggressive.- What situation?Is depends on circumstances …- Ñíàóò!- What you interests?- We do not presume luxury to be concealled from each other.Is not luxury, - it has interrupted chilly. - Calvin, seems to me, that you still do not understand … or ïîñòîé! - At it eyes have begun to shine. - you can tell, who it was?!I have swallowed a saliva and have lowered a head. I would not like to look at it. It would be better than somebody another, not it. But a choice was not. The piece of a gauze has come unstuck and has fallen to me to a hand. I have shuddered with a slippery touch.- The woman whom … - I have not terminated. - it has killed herself. Has made to itself … an injection …Ñíàóò waited.- Suicide? … - it has asked, seeing, that I am silent.- Yes.Is all?I was silent.Is cannot be all …I have quickly turned a head. It did not look at me.- Whence you know?It has not answered.- Well, - I have told, îáëèçíóâ lips. - we have quarrelled. Actually … I to it have told, know, how speak from a harm … Visors of a thing and have left. It has let to me know … has not told directly … but if with somebody has lived years it and was not necessary … I is assured, that it only … that it will be frightened of a word it to make and … so to it and has told. For other day I have recollected, that have left in a case … poisons. It knew about them. They were necessary, I have brought them from laboratory and have explained to it then as they operate. I was frightened and wished to go to it, but have then thought, that it will look, as if I have taken its words seriously, and … have left all as was. For the third day I all the same have gone, it did not give me rest. But … when has come, it already was dead.- Ah you, sacred innocence …It has blown up me. But, having looked on Ñíàóòà, I have understood, that it does not scoff at all. I have seen it as though for the first time. It had a grey person in which deep wrinkles the inexpressible weariness has hidden. It looked, as hard sick person.- What for you so speak? - I have asked surprisingly timidly.- Because this history is tragic. No, no, - it has added quickly, having seen my movement, - you still do not understand. Certainly, you can experience very hard it, even to consider yourself as the murderer, but … it not the most terrible.- That you speak! - I have noticed venomously.- You are consoled in that to me you do not trust. That happens, likely, terribly, but is even more terrible that … does not happen. Never.- I do not understand, - I have spoken uncertainly. - However, I understand nothing.Ñíàóò has noded.- The normal person … That this such - the normal person? The one who has never made anything vile. So, but whether for certain it about it has never thought? And can be, has not thought at all, and in it something has thought, there were, ten or thirty years ago, can, was protected from it, both has forgotten, and was not afraid, as knew, that never it will carry out. Well, and now imagine to itself, what is unexpected, in broad daylight, among other people, meet it, âîïëîùåííîå in blood and a flesh, chained to you, ineradicable, what then? What will be then?I was silent.- Station, - it has told silently. - then there will be a Station the Solaris.- But … that it can be? - I have asked irresolutely. - In fact you, Ñàğòîğèóñ not murderers.- But you the psychologist, Calvin! - it has interrupted impatiently. - who did not have sometime such dream? Delirium? Think about … of the fanatic who has fallen in love, well, say, with a rag of dirty linen, which, risking a skin, extracts entreaty and threats this precious disgusting rag … It, should be, funny, and? Which simultaneously is ashamed of a subject of the desire, and descends on it from mind, and is ready to give for it a life, having risen, perhaps, up to Romeo and Juliet's feelings. Such things happen. It is known in fact, that there are things … situations … such, that nobody will venture them to realize outside of the ideas … during any one moment of stupefaction, decline, madness, name it as you want. After that the word becomes business. This all.Is … everything, - I have repeated senselessly toneless voice. In a head at me rustled. - but Station? At what here Station?- You that, pretend? - has muttered Ñíàóò. It scanned me. - in fact I speak all time about the Solaris, - only about the Solaris and about what other. I fault if it so strongly differs from what you expected. However, you have gone through enough at least to listen to me up to the end. We are sent in space prepared to everything, that is to loneliness, struggle, sufferings and death. From modesty we do not speak it aloud, but we think about ourselves, that we are magnificent. And actually, actually it not all and our readiness appears insufficient. We at all do not wish to win space, we wish to expand the Earth to its borders only. One planets are deserted, as Sahara, others are covered by an ice, as a pole, or æàğêè, as the Brazilian jungle. We are humane, noble, we do not wish to submit other races, we wish to transfer only to them our values and in exchange to accept their inheritance. We consider ourselves as knights of sacred Contact. It is the second lie. We do not search for anybody, except for people. It is not necessary for us of other worlds. We need a mirror. We do not know what to do with other worlds. Enough one it, and it already oppresses us. We wish to find own, èäåàëèçèğîâàííûé an image, it should be the worlds with a civilization more perfect, than ours. In others we hope to find the image of our primitive past, at the same time on that party there is something that we do not accept from what we are protected. And in fact we have brought from the Earth not only distillate of virtue, a heroic monument of the Person! Have arrived here such what are actually and when other party shows us this validity - we can not reconcile to it.- But what it? - I have asked, is patient it having listened.- What we wanted: contact to other civilization. We have it, this contact. Increased, as under a microscope, our own monstrous ugliness. Ours øóòîâñòâî and a shame!!! - its voice shivered from fury.- Means, you consider, what it … ocean? What it it? But what for? The mechanism, but for what is Now absolutely unimportant? You seriously think, what it wishes to have a good time with us? Or to punish us? It in fact only primitive äåìîíîëîãèÿ. A planet grasped very by a greater devil which for satisfaction of the devil sense of humour palms off on members of scientific expedition of mistresses. You in fact itself do not trust in this finished idiocy.- This devil not so such silly, - has muttered it through a teeth.I èçóìëåííî have looked at it. To me has occurred, that eventually its nerves could not sustain, even if everything, that occured at Station, it was impossible to explain madness. " A jet psychosis? … " - the idea when it has started to laugh almost silently has flashed at me.- You diagnose me? Do not hurry up. As a matter of fact you have tested it in such harmless form, that simply know nothing!- Aha. The devil ñæàëèëñÿ over me, - has thrown I. Conversation has started to bother me.- That you, actually, want? That I have told to you, what plans build against us èêñ trillions of particles ìåòàìîğôíîé plasmas? Perhaps, any.- How it is any? - I stunned have asked.Ñíàóò has again grinned.- You should know, that the science is engaged only in how something is done, instead of why it is done. How? Well, it has begun in eight or nine days after that experiment with ğåíòãåíîì. Perhaps, the ocean has answered radiation by any other radiation, maybe, has probed it our brains and has taken from them any isolated îñòğîâêè mentalities.- Îñòğîâêè mentalities?It has interested me.- Well, the processes which have been torn off from all others, closed on itself, suppressed, muffled, any memoirs, î÷àæêè memories. It has apprehended them as … You in fact know the recipe or the plan of any design, how asymmetric crystals of chromosomes and those nucleinic connections öåğåáğîöèäîâ which make a basis of processes of storing … In fact hereditary plasma - plasma "remembering" are similar against each other. Thus, the ocean has taken it from us, has fixed, and then … you know, that was then. But for what it has been made? Áà! Anyway not that us to destroy. It could make it much easier. In general at such technological freedom it can, as a matter of fact, all. For example, to send us doubles.- And! - I have exclaimed. - therefore you were frightened in the first evening when I have come?- Yes. Probably. And whence you know, that I indeed that kind old Õîğåê which has arrived here two years ago …Ñíàóò the beginnings silently to laugh, as though my stupefaction has delivered to it the god knows what pleasure, but at once has ceased.- No, no, - it has muttered. - and without that enough … Can, and it is more than distinctions, but I know only one: we with you can be killed.- And they are not present?- I do not advise you to try. A terrible show!- Anything?- I do not know. Anyway neither poison, nor a knife, a cord …- A nuclear gun?- You would try?- I do not know. If to be assured, that it not people …- And if somewhat yes? Subjectively they people. They at all do not give themselves the report in the … an origin. You, obviously, have noticed it?- Yes. Well and … as it occurs?- Recycle with unusual speed. With impossible speed, it is direct on eyes, I speak you, and again start to act so … so …- How that?- As our representation about them, those records in memory on which …- Yes. It is the truth, - I have confirmed, not paying attention that ointment flows down from my burnt cheeks and drips on hands.- And Ãèáàğÿí knew? … - I have asked quickly.It has looked at me closely:- Whether it knew what we?- Yes.- Almost for certain.- Whence you know, it spoke something?- No. But I have found at it one book …- " The Small Apocryphal story "?! - I have exclaimed, jumping.- Yes. And whence you about it can know? … - it was surprised with anxiety, sticking a sight in my person.I have stopped its gesture.- Easy. You see in fact, that I am burnt and at all I do not recycle. In a cabin there was a letter for me.- What do you speak? The Letter? What in it was?- It is a little. Actually, not the letter, and a note. The bibliographic reference on ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîå the appendix and on this "Apocryphal story". What is such?- Old business. Can, and has with all it something the general. Hold.It has taken out from a pocket bound in a leather wiped on corners òîìèê and has submitted to me.- And Ñàğòîğèóñ? … - I have thrown, hiding the book.- What Ñàğòîğèóñ? In such situation everyone keeps as can. It tries to be normal - at it it means official.- Well you know!Is so. I was once with it in reliure … I shall not go into details, enough that on âîñüìåğûõ at us remains five hundred kgs of oxygen. One behind another we threw daily business, toward the end all went bearded, it one had a shave, cleaned boots … He/she is such person. And, certainly, that it will make now, will be pretence, a comedy or a crime.- A crime?- Well, let not a crime. It is necessary to think up for this purpose any new definition. For example, " jet divorce ". Sounds is better?- You are extremely witty.- Would prefer, that I cried? Offer something.- And, leave me alone.- Yes is not present, I speak seriously. You know now approximately as much, how many I. You have any plan?- What you kind! I do not know what to do, when … it again will appear. Should be?- Most likely yes.- But how they get inside? In fact the Station is tight. Perhaps, an armour …- An armour by way of. Concept I have no, as. More often we see "visitors" when we wake up, but to sleep even occasionally it is necessary.It has risen. I have risen behind it.- Listen-êà, Ñíàóò … It is a question of liquidation of station. Only you want, that it went from me?It has shaken a head.Is not so simply. Certainly, we always can run away even on ñàòåëëîèä and therefrom send SOS. Will solve, certainly, that we have gone mad, any sanatorium on the Earth while all of us properly we shall not forget, - there are cases of collective insanity on such isolated bases … Perhaps, it there would be not the most bad output … a Garden, silence, white chambers, walks with hospital attendants …Ñíàóò spoke absolutely seriously, holding hands in pockets, having stared a unseeing sight in a corner of a room. The red sun has already disappeared behind horizon, and ãğèâàñòûå waves have fused in black desert. The sky flared. Above this bicoloured unusually sad landscape clouds with lilac edges floated.- Means, you wish to run away? Or not? Still is not present?It has grinned:- The unshakable subjugator … has not tried still it, and that would not be such exacting. It is a question not of what it would be desirable, and that is possible.- What?- Here I also do not know it.- Means, we remain here? You think, there will be a means?Ñíàóò has looked at me, exhausted, with a shelled leather of the person pitted by wrinkles.- Who knows. Can, it will pay back, - it has told at last. - About it we do not learn, perhaps, anything, but, maybe, about us …It has turned away, has taken the papers and has left. To do to me there was nothing, I could wait only. I have approached to a window and looked at êğîâàâî-black ocean, almost not seeing it. To me has occurred, that I could be closed in any of rockets, but I did not think of it seriously, it was too silly - earlier or later I in fact had to leave. I have sat down at a window and have taken out the book which has given me Ñíàóò. Light still more enough, the page has turned pink, the room flared a crimson dye.It were collected certain Îòòîíîì Ğàâèíòöåğîì, the master of philosophy, clause and work of conclusive value. Each science is accompanied always with any pseudo science, its wild refraction in intelligence of the certain type; the astronomy has the caricaturist in an astrology, the chemistry had it once in alchemy, it is clear, that the birth ñîëÿğèñòèêè was accompanied by the present explosion of ideas-monsters.Book Ğàâèíòöåğà contained spiritual food of this sort, however, it is necessary to tell fairly, that in the foreword it îòìåæåâûâàëñÿ from this waxworks exhibition. Simply it not without the bases considered, that such collection can be an important document of an epoch both for the historian, and for the psychologist of a science.Burton's official report borrowed a place of honour in the book. It consisted of several parts. The first was made with a copy of its logbook, rather laconic.From fourteen o'clock till sixteen o'clock forty minutes of conditional time of expedition of record were short and negative." Height 1000, 1200 or 800 meters, nothing is noticed, the ocean is empty ". It has repeated some times.Then at 16.40: " the red fog Rises. Visibility of 700 meters. The ocean is empty ".At 17.00: " the Fog becomes more dense, a calm, visibility of 400 meters with clearings. I go down on 200 ".At 17.20: " I in a fog. Height 200. Visibility 20 - 40 meters. A calm. I rise on 400 ".At 17.45: " Height 500. An avalanche of a fog up to horizon. In a fog funneled apertures through which looks through a surface of ocean. I try to enter into one of these âîğîíîê ".At 17.52: " I See something like whirlpool - throws out yellow foam. It is surrounded by a wall of a fog. Height 100. I go down on 20 ".On it records in Burton's logbook came to an end. The further pages of the so-called official report were made with endurance from its case record, to be exact speaking, it was the text of the indications dictated by Burton and members interrupted by questions of the commission." Burton. When I have gone down up to thirty meters, it became difficult to keep height, as in this round, free from a fog space of barrels a faltering wind. I have been compelled to concentrate all attention to management and consequently some time, minutes 10-15, did not look out of a cabin. Because of it I, against the desire, have entered into a fog, I was thrown there with a strong impulse of a wind. It was not a usual fog, and as though weigh, in my opinion, êîëëîèäíàÿ, - it has tightened all glasses. It was very difficult to clear them, the suspension has appeared very sticky. In the meantime at me percent on thirty turns because of resistance which was rendered the screw with this fog have fallen, and I have started to lose height. I have gone down very low and, being afraid to be hooked for waves, have given full gas. The machine held height, but upwards did not go. At me was four more cartridges of rocket accelerators. I did not use them, having solved, that position can worsen and then they will be necessary for me. At full turns very strong vibration has begun; I have understood, that the screw is stuck round by this strange suspension; on devices of carrying capacity still there were zero, and I could do nothing with it. I did not see the sun since that moment when has entered into a fog, but in its direction the fog was shone red. I still turned, hoping, that eventually I shall manage to find one of these free places from a fog, and it is valid to me was possible in any half an hour. I have jumped out in the open space, almost precisely round, diameter a little ñîò meters. Its borders were formed with promptly curling fog as though lifted powerful êîíâåêöèîííûìè by streams. Therefore I tried to keep as it is possible more close to the middle of "hole" - there air was the quietest. At this time I have noticed change in a condition of a surface of ocean. Waves almost have completely disappeared, and a superficial layer of this liquid - of what the ocean consists, - became translucent with çàìóòíåíèÿìè which gradually disappeared so after a while all was completely cleared also I could through a layer thickness, probably, in some kilometers look deep into. There yellow silt which thin strips rose upwards was piled up and, emerging on a surface, ñòåêëÿííî shone, started to rage and foam, and then hardened; then it was similar to very dense burned sugar syrup. This silt, or slime, gathered in greater êîìêè, grew above a surface, formed áóãğû, similar to a cauliflower, and gradually formed various figures. Me has started to tighten to a wall of a fog and consequently some minutes rudders and turns were necessary to me to struggle with this movement and when I again could look, below under myself has seen something, that reminded a garden. Yes, a garden. I saw dwarfish trees, both green hedges, and paths, not the presents, - all this was from the same substance which entirely has already hardened as yellowish plaster. So it looked. The surface strongly shone. I have lowered low as soon as could that all as should be considered.Question. These trees and other plants which you saw, had leaves?Burton's answer. No. Simply all this had such appearance - as though model of a garden. Well. Model. So it looked. Model, but, perhaps, full-scale. Then all has started to burst and break, from crevices which were absolutely black, waves squeezed out on a surface dense silt and stiffened, the part flew down, and the part remained, and all has started to rage even more strongly, has become covered by foam, and anything, except for it, I any more did not see. Simultaneously the fog has started to squeeze me from different directions, therefore I have increased turns and have risen on three hundred meters.Question. You are absolutely assured, that what has seen, reminded a garden and anything else?Burton's answer. Yes. Because I have noticed there various details. I remember, for example, that in one place there were in a number any square boxes. To late me has occurred, that it could be the apiary.Question. It has come to to you mind then? But not during that moment when you saw?Burton's answer. No because all this was as from plaster. I saw also other things.Question. What things?Burton's answer. I can not tell, what as has not had time to consider them properly. I had an impression, that under some bushes any instruments laid. They were the oblong form, with acting çóáüÿìè, as though plaster casting of small garden machines. But I completely am not assured of it. And in that - yes.Question. You have not thought, what it is hallucination?Burton's answer. No. I have solved, that it was the veil ìîğãàíà. I did not think Of hallucination, as felt absolutely well and also because never in a life of anything similar saw. When I have risen up to three hundred meters, the fog under me has been spotted by holes just as the cheese, One of these holes were empty, and I saw in them as the ocean worries, and in others something curled. I have gone down in one of such apertures and at height of forty meters have seen that under a surface of ocean - but is absolutely superficial - the wall, as though a wall of a huge building lays: it precisely appeared through through waves and had numbers of on a regular basis located rectangular apertures similar to windows. Even it seemed to me, that in some windows something moves. But I am not absolutely assured of it. Then the wall has started to rise and act slowly from ocean. After it the whole falls silt and any mucous formations, such condensations with proveins flew down. Suddenly it has collapsed on two parts and has left in depth so quickly, that has instantly disappeared. I have again lifted the machine and flied above the fog almost concerning its chassis. Has then seen following âîğîíêó. It was, probably, in some times more the first. Already from apart I have noticed a floating subject. It was light, almost white, and it seemed to me, that it is survival suit Ôåõíåğà as the form it reminded the person. I have very sharply developed the machine - was afraid, that I can fly by this place and any more I shall not find it. At this time the figure has slightly risen, as if it floated or stood on a belt in a wave. I hastened and have gone down so low, that have felt impact the chassis about something soft, probably, about a crest of a wave - here it was decent. This person, yes, it was the person, had no on itself a survival suit. Despite of it it moved.Question. Whether you saw its person?Burton's answer. Yes.Question. Who was it?Burton's answer. It was the child.Question. What child? You earlier sometime saw it?Burton's answer. No. Never. Anyway I do not remember it. As soon as I have come nearer - me separated from it meters forty, can, little bit more, - have noticed, that in it there is something bad.Question. What do you understand as it?Burton's answer. Now I shall tell. First I did not know, that it. Only has a little later understood: it was unusually greater. Huge, it is still poorly told. It was, perhaps, height of meter four. Precisely I remember, that when has hit the chassis about a wave, its person was a little above mine though I sat in a cabin, that is was at height of three meters from a surface of ocean.Question. If it was such greater why you have solved, what it is the child?Burton's answer. Because it was very small child.Question. It not seems to you, Burton, what your answer is illogical?Burton's answer. No. Absolutely is not present. Because I saw its person. Well, and, at last, proportions of a body were nurseries. It has seemed to me … absolutely the baby. No, this exaggeration. Probably, to it was two or three years. It had black hair and blue eyes, huge. And it was naked. Absolutely naked, as the newborn. It was wet, slippery, the leather at it shone. This show has worked on me awfully. I any more did not trust in any veil ìîğãàíó. I saw it too precisely. It rose and fell on a wave, but, irrespective of it also moved. It was disgusting!Question. Why? What did it do?Burton's answer. Looked, well, as in any museum, as a doll, but an alive doll. Opened and closed a mouth and made different movements. Disgustingly! It were not its movements.Question. How you understand it?Burton's answer. I did not come nearer to it too. Perhaps, twenty meters is the most exact estimation. But also has told already what it was enormous, and owing to it I saw it extremely precisely. Eyes at it shone, and in general it made impression of the alive child, only these movements as though someone tried … as though someone studied it …Question. Try to explain more precisely, that it means.Burton's answer. I do not know, whether it will be possible to me. I had such impression. It was intuitively. I did not think of it. Its movements were unnatural.Question. Whether you wish to tell, what, we shall admit, hands moved how human hands because of restriction of mobility in joints cannot move?Burton's answer. No. At all that … But … its movements had no sense. Each movement in general something means, for something serves …Question. You so consider? Movements of the baby should not something mean.Burton's answer. I know it. But movements of the baby chaotic, not coordinated. Generalized. And those were … is, has understood! They were methodical. They were made by turns, groups and series. As though someone wished to find out, that this child in a condition to make hands, and that - a torso and a mouth. Worst of all was with the person, likely, because the person most expressively, and it was … Is not present, I can not define it. It was alive, yes, but not human. I wish to tell, features were in the full order, both eyes, and color, and everything, but expression, a mimicry - is not present.Question. Whether there were it grimaces? You know, how the person of the person looks at ıïèëåïòè÷åñêîì an attack?Burton's answer. Yes. I saw such attack. I understand. No, it was something another. At ıïèëåïñèè there are fights and spasmes, and it were movements absolutely smooth and continuous, dexterous if so it is possible to tell, melodious. I do not have other definition. Well and the person. With the person there was the same. The person cannot look so that one half was cheerful, and another - sad that one part threatened or was afraid, and another - triumphed or did something in this sort. But with the child was so. Except for volume, all these movements and mimic game occured to unprecedented speed. I there was very short, maybe, ten seconds, and can, and it is less.Question. And you approve, what all this have had time to notice in such short time interval? However, whence you know, how long it proceeded? You looked at hours?Burton's answer. No. I did not look At hours. But I fly sixteen years. In my trade it is necessary to be able to estimate time to within a second. It is a reflex. The pilot who cannot orient in any conditions, whether any event five seconds or ten last, much will never cost. The same and with supervision. The person studies in it in the course of time to seize all in the shortest time intervals.Question. This everything, what you saw?Burton's answer. No. But the rest also I do not remember so clearly. Probably, the doze has appeared for me too big. My brain as though was corked. The fog has started to go down, and I have been compelled to go upwards. Has been compelled, but I do not remember, how and when it has made. First time in a life was not broke nearly. At me so shivered hands, that I could not as it is necessary to keep a steering wheel. It seems, I something shouted and caused Base though knew, that communication is not present.Question. Whether tried you then to return?Burton's answer. No. Because then when I have gained height, has thought, that, maybe, in any from these holes is Ôåõíåğ. I know, it sounds senselessly. But I so thought. Time there are such things, I, maybe, and Ôåõíåğà it will be possible to find have thought. Therefore I have decided to get into all holes what only I shall notice. But on third time when has left upwards, I have understood, that after that has seen, I shall make nothing. I could not any more. I have felt weakness, and me âûòîøíèëî. Earlier I did not know, that this such. Me never in a life òîøíèëî.Question. It was an attribute of a poisoning, Burton.Burton's answer. Probably. I do not know. But that I have seen in third time, I have not invented, it to not explain a poisoning.Question. Whence you can know about it?Burton's answer. It was not hallucination. Hallucinations is in fact what creates my own brain so?Question. So.Burton's answer. Well here. And such it could not create. Never in it I shall believe. It is not capable of it.Question. Tell more precisely, what it was, well?Burton's answer. First I should learn, how that I have already told will be regarded.Question. What it matters?Burton's answer. For me - basic. I have told, that have seen such that never I shall forget. If the commission will solve, that told by me even for one percent plausibly so it is necessary to begin corresponding studying of this ocean I shall tell all. But if it will be recognized by the commission for any my visions, I shall not tell anything.Question. Why?Burton's answer. Because the maintenance of my hallucinations what it was, my private affair. The maintenance of my researches on the Solaris - is not present.Question. Whether it means, what you refuse any further answers before decision-making by competent bodies of expedition? You in fact should understand, that the commission is not authorized to make a decision immediately.Burton's answer. Yes.On it the first report came to an end. There was still a fragment of another, written down on eleven days later." The chairman … taking all this into consideration, the commission consisting of three doctors, three biologists, one physicist, one mechanical engineer and the deputy chief of expedition, has come to belief, that the data informed by Burton represent the maintenance ãàëëşöèíàòîğíîãî a complex caused by influence of a poisoning by an atmosphere of a planet, with symptoms of obscuring to which excitation of associative zones of a bark head a brain accompanied, and that actually anything or nearly so nothing corresponds to these data.Burton. Forgive. What means " anything or nearly so anything "? What it " almost anything "? How much it is great?ïğåäñåä. I yet have not terminated. It is separately recorded votum separatum (private opinion) the doctor of physics Archibalda Messendzhera who has declared, that told by Burton could, in its opinion, occur actually and requires diligent studying. This all.Burton. I repeat the question.ïğåäñåä. It is very simple. " Almost anything " means, that any real phenomena could cause your hallucinations, Burton. The most normal person can accept during windy weather a shaking bush for any essence. What to speak about an another's planet moreover when the brain of the observer is under action of poison. In it there is for you nothing offensive, Burton. What in connection with the aforesaid your decision?Burton. I would like to learn all over again, what consequences will have votum separatum doctor Messendzhera?ïğåäñåä. Practically any. It means, that researches in this direction will not be spent.Burton. Whether is entered in the minutes what we speak?ïğåäñåä. Yes.Burton. In this connection I would like to tell, that, on my belief, the commission has offended not me, I here am not counted, and spirit of expedition. According to that I have told for the first time, on the further questions to answer I refuse.ïğåäñåä. This all?Burton. Yes. But I would like to meet doctor Messendzherom. It is possible?ïğåäñåä. Certainly. "On it the second report has ended. In the bottom of page the note printed by a fine font informing has been placed, that doctor Messendzher next day has lead three-hour confidential conversation with Burton then has addressed in Advice of expedition, again insisting on studying of indications of the pilot.It approved, that for such decision new, additional data who were presented it by Burton but which it can show only after acceptance by Advice of the positive decision speak. Advice into which entered Øåííîí, Òèìîëèñ and Òğàõüå, has disapproved to this offer, on that has put and has terminated.The book contained still a photocopy of one page of the letter found in posthumous papers Ìåññåíäæåğà. It was, possibly, a draft copy; Ğàâèíòöåğó it was not possible to find out, whether this letter has been sent and whether had it any consequences." … its improbable dullness, - the text began. - Caring of the authority, Advice, and speaking particularly Øåííîí and Òèìîëèñ (as voice Òğàõüå nothing means), îòâåğã my requirement. Now I address directly in Institute, but, itself understand, it is the powerless protest. Connected by a word, I cannot inform, unfortunately, to you that Burton has told to me. On the decision of Advice, obviously, that with opening the person without any scientific degree though not one researcher could envy this pilot, to its presence of mind and talent of the observer has come has affected. Very much I ask you, send me with a return mail a trace. Data:1) biography Ôåõíåğà, since the childhood;2) everything, that is known to you about its relatives and related attitudes, apparently, it has left the orphan of the small child;3) a photo of district where it was brought up.I would like to tell still to you, that I think of all this. As you know, after a while after start Ôåõíåğà and Êàğó÷÷è in the center of the red sun the spot which the corpuscular radiation has broken a radio communication, mainly, according to ñàòåëëîèäà, in a southern hemisphere, that is there where there was our Base was formed. Ôåõíåğ and Êàğó÷÷è other research groups have kept away from Base most .At a full calm we did not observe such dense and persistently keeping fog about day of accident for all time of stay for a planet.I think, that that Burton saw, was a part of operation the "Person", spent this sticky monster. A true source of all essences noticed by Burton, was Ôåõíåğ - its brain, during any not clear for us " mental opening "; it was a question of experimental reproduction, about reconstruction of the some people (it is probable, the steadiest) traces of its memory.I know, that it sounds fantastically, I know, that I can be mistaken. I ask you to me to help: I now am on Àëàğèêå I shall expect here again your answer.Yours "I read hardly, already have absolutely darkened, and the book in my hand became sulfur. At last letters have started to merge, but the empty part of page testified, that I have reached the end of this history which in a view of my own experiences seem rather plausible. I have turned back to a window. The space behind it was dark-violet, above horizon some more clouds similar to dying away coal decayed. The ocean covered by darkness, was not visible. I heard a weak rustle of paper strips above fans.Íàãğåòûé air with an easy smell of ozone, appear, has fallen asleep. The absolute silence filled Station. I have thought, that in our decision to remain there is nothing heroic. An epoch of heroic struggle, courageous expeditions, awful death, such even as the destruction of the first victim of ocean, Ôåõíåğà, for a long time has already terminated. Me already did not interest almost who "stay" Ñíàóòà or Ñàğòîğèóñà. " After a while, - I have thought, - we shall cease to be ashamed each other and to become reserved. If we cannot get rid of " visitors " we shall get used to them and we shall live with them and if their founder will change game rules, we shall adapt and to new though some time we shall be ìó÷èòüñÿ, ìåòàòüñÿ, and can be, even this or that will commit suicide, but eventually all again will come in balance ".The room was filled with the darkness now very similar on terrestrial. Already only contours of a washstand and a mirror grew white in a gloom. I have risen, have to the touch found a scrap of cotton wool on a shelf, îáòåğ a damp tampon the person and have laid down backwards on a bed. Somewhere over me, similar to trembling of the butterfly, rose and the rustle at the fan vanished. I did not see even a window, all was hidden with a gloom, the strip of goodness knows where from going dim light hung before me, I do not know even, on a wall or in depth of desert, there, behind a window. I have recollected, how óæàñíóë me last time an empty look ñîëÿğèñòè÷åñêîãî spaces, and have almost grinned. I was not afraid of it. Nothing was afraid. I have brought a hand to eyes. Phosphorescing âåíî÷êîì figures the dial of hours was shone. In an hour there should ascend the blue sun. I enjoyed darkness and deeply breathed, empty, free from any ideas.ïîøåâåëèâøèñü, I have felt the flat box of the tape recorder pressed to a hip. Yes. Ãèáàğÿí. Its voice which has kept on a film. To me even in a head has not come to revive it, to listen. It was everything, that I could make for it.I have taken the tape recorder to hide it under a bed, and have heard a rustle and a weak scratch of an opening door.- Chris? … - the silent voice, almost whisper has reached me. - you here, Chris? So it is dark.Is anything, - I have told. - be not afraid. Go here.MeetingI laid on a back without a uniform idea. The darkness filling a room, was condensed. I heard steps. Walls vanished. Something rose over me all above, is boundless highly. I have fallen asleep, penetrated by darkness, îáúÿòûé her without a touch. I felt its elastic transparency. Somewhere heart very far fought. I have concentrated all attention, the rests of forces to expectation of an agony. It did not come. I only became ever less, and the invisible sky, invisible horizons, the space, deprived forms, clouds, stars, receding and increasing, did me by the center. I endeavoured to squeeze into on what laid, but under me any more there was nothing and the gloom any more did not hide anything. I have squeezed hands, have closed them the person. It has disappeared. Hands have passed through. It would be desirable to shout, howl …The room was gray-blue. Furniture, shelfs, corners of walls - all as though drawn wide matte ìàçêàìè, all is colorless - one only contours. Transparent, pearl áåëèçíà behind a window. I was absolutely wet from sweat. I have looked in its party, it looked at me.- At you the hand has become numb?- What?It has lifted a head. Its eyes were the same color, as a room, grey, ñèÿşùèå between black eyelashes. I have felt heat of its whisper before has understood words.- No. And, yes.I have embraced it for a shoulder. From this touch on a hand have run ìóğàøêè. I have slowly embraced its other hand.- You saw a bad dream?- A dream? Yes, a dream. And you did not sleep?- I do not know. Can, and is not present. I would not like to sleep. But you sleep. Why you so look?I have covered eyes. Its heart fought near to mine, precisely rhythmically. "Properties", - I have thought. But nothing surprised me, even own indifference. The fear and despair were already behind. I have touched lips its neck, have then kissed small smooth, as an interior of a cockleshell, a deepening at a throat. And here pulse fought.I have risen on an elbow. Any dawn, any softness of a dawn, the horizon was embraced with the blue electric glow, the first beam has pierced a room as an arrow, all has played îòáëåñêàìè, iridescent fires èçëàìûâàëèñü in a mirror, in door handles, in the nickelized tubes, appear, that light strikes in each met subject as though wishes something to release, blow up a close premise. It was already impossible to look. I have turned away. Pupils of Hari became absolutely small.- Unless day? - it has asked a vocal murmur.It was a light slumber, ïîëóÿâü.- On this planet always so, my dear.- And we?- What we?- Long here we shall be?I would like to laugh. But when the deaf sound was pulled out from my breast, it was not similar to laughter.- I think, that long enough. You against?It âåêè shivered. Hari looked at me closely. It as though has winked at me, and can be, it seemed to me. Has then tightened a blanket, and on its shoulder has turned pink small triangular ğîäèíêà.- Why you so look?- You very beautiful.It has smiled. But it was only politeness, gratitude for a compliment.- The truth? You look, as though … as though …- What?


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